Optical sights middle class

Market Optics now offers a huge variety of sights worth from $ 50 for domestic products, and the sights of Chinese production and up to 2000 USD for devices eminent European, especially German and American manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss, Swarovski or Schmidt & Bender.

Optical sights middle class

All sights can be divided into three unequal groups. Sights worth up to 300 USD mostly in China, with a huge variety of sights unpredictable quality optics assembly. Most of the sights that group copy sights of famous brands, but thus greatly inferior to them in As optics the mechanism of input of amendments.

The main problem of this group is unpredictable quality and, as a result, emerging problems and zeroing Operating the device in future.

Typical problems — offset label, uneven movement of the label with the introduction of amendments and etc. with sights price from 350 to 750 USD — sights average price category. AT This category includes devices Japanese manufacturers, rather interesting for its good quality, especially take into account the price. In addition, This category includes the most basic models of famous brands.

In this article we will talk about sights of the middle class.

Optical sights middle class

Americans have such a principle — Price sight should roughly correspond to the price of a rifle to use this principle is very useful when choosing a rifle and sight to her.

When buying a relatively inexpensive rifles, such as the Remington-700 or Sako-75/85, the question arises whether it makes sense to install his sight Swarovski 65 000 rubles.? Or maybe look for another alternative? What do we lose sight of when installing the average price of?

Let’s try to answer These and other emerging issues, and also look at the most interesting examples of the sights of the middle class.

I would like to note that the majority of high-quality optical sights of the middle class is going to Japan, the glass for the majority of these devices makes the well-known firm Hoya; generally interesting to note that for most sight glass and other optics to do several enterprises: in Japan is mentioned Hoya, in America — Dow Corning, in Germany — Schott Glasswerke. Manufacturing lenses polishing them, importantly, enlightenment do have the firms themselves.

Before proceeding to the Review manufacturers, let me give general advice on choice of sights.

For forestry, hunting and running similar ones are the most suitable to the sights-peremenniki multiplicity and 1,25-4h their analogues with the output lens 20–28 mm, preferably at Quick release bracket (provided that rifle installed open sights or instead put the sight collimator).

Optical sights middle class

For the purpose of rifles more suitable sights or 2-7h 3-9h, 4-16h mountain hunting with Lens 40–46 mm. If you are the arrows on long distances, it is better to add money and buy a good, branded tactical sight, because 750 USD It is unlikely to succeed to pick up a decent sight of this class.

We have found that mid-priced, you can pick up a good hunting scope and Now consider the manufacturers.

Nikon (Japan)

The world-renowned manufacturer Nikon cameras continues to set the highest standards in field optics. The result of Nikon’s activities — excellent optical sights, binoculars, rangefinders or sporting sights, which are characterized by the highest resolution and enlightenment solid performance even large distances, as evidenced by a more than 90 years of operation. The company Nikon launches several series scopes price from 700 to 900 USD A common feature of sights are:

— Excellent optics Nikon, providing the light transmission is not less than 95%, excellent image quality the entire field of view, unmatched clarity and contrast.
— Completely sealed, nitrogen-filled construction that eliminates fogging with a sharp decrease in temperature and penetration of moisture and dust.

— Tough, durable body with bore diameter and 25.4 30 mm — one whole piece, which allows to achieve the accuracy and precision the constancy of the geometric characteristics.

Shirstone (Japan)

Shirstone — new, but very promising mark on our market, all the sights of this brand are manufactured in Japan, in which Instruments Series «Gold», by application vendors placed Optics Swarovski, known for its large aperture.

Interestingly, in our chosen price range gets a very respectable sight as Shirstone 3-10×56 Gold, with backlit 56 mm lens. Perhaps a few of these manufacturers may offer a similar sight on for less than 30 000 rubles., And with optics from famous brands.

As we have said, on the sights Series «Gold» put Optics Swarovski, all sights are of excellent Japanese build quality, fully sealed and and pumped with nitrogen can be used between -35 70 degrees Celsius.

Leupold & Stevens (USA)

The well-known American firm, has earned its reputation among hunters and shooters for excellent quality optics at an affordable price. That there is only one lifetime warranty!

Leupold & Stevens — a classic American company with a rich history that has spanned almost 100 years. Company founder Markus Frederick Lyupold formulated the principles of his company as follows: «We solemnly promise to never in sum as the customer is entitled to fair deal».

Internal organization — that’s what makes this company essential sights for hunting, sights of this company have excellent clarity and contrast.

Weaver (USA / Japan)

For over 80 years, Weaver American company produces high-quality optics. FROM 1997, all sights of this company going to Japan.

Sights Weaver is well suited for a variety of conditions that, We appreciated by thousands of American hunters.

The quality of the manufactured products, the company could easily compete with the world-famous Leupold & Stevens. By its characteristics correspond sights Weaver Series VX-II Leupold.

Has Weaver et its «zest». This is a unique, patented Micro-Trac 4 point adjustment. The company’s engineers have designed and implemented in life is a fundamentally new way of fixing the optical, the relay system housing sight. Thanks to this sights Weaver known for their reliability and precision input of amendments.

The company produces both sights with small initial multiplicity and wide field of view for the driven hunt and Universal sights with variable multiplicity for suspension of hunting.

Hakko (Japan)

All sights HAKKO, but a series HUNTER, produced and collected in Japan. Series HUNTER is going on certified plant in China, which allows to have a high quality scopes with backlit low retail price.

The aiming mark is in all the sights «sandwich», those. placed between two glued glass. Figure aiming mark is not applied, and engraved on the the inner surface of the «sandwich». Thanks to this solution in the reticle principle can «crumble» or dirty.

HAKKO produces both sights inch (25.4 mm), and with a 30 mm diameter tube; and it should be noted that with the sights 30 mm diameter tubes are specially designed in Unlike a recent practice to put the scheme in inch sights housing diameter of 30 mm (this approach is lost thing — increasing the aperture 30 mm tubes).

Carl Zeiss Conquest (Germany)

This famous brand was in our review due to its series of Conquest, which is price corresponds exactly to the middle class of the sight.

Conquest series was originally developed specifically for the US market. Powerful, lightweight, compact instrument with the excellent quality, ideal for hunting.

Zeiss sights on US market must meet a large number of requirements: to have high performance, and be light compact and have excellent quality. Scopes Carl Zeiss Conquest — an excellent choice for hunters who choose the optics that is suitable for use on open spaces and in the mountains.

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