Location ears grow?

In the «hunting of the Russian newspaper» № 48 in 2012 published an article VA Kuzyakina «On the fate of winter route accounting,» in which the author of all the power of his authority attacked the Ohotdepartament MPR for «bird language» and «unique illiteracy» Guidelines for SCM, approved by Order № 1 of 11 January 2012, to put «the whole country on the ears. » As soon as he «founder monitoring» outraged — it is not entirely clear. And, finally, it became clear from these «ears» are growing.

Location ears grow?

Photo by Oleg Panteleyev

That’s not the grammar Vladimir Alexandrovich, the case! Errors, bureaucratic language, absurdities, foreign to the terminology of the country hunting inspectors regulations emanating from the Department, has long been no surprise.

This command language, by chance which has stood at the helm of the hunting economy of the vast country, the size of which even they are not very present. And that is not for the benefit of doing – they do not care. The kids warm, cozy, and so they do not pile up, – no responsibility! They did not even try to position hired managers! And so, instead of cooperation, oppose themselves millions of hunters.

And if you look deeper – and the power to hire them for the implementation of the state policy, which by definition can only be aimed at the creation and development. And his tongue «avian» They come up to people to understand not their creation, and their insignificance.

How to Order and «Guidelines…» written, so they in the regions and realized – as the only and obligatory for all the method of monitoring and inventory. A massive and just indignation caused because you call «new interpretations of the volume of materials in the SCM, well-founded experimental calculations».

As simple: Calculate the experiment that the accuracy of the account with a minimum of 35 routes in the area of ​​farms of up to 200 thousand. Hectares will reach 85%, and increased in the whole country one chohom these same volumes at times! And, thank God, is not «substantiated experimentally» 100 percent accuracy, but it would have increased a thousand times, absolutely not thinking about the adequacy of the costs and the possibility of execution in practice.

I do not think «Instructions» and explanations for their use wrote the director of the Department. Understandably, it tightly framed. And not only him, but all hunters, in which the field is now all the buds fell. Again intrigues biased «parquet Sharkunov»? It is the presence of a competent, specialized scientific institutions with «filter» as scientists and technical advice! If so, and then it will go, the country «with ears» on his feet never rise again.

And now, even for a moment suggest the authors discuss the present regulations expanses of Siberia and the Far East, where each municipal district is commensurate with the entire states of Western Europe, and the area of ​​the territory or region – with a dozen of countries. Ridge, looking at the tops of which – hat from his head falls, the almost complete absence of roads and occasional hunting cabin, designed not to shelter the crowds scorekeeper and one living – two people.

And for most of these «men» commercial hunting – this is the only way to get a living. Do you think they can be «strain» half of the season, instead of fishing, walking along the routes? Maybe someone is willing to take on the maintenance of family earners?

On the territory of Trans-Urals unit so unloved in the central part of Russia «bloodsuckers-hunting users»That «inflate» Prices for permits to hunt on their territories. And these facilities are located in primagistralnyh areas. The overwhelming majority of the tenants resources – Ivanov Petrov is yes, if not one Ivanov, who with the collapse promhoza designed, for lack of an alternative, a hunting area in which his great-grandfather still feed the extracted in the form of «Hunting». Not «Salvage cuts»And, in fact, it adjoins the Mount.

Enclosed by a fence obligations arising «Orders, directives and Agreements»But virtually without rights under constant fear that it will be deprived of bread because of non-fulfillment of regular unfulfillable «Instructions». And so it will be as long as the commercial hunting legislation does not share with an amateur. And proof that it still exists – results of auctions, which sold hundreds of thousands of skins of fur-bearing animals.

And not in some browsers deal that advanced youth employs almost instead of the compass. Yes, how her youth in the fishery is left? Average age – people far «not electronic» generation, they are the word «algorithm» not unheard of. The proposed methodology is unequivocally no options, indicate the need to print the route from the satellite navigator (n. 32 «Methodical instructions…»).

A need for at least a computer with appropriate software, «lace»To siphon the information in a browser inside the machine, the printer to print the result, e-mail, to send a digital version. And the ability to do it all. And the navigator needs «not a toy»And with sufficient memory and mapping support, which costs between 8 and further thousands «wood». So no need to dissemble, claiming that «the use of computer technology is not provided». Or print out the route of the navigator can be otherwise?

But, even if we talk only about the navigator, about which in the letter hunting users reported that they «given time for the purchase of equipment and training of rangers», It seems that the Ministry of Natural Resources badly imagine the company, which is headed. What rangers? Farms, where professionally trained to take account of people are in an amount sufficient for the passage of 35 routes, unit.

In societies of hunters is, for the most part and did not huntsmen, and watchman bases in fishing areas – best case scenario «dead Souls» for reports. Therefore, you need to buy the navigators multitude attracted record-keeper. In Primorye, here, fellow hunting experts estimate that for the purchase of gadgets to meet the challenge posed by the renewed procedure should be 45 million. Rubles. In the Khabarovsk region even more.

It said the letter specified that «study area» It can be interpreted as anything: a specific hunting, the area of ​​the subject. Yes, even the republic! And in any case, «experimentally proven» accuracy will reach 85%. Statistical. With the same kind, it is of many types, and there was not even close. By the way, what if, and provided full-scale work will not 85%? For example, traces of lynx found in only one of the 35 routes, which will be statistical significance?

Or on routes where the number of transitions of any type ranging from «0» to hundreds, as it often happens in the habitat herd animals? And how many will, for example, wild boars or reindeer in the economy, if one flock, 30 goals – 40, crosses all the routes? In our case, when prey are constantly worried about tigers or wolves, is also common.

