The gun, a cartridge and a shot

I read with interest the article by Yarkov, original author and respected me, «trunk and shot» («EGR» number 15, 2013). His «claim that the normal combat possible under the condition that in the trunk harmoniously combined weight, the chamber, the transition cone diameter of the bore, chokes and used ammunition», no doubt.

The gun, a cartridge and a shot

Photo by Ilya Antonyuk

His arguments about the impact of a seemingly minor change in diameter bores 0.3 mm in Izhevsk guns 12 gauge their fight Alexander reiterated that the phenomenon of shots of shotgun shot is not fully understood and it has dark spots . I suggest fellow visualize how the shot.

You agree that in the trunk before the cartridge is the air? Then let’s ask ourselves, how it will behave in the shot? So, we trace the entire process from the moment you press the trigger: triggers cap, ignited gunpowder gases affect wad wads or container, they put pressure on the roll and start to move.

Sleeve, Lead «asterisk»It disclosed. All this moving «company» slug passes the entrance, the gas pressure increases, the velocity increases to supersonic. In the trunk before the shell fraction, as before, we noticed there is only air. It is compressed and rushes out of the trunk. According to physical laws we know that every action has a counteraction: compressed air with the same force presses the fraction penetrating the space between the pellets, slows the projectile. But the force pushing the shot, so great that the compressed air with her thrown out of the barrel.

Stop the time! .. Let us recall how we have been working on spres owl by electric meter of air, when we found ourselves on the edge of the platform near the exit of the tunnel it. Remembered? I do not know under what pressure «pressed» air missile shot … But, I think, significant.

Upon exiting from the barrel, «feeling freedom»He seeks to restore its former volume, pushes fraction and thereby increasing its dissipation, reducing the hunters so desired accuracy. I thought about it when engaged in the School of excellence. We then received parts, outfitting themselves cartridges and spent some «experiences».

Shooting on sighting targets 25m poluzaryadami powder with 32 grams of shot, drew attention to the fact that increased accuracy and sharpness noticeably dropped. A cartridge with the sample powder «Falcon» 1.0 g fractions gave 32 g scree, fits in a circle with a diameter of 0.7 m, but the sharpness is useless. On the question torments me – «Why?» I never found the answer. And set it to anyone ashamed.

With readers to share just because came across an article by Yuri Konstantinov «Short cartridge in the chamber length»Where he drew attention to what is said above. I recommend, you will find many interesting things. And at the same time and think about it «question».

I have often written about guns and ammunition as «Magnum»And traditional, which compares their combat capabilities and expressed his attitude towards them. For persuasiveness quotes of major specialists in the field of hunting weapons and ammunition, as M. Blum and Ivan Shishkin («Shotgun»1994), and do not think more than once again.

Here’s what they wrote: «All hunting shotguns, and in the days and Sabaneev Aksakov, and today all over the world have targeted and are targeting at the same distance – 35-36 m (50 yards, 50 steps). Special equipment and ammunition careful sighting rifle can achieve reliable battlefield 40-45 m and rifles «Magnum» – 50-55 m and even a bit further. Under «reliable» understand such a fight when the target is 3–5 pellets desired number at about 200 m / s». Is it really, and I propose to deal.

Answers to these questions may be of interest to both beginners and experienced hunters. Cartridge «Magnum» It differs from the standard cartridge (32 g fraction) pressurized propellant gases during firing. Fueled by increasing sample powder charge and fractions (canister) (from 46 to ’64). That, in turn, involves the use of a fairly durable gun.

Rifles designed to use standard cartridges, shoot bullets «Magnum» NOT! Some hunters are often asked how to equip a cartridge «Magnum» yourself. My advice – better not to do. First of all, we should remember that equip cartridges increased power is possible only with the presence of special powders. Powders domestic mainly designed for standard equipment.

The exception is the powder «Sunar-42 Magnum». If so much want, then use the recommendation A. Azarov, the famous hunter, a member of the Association of gunsmiths «Arsenal», Gear gunpowder cartridges «Sunar-42 Magnum» with buckshot (0; 00; 000). For 12 gauge powder he advises taking 2.2 g, 42 g of the fraction; 16-gauge, respectively, 1.9 and ’34

Paper or plastic sleeve, cap HF-209. If the fraction falls out starch or other loose cushioning material, the sample of fractions should be reduced to 1.5 g and zavaltsevat twist.

From domestic to withstand frequent shooting guns cartridges «Magnum» It affords, perhaps only Izhevsk rifle MP-153.

Now let’s ask ourselves, what gives you the use of a cartridge «Magnum» hunting, and he even gives any advantage over standard cartridges? Here opinions differ. Some believe that the use of cartridges «Magnum» It does not affect the effectiveness of hunting, referring to how hunted our fathers and grandfathers of 100 years ago «Tulku» and «izhevkami»Shooting 32 g fractions, and even without containers. And quite successfully hunted.

Others, on the contrary, in their view, the cartridge «Magnum» It is more effective than the conventional standard. Should firmly grasp that pellets rate as the initial and final (at a meeting with game), at the holder «Magnum» and standard little different. Rather, it is a standard cartridge of 2-3 m / s higher. So chuck «Magnum» at speeds of excellence has not.

I spent shooting a standard cartridge and a fraction number 5 with the sample 32 g (number of pellets 195 pcs.) Rifles MTS21-12 and IL-27 caliber 12/70 and cartridge «Magnum» «SCM Industry» shot number five, weighed 46 g (number of pellets 281 pcs.) of the gun «Germanicus». «Browning» and «Benelli» 35 m. It turned out patterning standard cartridges yield 3-4% higher.

And on this side of the cartridges «Magnum» and superiority are not allowed. But thanks to the increased fraction rigging in 1,43-2 times the density increases scree shot, allowing you to bring 3–5 pellets needed for the game to defeat a greater distance (50-55 m), giving an increment of 15-20 m. This is the «zest» Cartridge «Magnum».

As we have seen, affects the ability of the cartridge «Magnum» is increased by increasing the density of the shot talus (ie, increasing the number of pellets), you should not shoot bullets «Magnum» 12 caliber at close range.

Carcass game will be broken. Therefore, in the summer of duck hunts and other small birds should be fine standard cartridges with small shot №№ 6 and 7. Another thing, shooting buckshot at the autumn migration of ducks and geese, rabbit, fox, deer and buckshot, wolf and boar average. For such hunting cartridge «Magnum» and create.

Each chamber must comply with cartridges loaded into the sleeve of a certain length. The gun caliber 12/76 is better to use cartridges with a length of 76 mm shells, but, unfortunately, only the cartridges manufacturers do «Magnum»Ignoring the usual standard cartridge with the sample fractions of 32 g, and it is time to…

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