Semifield test

In a previous issue we talked about the new IntelliScope, created a sensation at the Shot Show 2014 — a set of fasteners and mobile applications, which are made of a cross between a phone and a ballistic calculator digital optical sight.

Semifield test

Putting intuitive and amendments simple.

At the same time with the advent of the wonders we have set ourselves the task as soon as possible to the test field and find out what’s in front of us: a serious product or just «a toy» for adults?

From the outset, there was a choice in front of us, reminding school laboratory work: clear how the equipment should work, but in reality it does not work wants no for what. AND or need to immediately determine the result of the work on «excellent» and all other data to adjust for it, or else carry on order of measurement, the risk in After receiving unknown what grade. We had the courage and duty risk, considering natural for the first test to take a shooting range, and Do not try to I get the same result by hunting. Therefore, it can only be called by half of the field.


We have already mentioned that there are two versions of the mount. The main is made of durable polycarbonate and Keyes has three removable-cover for phones. FROM such fastening can use the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Player iPod touch. A more advanced version of the fixture is suitable for any phone, made of machined aircraft aluminum, rubberized­like spraying, pleasant to the touch. The second attachment called PRO and the giving considerate and reliability mixed with the smell of expensive toys.

Semifield test

When firing from the «Saiga», unlike melkashki, return still affects the «sight» when shooting the image for a moment turned over.

Simple version cost $ 100 without a cent, and advanced — without a cent of that $ 169. We ordered the usual bracket, and when in possession of a metal, the and tried to order him. Here began the first difficulty.

The first order with simple bracket passed without problems. A But the second … First Payment System «I ate» money card, and later came the data on transaction. Payment was canceled, no money They were returned. AND here payment system removed a second time with counting the same amount, and the status of the order is not paid twice changed. At the same time representatives of the company are not particularly moving and answer is not immediately, and When the answer, then They offered us to decide the problem of payment service.

FROM grief in half we canceled the second payment, and then First and as a result of an improved bracket and not bought. On Currently we are waiting for it to fall us hands, even then, both will try to bracket hunting. A till…

Delivery standard IntelliScope mounting cost $ 20 and It took three weeks. AT cardboard box with transparent top on stand, this is the resting bracket, as if pedestal. It catches the eye, it becomes the center of attention — immediately apparent hand designer the design of the packaging. Inside — himself bracket, three cover-cases for gadgets. The tests we decided to conduct a iPhone 4, if only because it is the weakest «iron» of support applications, and We wanted to know how well it will cope.

Semifield test


So, we took the test melkashku BI-7 Basic 22 LR and «Saiga MK» 7,62h39. To IntelliScope worked as it should, we immediately got into settings profiles weapons (preset profiles — only for the AR-15, Ruger, for Air-soft and pneumatics others), and We created two new ones. Immediately we got a couple «spoons of tar». Distances are entered in feet and yards in eventually muzzle velocity and distance for zeroing had to count on fly. AT Application options yet «Switch» on Other measures of length, in addition to the usual Americans.

Shouting to himself: «Algebraicity!» and cope with fifth grade math, we have moved to shooting. Immediately after we were asked to create a profile to correct sight. AT application has four different sighting grid. For melkashki we took the classic crosshair, removed the bolt from the rifle and looking right through the trunk, combined with a crosshair the direction of this same trunk. It was easy, we had just moved to the grid using analog ballistic on drums touch screen.

Torque settings are not can not please. Beautiful and accurate drums, about each of them is a figure that immediately shows on what position declined in sight one direction or another. A tip top of the screen, what does this figure. In We had something like «One click is equal to the displacement of sight 1/2». Drums comfortable «rotate» from pleasant clicks. Exact figures, fast response, application major appliances.

All this is fine, but that’s just turned out that if the shoot out at the darkened area an illuminated target, then we see a silhouette of the target circuits of the paper sheet. Trying to get in center, not seeing the outlines of the marked target? We decided to turn over the paper and Shoot with Just 50 meters White list.