And the authors of these cunning percent. It is not only distance traveled and not only in the method. Accuracy will increase only if the routes will be logged really what it is found, if it is determined in detail the boundary of each species and found the area occupied at the time of registration of land. If the conversion factors will be calculated depending on the season, and if there will be many more «if».

And what kind of precision you can say when prescribed to account since the beginning of January to the end of February, during the active fishing, and during that time hundreds of thousands of «recorded» animals will be in the form of skins on zagotpunktah or chops on the table. But suppose the impossible – accuracy of the spring herd increase.

And what, someone is taken and do the following, the most important calculations – and how many will play the young born «basic livestock»? The magnitude of growth, depending on the breeding season, and more – for reasons that are known only to God, can vary tenfold. It is from these data obtained in the laboratory on the basis of processing mnogosotennyh bioassay, and depended during the heyday of hunting limit of withdrawal of the most important species. Today such studies, in amounts acceptable to the forecast does not carry one.

Then, for what all of this expensive undertaking the expense of others? Show that registered in the country, with pride VA Kuzyakina «the world’s only population dynamics of all types»Prepared before the transfer of hunting under the jurisdiction of the MNR – solid «Labuda»?

And whether all counts in such quantities and with an annual rate? For common species of exactly meaningless, the size of their fishing exemption did not determine population dynamics, even at a time when mining «color» pelts stimulated and «limitation» It has long been turned into a profanity. How else to call it, if you know everything that is produced several times more than those allocated permits for extraction?

If there is a game worth the candle for the advanced economies of the western regions of the country, there would have experimented until they begin, as fishermen, «waving rods». But some commercial farms Siberia and Far East for what? I do not think that even some of the most dense officials believe that fishers will consider waders with chipmunks. So do not be easier to monitor trends in livestock to control routes of indirect indicators, as we have already suggested («National Journal «Hunting»2012, №.5).
And maybe, after all, do not as always as well as it is necessary, first of all necessary to adopt a set for conducting the inventory and monitoring techniques, and then you talk about their responsibility? Now here on the discussion «The strategy of improving the conduct of public accounting, inventory and monitoring facilities….» RANS (http://www.ecoexpertcenter.ru/info/strategiya_sovershenstvovaniya_kadastra_zhivotnogo_mira_200.html), exactly where it is offered. Otherwise, it turns solid «podstava» land for tenants, including order number 1, and an explanation for its execution, contrary to orders.

No less duplicity inherent in the hold of the Order and that the hunting grounds users like as it never mentioned. And did not have to spend hundreds of thousands (millions?) Rubles for the meeting in Moscow, and later – in the regions to be loaded. Why force an open door, where the documents on rent «Game Resources»Directly written obligation to hunting users, to carry out accounting work.

Here, between now and distributed all those tens of thousands of kilometers of routes. And just to give up new commitments are hunting grounds users can not, t. To. The application for a quota, without specifying the number of beasts have no one to take.

And «on hook» all of them for a long time that, whether by stealth, or suspended due to an oversight in the regulations. That is to say, fashionably called, «corruption component». That there is any check, as he believed morodunok or weasels and considered at all? Or suppose you are in the applications for permits to mine the «resources» full name and patronymic, the initials or just one, and even without the passport data? And other marasmus in those documents – dam.

And all of them in terms of interest checking – «gross violations of environmental legislation»Suggesting relevant organizational conclusions. Precedents as many, so cheaper to keep quiet. It came already to the fact that hunting grounds users themselves an application for «permission» write…

Why, by the way, considered statistical significance when it executed «the necessary amount of installed Guidelines»? She «experimentally proved»! And what will be less than 85% – All account information in an urn in the forest to escape and start all over again, yet this result does not become «trustee»? Or «fix»To look beautiful?

And that means in the explanatory letter permission to use the techniques in 1980 and 1990, but the availability of conversion factors identified by means of tracking? For all species during the registration on the territory of a particular sector? It seems that the authors of this hellish, highly professional work have a very vague idea. In terms of effort and time required to accomplish it, and 35 routes will seem like manna from heaven.

No clear recommendations on the calculation of the number and, where it is reported that extrapolation is made «according to the typology of land». If we mean «elements of the environment», The conditional instruction number 559 of 23.12.2010 as they appear only after ohotustroystva farm. If talking about «forest» from «field» Yes «marsh», It is not even the types and categories, and their groups. And if the second option – Why then spent millions of rubles for the release of «elements of the habitat» at inter-farm ohotustroystve?

As payment for their work (if indeed someone will do it instead «draw») On the proposed regulations, in the end, and this once again will fall on ordinary hunters. Honest hunting grounds users accounts to settle with the performers for their own account understating the cost of their products, increase the value of vouchers and so on. N.

A smart – costs remorse, t. To. The cards indicate in accounting as much tracks as they need to get the required quota sizes. And it does not help them to catch even the DVR, not just satellite navigator. And calls upon the conscience, when the rules over and over again, changing during the game, it is useless. Bitter experience has taught, poor guy.

In general, all this next adventure just the atmosphere glows in matters of game management and makes it more uncomfortable for the people involved in this industry. And runs from remote people, and hunters and specialists.

So the question arises, – and a team composed authors – President of the team, which is broadcast throughout the country on the need to maintain and increase the human potential of Siberia and the Far East, or in the Sonderkommando team to sweep the area from the local population? That is to say, the rearguard of the liquidators, the final deal «reorganizer»Which has already passed, my mother, for rural schools but hospitals. To no soul left.

Is not it clear that all of these «Orders» get out sideways for hundreds of thousands of fishermen, have nothing to do with government policy, and does not improve NOTHING. Therefore, order number 1 should be definitely canceled and the Guidelines for the MFP back for revision competent organizations. A better – forget about them at all. And do not extract square roots, to identify the authenticity of the mythical, and the lessons and conclusions.

Yuri Dunishenko11 March 2013 at 00:00

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