Weapons TsKIB

Hunt — one of the oldest male classes — long ago evolved from a means of obtaining food in … Yes to all gradually: a means of self-knowledge, to entertainment, recreation, sports … And of course, it must be confessed, in the means of satisfying man’s vanity .

Weapons TsKIB

Apparently, at exactly the moment when made itself felt this component, armourers thinking about what their products can have not only a purely utilitarian quality. Weapons began to acquire the aura of prestige and luxury, the notion of — «Elite Weapon».

Typically, elite weapon is decorated with highly artistic engraving, decoration used in its higher grades of wood, precious metals, sometimes — gems.

Yet the outset that not all the ornate weapon is an elite. In Russia and in the world quite widely serial gun on the bed, which uses precious wood, and the weapons can be lavishly decorated, but it is more correct to call a souvenir.

Elite as it becomes only when highly artistic decoration adorns the product produced by hand, with the highest quality processing of all the details.

Companies that make a truly elite hunting weapons (we have today is only about guns Firearms) in the world a bit, and they can literally count on one hand: Holland& Holland, Westley Richards& Co., James Purdey& Sons Ltd., Boss&Co.

In this prestigious series, according to both our domestic and foreign experts, get a gun, released TsKIB. Shotguns with horizontally and vertically spaced trunks and cut Carbines original design for a long time and rightfully took its place among the world’s famous brands.

History TsKIB began March 4, 1946, when the People’s Commissariat of Soviet weapons ordered the opening of the Tula Arms Plant Central Design and Research Bureau sporting and hunting weapons — TsKIB COO. It was headed by DV Romanov. Interestingly, in the first «tskibovskih» guns stood as a mark of monograms — crossed hammers, initials «D» and «R».

During the entire existence of the enterprise, and it is a little more than 60 years, was issued about 20 000 copies of smoothbore and rifled guns. Not all of them belong to the elite class: there were many so-called experimental weapons, sometimes very original design, but these weapons can be counted among the most Collector’s.

A nice range of models TsKIB began two guns with horizontal shafts TC-1 and TC-2 («Tula sedimentary»Respectively models 1 and 2). It was a real luxury shotgun and design and finishing — with backing locks on the side boards with V-shaped mainspring located in front of the trigger, the trigger with front swivel. Chamber of the barrel were made under a paper sleeve length of 70 mm.

They differ in design locking for TS-1 rifle bolt locked up Greener, TC-2 — Purdue upper frame. Both guns appeared in 1950 and were released in very small batches: TS-1, about 100 units, the TS-2 — 125 copies.

In 1950, at the Moscow exhibition «Fishing and hunting» gun TC-2 won the gold medal and the diploma of the first degree.

Release of TS-1 was discontinued in 1952, CU-2 produced until 1962, when he was replaced by MC-11.

In 60 years of existence TsKIB designers and craftsmen have released several dozen models of smooth-bore, combined and rifles. Today, the company annually produces several hundred rifles and carbines. The title of elite weapons justifiably can claim the gun with horizontal shafts MC-10, MC-110, MC-11 and MC-111 rifle with vertical shafts 9 MP, the MP-109 and MP-7.

It is easy to estimate how much effort and time is required for the manufacture of guns actually higher analysis, looking at the statistics. So guns MP 11 from 1951 was released only 613 copies, the MP-106 — about 1000 copies., MC-111 in all versions since 1971 only 300 copies., MC-10 since 1960 — 287 copies. and MC-110 since 1973 at least 300 copies.

Several large volume produced more popular and affordable, but also high-end guns: MP-6 in 1948 was made more than 3,000 pcs., MC-108 in 1955, more than 4,000 pieces.

What is the difference between the process of making guns of different categories? First of all, build high-end guns assigned to an engraver and master all the details of the gun manually adjusted master oldest and most reliable method — «by soot».

All mating surfaces are brought by hand, without the use of machines, the result of such adjustment — 90 percent fit all contact surfaces. This gives extraordinary vitality of the gun: such a gun can withstand up to half a million shots without any maintenance and appearance sata.

Guns of the second group, such as the MC-105, MC-106 and MC-108, are made with the participation of several artists and collectors. The requirement for the fitting of weapons is somewhat lower, to 75% fit. The relative decline in claims is due to the fact that these weapons are intended primarily for shooting sports and the market demanded their production in large enough quantities.

Still sporting rifle is also very tenacious and with proper maintenance is kept to 250 nastrel–300 thousand. Shots. Moreover, the reduced figure does not mean that after such nastrela they are unsuitable for use. It is necessary to do a little maintenance, and the gun is now ready to serve his master for many years.

Since its inception, the weapon with the brand became popular TsKIB expensive gift, handing many famous people. One of the first developments — double-barreled shotgun «model «A» It was presented IV Stalin.

An avid hunter, NS Khrushchev had a gun MP-111. Carbine MC-125 and MC-109 guns were «in service» the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AN Kosygin, Soviet Defense Minister DF Ustinova.

Their during state visits and on the occasion of various anniversaries gave King Juan Carlos II, Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Yugoslav Josip Broz Tito, the leader of East Germany Erich Honecker, the Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, Egyptian Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Turkmenbashi .M. Niyazov and the head of the Belarusian AG Lukashenko.

An avid hunter and a great lover of weapons was LI Brezhnev, who had in his arsenal but the MP-125 carbine, four guns, MC, presented to him at different times (Carbines MC-127 and MC 10-09 rifle, MC 109-09 and MC-11-12). On TsKIB still kept «tee» MC 10-09 with excellent finish and a perfect combination of two smooth barrel 12 gauge and lower rifled barrel caliber 9h54, custom-made LI Brezhnev.

Carbine MC-9.19 were presented to the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin. In addition, over the years the owners of weapons TsKIB steel Gamal Abdel (President of Egypt) and the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pehlivi.

As seen from the above, the arms with the mark «TsKIB» It has always been a truly royal gift, and they had almost all the leaders of the socialist camp and friendly countries. Of course, this is a very high appraisal of work of designers and craftsmen TsKIB.

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