That’s the first result of our tests. From the darkened terrain lighting and Conversely aim is simply impossible. Shooting was good illuminated by the sun, and shaded line here. AT end camera phone been building white balance Brightness is on light intensity shadow. What happened was that we were not fighting with the wind, not with a distance of not a trembling hands, and from «Peresvet» — one of «monsters» all photographers. AT No configuration option setting brightness manually — it depends entirely on the automatic performance of the camera.

Semifield test

If the shooter is in shadows aims at illuminated target, he would actually aim at Spot of white light. AND then a second problem surfaced. Focus the camera adjusts automatically, too, and, of course, overexposed camera does not target a spot and the like I could not take focus. To lead a normal sighting, we even had a couple of shots to do in the land … — at a small hill.

Semifield test

On melkashki sight happened to put only very close to the eye, which was quite uncomfortable.

After that, things went mountain. Understand where the bullet goes around, we were able to achieve good accuracy. A after making a couple of edits using drums, successfully shot out a couple dozen rounds. AT Overall I must say that for the shooting of melkashki IntelliScope pretty handy thing. Head not you need to keep on sighting, the neck is not numb, no line of sight It depends on the location and the weapons hands. Before As he did not try it without even start thinking about such a pleasant trifle.

The only thing that upsets — This camera features low. TO this «fly in the ointment»It is perhaps worth adding that after each call the phone pops up listing the latest version of mount «Buy Now!» and button for order one-click. But even if you click on this button advertising can not We explain that we have already booked this bracket. AND it pops up again and again. Enable «In airplane»To no one I called, — not output, because the application needs access to Network for amendments to wind.

Furthermore, the buttons are too small even for normal conditions and female pens, and at gloves They did not press. AT eventually change the profile of arms or open the menu adjustment sight — the whole problem: the need to remove the phone from the fasteners, or hold a gun to rather uncomfortable position.

Semifield test

When installing the bracket slots are included in a special window on the cover iPhone.

After melkashki we rearranged fixture on «Saiga MK». First feared, not break any return fire and mount 7,62h39 Case, but fears proved groundless. On «Saiga» Sight came in handy. It is installed on gazoobvodnoy bar on the handset considerable distance from the eye, and it was very comfortable.

Also, do not mount He blocked the line of sight, perhaps just a little bit, but it could be seen through the lath Weaver and we simply combined with a crosshair sighting line has sighted the open sights. Soon we were struck by a bullet after bullet and our blurred overexposed target. Judging by A successful hit, the impact is not He shifted sight no one iota, although many visitors Shot Show 2014 to stand IntelliScope feared on this score.

Semifield test

Aimed SETKI.Po default in the program can choose one of four types of reticle. In addition to drawing, you can change the illumination color. All operations are simple and intuitive, easy to use and occupy the least amount of time. If you wish, you can download other versions, but uzheza a fee. Naturally, when you change the grid ranging remain intact.

When shooting «Saiga», at Unlike melkashki, return still affects the «aim»More precisely, on the his G-sensor; the shot image on the momentarily flips and then comes back. We have wanted to experiment with or distance from shooting from a standing position, but there emerged perhaps the last «a spoon of tar»: Phone discharged. Charged up limit battery enough smaller than half hours of the application. Camera & CPU utilization ballistic calculator sucked up battery last milliamps.

Semifield test

On the «Saiga MK» sight I was on the vapor tube, which was very convenient.

So, we have identified the merits of convenience and ease of installation, a variety of sighting nets, rapid adjustment of parameters­moat and, of course, the amendments to wind and distance. Because of the inconvenience — no manual adjustment of brightness and Focus too small buttons and ads insufficient battery capacity. A list of these shortcomings, we sent in company.
Later we will return to IntelliScope. Improvements and the regular version of fixture we soon check up on this hunt.

Leonid Mikulyak28 July 2014 at 00:00

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