Tradition and modernity

Everything in our life is developed in unity and opposition of tradition and innovation. I read with interest an article Eugene Baranov, «I hunt for a shompolkoy.» Eugene fully understand how another author who shoots only black powder, and American hunters hunt only recognizes a single-barreled gun. Finally understand myself, pick up hunting cartridge cases (and not because I do not want to spend money on new ones).

Tradition and modernity

Photos from the archives of Alexei Obolensky

Back to article I of the hunt with shompolkoy

But I think so unnecessary detail to justify, as does E. Baranov, the advantages of hunting with shompolkoy. It’s still that meticulously explain why people love each other. As you know, most do not love at all, but in spite of.

Everything in our life is developed in unity and opposition of tradition and innovation. Innovation wins (and become traditions) only after proving its obvious advantage. From reading the book as a child «Marksman» (I do not remember the author), I learned that the rivalry between the bow and the gun went on for almost two centuries. The last official match between these types of missile weapons took place in the XVII century. With a slight advantage has won a bow, but his days were numbered.

By the way, the first army, waived onions (and crossbow), was French. But the history of archery as a hunting weapon continued (see below). But the rivalry between the guns-kremnevkami (flintlock) guns-and kapsyulnitsami (with lock capsule) essentially was, the second immediately and unconditionally proved their superiority.

As a teenager, after reading historical novels and novels, I decided to master the bow (by this time in me I have awakened the hunter). It seemed that this would be easy.

Recall Pushkin: «He ached from oak branch and tight bends bow». I bent the bow of the fresh-cut shaft hazel (hazel), arrows are made of straightening and dried willow shoots, tips wrung of roofing iron. In the summer, resting with his grandmother in the village, I spent hours practicing in the shooting. And nothing I did not get: if the boom hit the target – leaflets on student notebooks (distance 25–30 meters), it is only by chance.

I did not know then that adversely affect accuracy unequal stiffness shoulder bow, arrows insufficiently rigorous straightness and lack of feathers. With age and education come to a deeper understanding of what a bow at the apparent primitiveness is a complex technical device, the design of which changed and improved over the centuries, and the shooting of it – art, even of a higher order than the shooting of handguns.

In the 60 years in our country has finally been recognized sport of archery (and how could it be otherwise, because it is included in the Olympic program!). In those same years in hunting magazines began to appear that the US bow hunting finds its fans and that the hunt has its own terms and rules, and models of the bows were not less than the models of guns – from relatively cheap to very expensive.

In our press were voices: «And what we are worse?». The culmination of the discussion of this topic was, in my opinion, the publication seems to be «Komsomolskaya Pravda» interesting article about hunting with a bow attached with the picture of the hunter, who obtained the current boom in the wood grouse. Then interest in the subject began to wane, and it seems to me, not only because of hunting with a bow was banned, but for another reason.

Tradition and modernity

Photo: Anton Zhuravkov

As noted in one of his articles Professor VV Dezhkin biologist, natural conditions in the US are more diverse than in Russia, respectively, hunting fauna there diverse and richer than ours. The main objects of hunting white-tailed deer archery stands, and from birds – Wild turkey (view does not disappear, unlike our bustards).

If a white-tailed deer can somehow compare our deer, the type similar to the turkey, no one in Russia (tokuyuschy grouse does not count because of the exclusivity of hunting for current). It turns out that in our conditions «fragrance of history» when hunting with a bow can not be supported adequately real possibilities to obtain trophies. However, aware that not everyone will agree with this conclusion.

Returning to the guns. When the country since the beginning of the last century began to gain popularity gun-beskurkovki (ie with internal pull) supporters kurkovok (shotguns with external Kurki) derisively called beskurkovki «hornless (hornless. – YT) cows».

As you can see, the criteria used in the evaluation is essentially a purely aesthetic (of course, controversial). At the same quality work as well as possible use on various hunts «Traditional» kurkovki no different from «Innovation» beskurkovok. And although the latter is now, we can say, is dominated first by no means out of use and is still found in commission sales.

I know one person who is on the duck hops shoots a machine running on long hunts uses light zauerovskuyu beskurkovku, but prefers to stand out under a TOZ BM 16 caliber, which cherishes. As the man said, «sweet spirit of antiquity» really feel, standing on traction when you hold in their hands the domestic kurkovku.

Finally, again on the shompolkah. Sergei Aksakov, who hunted, as we know, it is with such guns, recommended to check their fight by firing buckshot (since «Four») At a distance of 50 steps. But the 50 steps – it is 35-37 meters, t. e. the optimum shooting distance for modern guns. By the inconvenience of charging muzzle can be used to, but maybe it’s just an inconvenience and have their dignity (in the spirit of the same historical romance). I shot at the end of the hunt for the discharge of a gun no great loss.

However, back in the old days, this loss is halved learned: before the shot was fixed to ramrod a turning hook or a corkscrew, removed his top wad and shot poured into the palm (nowadays for this purpose would be a good walked sleeve).

The question remains, where to get those guns. Following E. Baranov say that demand may create an offer, the more so in some countries, as the author points out, «It is, and has long been, the whole industry shompolnye weapons». Himself E. Baranov also wish a successful hunt with shompolkoy.

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