Since you go into the forest

Article Three. Terms of actual hunting, especially in the taiga zone, harsh. Hunter often barely lagging evening, wet and tired. His hands roughened by fishers from the constant dampness and heavy duty, hardened and sometimes slimy moisture or frost. Therefore, the design must be provided no thin (delicate) manipulation of all sorts of latches and levers. Froze their fingers just do not pick up, so even in the dark.

Since you go into the forest

Smile cause machine pistols Hollywood commandos. That only this weapon is not hung. Now imagine that you have to hit them on the concrete wall (in the battle is more than likely). Weapons, likely with all its collimators and turn into a set of diopters «do it yourself». Photo: Eugene Cavour

Undesirable soft, worn out foreign car trunks with thin walls (some boast — as tissue paper). They have a metal and «tired»And mechanisms are worn out, and at any moment can break the trigger and sear. Shot can occur suddenly, against the will of the owner. Tired metal barrel can not withstand the increased charge and the trunk can blow up or break. And repairs in field conditions it is unlikely that will come. Even the centuries unscrew rusty screws heads gouging splines can not.

Big troubles is equipment with long sleeves rounds of 65 mm. After each sleeve must not forget to cut 5 mm to just in case, do not break the chamber. Such cases have, and in my memory. And no friend will occupy cartridges with 70 mm sleeve. A hunting situations occur.

There should not be on such a gun and all kinds of ornaments. It’s a pity to tear inlay silver, gold, expensive scratch coating. Besides all these decorations increase the cost rifle.

Shotgun (any) should not be a different sort of sharp protruding angles, levers, buckles, straps, handles, brackets, and so forth. All these things will cling chapyzhnik, interfere with movement and in the end may bend or break off (look at «Saiga». «Lynx», Gun Bandaevskogo). And just smile cause machine pistols Hollywood commandos. Why only these weapons are not hung…

Now imagine that you have to hit them on the concrete wall (in the battle is more than likely). Weapons, likely with all its collimators and turn into a set of diopters «do it yourself». And you will not collect plastic debris. They even bring to a person dangerous. That and look, himself vykolesh eyes somehow projecting bracket.

For Russia is an indispensable quality is durability. Our citizens are for the most part can not be changed often such long-term things. The gun is passed from father to son, from grandfather to grandson. The design of the gun should be durable. Block not aluminum and steel, not hollow axis and from bars. Therefore tanning gun (fitting parts and debugging mechanisms) should be of high quality. Well, the materials must be top-notch (trunks must not orzhavlyatsya as in post-war «Merkel»).

The Lodge at the gun must be handiness to the host. Neck semi-pistol, straight and not very cool gun. Suitable bend box, the upper ridge will make an instant shot an accurate shot. In the taiga one aimed shot equates to 8 Unsighted. This is especially important when hunting bear or other valuable animal.

There is no need to explain it. There’s no one to help. Only your composure, your friend and faithful dog can help rectify the situation. Only one hunter muscular sensations should already know where the gun is aimed, as soon as he threw.

With pistol grip and steep pistol grip such sensations are not achieved. Here it is necessary to correct an additional tip guns. Namely, these steps animal usually time and does not. Many of my young friends could not understand it can not. They always think that they, too, quickly take aim. But they only think. Practice brutally denies their hopes. Especially where there is no time to mess around, such as geese raid on skradok.

The gun should not be designed for the sport. To round bench will be shortened trunks with small choke. In trench shotgun chokes strong firing small shot. Shoot bullets with this gun is a pity. With a large fraction battle may be unimportant because of the complex rebuilding of large fractions in a strong Choque.

In addition, the design of guns destined for Olympic Trap, inherently obvyshenie battle, as plates are on the rise. These rifles are expensive. To dampen the impact and to improve the strength, they are massive. After all, they have to withstand every workout for several hundred shots. These guns are made on the conscience forever. This former gun TsKIB.

You should not bother with guns «Magnum». The more that modern «Magnums» not at all «Magnums». Just manufacturers dissemble needful the ignorant buyer. These involve several individual gun shots magnum cartridges in the season. Present «Magnum» – a mass of 5-6 kg, the length of the chamber 76-89 mm long massive trunk, enduring pressure of 1000 atmospheres or more and designed for continuous shooting with these cartridges. And the gun weighing 3.3 kg when firing Magnum cartridges will be unbearable impact and strong impact on the frontal shot of the head (the so-called micro-concussion). After one Vecherki firing such ammunition to hunt no longer want. And the benefit in terms of mining trophies questionable.

At the gun, designed for heavy work in the harsh conditions of the taiga, there is little useful sorts of sophisticated sights. Optical sights will be difficult to maintain, knocking setting. It gets a lot of rifle, and he hits a tree often happens that falls to the ground and clinging to the branches. And it will not find in a tractor trolley and motorcycle cradle.

In the fall of long rains, later icing, temperature and humidity. But the main thing is that to save him from the blows fail. Hence optics, collimators and diopter obviously sooner or later be brought down to the pickup. Not to mention the fact that in the thicket of the shot flashed in Progal beast optics not only not help, but also a threat. And ordinary prikladka box is broken, because the axis of the sight is above the sight leaf and catch the beast in motion a short distance unthinkable. So if a telescopic sight and take with you, then you need to wear it for the time being removed from the gun in a separate case.

Weapons should be low. Terms of heavy-duty taiga previously were: malokaliberka – 6 years gladkostvolka — 8 years, carabiner (7,62h9mm) – 10 years. Give the gun for the next big money is unprofitable. In the forest, it is a tool of its kind.

The general conclusion. Hunter, is sent to the remote corners of our land, we must take the usual simple and reliable shotgun. Hopes for a new shotgun with telescope, which has not really mastered, may not be realized. Understand that in the climax of the usual shotgun may be more convenient, shooting results will be true to her, it would bring more benefits than additional new technical features unusual gun.

If, however, address the question of survival, and that there are more good will and gladkostvolka melkashki, not a heavy carbine. It was possible to verify this personally in 1977 in the West Siberian taiga. However, our hunger with his nephew did not threaten, but the elk were able to get only 21 minutes a day of fishing. Very much it has been dry and warm autumn. The grass rustled like coils of rusty wire. And, despite the fact that the Huskies were experienced due to strong rustling grass moose dogs would not let go and move a few kilometers.

And only the production of birds with shotgun and malokaliberki (used for the production of proteins and sable) provides us with dogs and food. And despite the fact that we had with him, and brought food from home. And if we, for whatever reasons, were left without food so weakened?

Under these difficult conditions but hunting without food for 20 days and with a carbine successful approach to such cautious animal as elk, I would be in doubt. But to get grouse, jays, woodpeckers or thrush by 25 meters and will be able to hungry, with shattered nerves wanderer.

Anatoly Azarov24 July 2015 at 00:02

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