Since you go into the forest

Some time ago I wrote in a recent essay that a gun — something special, different from all the things surrounding human in that it has a «soul» … received a lot of feedback, confirming that thought. This is not surprising, since it is actually. Weapons from the earliest times has the magical power to his men strict, menacing look.

Since you go into the forest

Photo by Sergey Stulova

When a weapon in your hands, feel its inner potential, ready to serve you right, his inner strength. I first felt it in 1954 to the age of 10 in his native Siberia.

We lived in a remote village in the north of the Novosibirsk region. I lived with my mother and often resorted to his grandfather to help care for the bees. And then disaster struck… Someone from the bee farmers envious grandfather haunted. They are the poor (the farm was constantly in debt to the state), no income. Standing crop failures or rainy season did not give away the harvest. Just like in the song — «Crocodile is not caught, does not grow coconuts». And we really did not grow any wheat or rye or flax…

My grandfather was (already old) individual farmers (that is not a member of the collective farm), and income from honey someone firmly enraged. These criminals harm as they could, my grandfather. At night, overturned and smashed hive scattered frames of honey, the bees produced … And my grandfather had to bring me to protect beehives.

Once he took leave from the area. It is 70 kilometers. Naturally, on the road. Road to one end held for two days on the wagon. Overnight it was arranged in the woods near the fire. He gave me a single-barreled gun IZH5 charged. She lay on the bed, and the menacing glare metal solid severity gun gave me the strength and peace of mind. Moreover, at night, really hear the roar zaplota logs, I, without hesitation, jumped onto the porch and fired up. The sudden roar, orange flame shot robbers caught by surprise, and they rushed helter-skelter through the gaps in the ruined zaplote away.

When my grandfather came from the area, he thanked me for saving the bees, but asked why I went out into the yard to the porch, because I was only one cartridge. Apparently, the grandmother told him about it. I said that with a gun I was not at all scary.

Inexplicable force blows from weapons. In America, there is a saying: «The mood of this man can raise only a good rifle». But in Russia —shotgun. Rifles in the hands of our rulers were afraid of citizens since 1917. In their production we are back from the world forever. At least it is in the production of ammunition for hunting rifles. (Military style does not count).

I write this with a bitter feeling, resentment of the Russian hunters. With envy of American boys and men. Still, 90% of the cartridges in the world is shot in America. The very long struggled with varying success over the equipment cartridges for rifled barrels, used in the past. Stability with random components has been difficult to achieve.

So, for about gladkostvolke wilderness. This refers to the absence of weapons workshops, no importation of ammunition, the remoteness from civilization, the lack of roads and travel time to the city.

What are the requirements to the gun should be, in my opinion?

1. The gun must be extremely reliable. That is, all mechanisms must be designed to operate for long periods without human intervention. If, for example, one of the mechanisms set out tonyusenkoy twisted wire spring and it may eventually rust and the gun fails to work. Or steel mainspring tires easily…As an example, in a gun TOZ 34. It is made of wire.

The plant was originally to expectations. But the forecasts were not justified. Springs often, or broken, or weakened. We have to straighten them, or immediately in the forest (but it does not help for a long time), or make them out of wire springs, disc brakes tightening ZIL 130. Or, for example, a broken coil spring, put on the rod, it is easy to enhance, putting the puck on rod in place breakage. Dvuhperuyu plate spring in the field have not restored.

2. The design of the gun should be simple. In any case easy to maintain. There is no possibility in the evening in the darkened hut somewhere in the forest apart and cleaned some complicated mechanisms for guns. So not long to lose any detail in a heap on the floor mats. And the time and effort into it after a hard day at no taiga men … It is necessary to cook lunch myself and dogs, furs process, gather firewood and water… And a lot more then. Filled of butter into the mechanisms and all… No spatulas, vykolotok, screwdrivers.

3. Simplicity of design is needed for another reason. Details of the mechanism should possibly be designed so that they could produce their own. I once had to do dvuhperuyu leaf spring for foreign cars. Oh, and I have to suffer with it. It was difficult to forge, it was difficult to harden. In addition, each arm starts to work in his own way, after a certain pressure and with its amplitude… It’s quite another matter repair famous Tula TOZ kurkovki BM.

Once in the cabin, I found a strong Shat hammers on the shotgun lodygah my nephew. Immediately at the chock on the blade of the ax to cut down a tin plate, unscrew the screws and removed with hammers lodyg (squares). I enclose the plate and set the triggers in place and secure them with screws. Sata is gone. Twenty minutes and a gun repaired. And reliable.

4. The weapons should be as little as possible of small parts. They will all wear out. This is especially true for self-loading rifles. And make melenko part is much more difficult. (In one of the magazines «Fishing and hunting» the owner of the gun sent the gun to be repaired at the factory. He justified himself for missing parts: «I lost them because they are small». Ridiculously like, but not much. Do all know that in winter village electric light is dimly yellow. Thread a needle vdet problematic… What really is the repair…

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