Cunning, or … play politics?

Cunning, or ... play politics?

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In the third issue of «good old new magazine about nature and hunting» «hunting Herald» published a lengthy and very interesting interview with the Chairman MOOiR VM Kiryakulova. Judging by the title and answer the question, Vyacheslav concerned about how to make the hunt in Moscow accessible and affordable for the residents of Moscow and the region.


Well, God is with him, and with this interview, if not my setter dog and a desire to hunt. Today, the hunt begins, usually with the Internet. Head over to the site MOOiR. Everything is simple and clear. The focus, of course, attracted by the price list for services rendered to the structural units of MOOiR in the summer-autumn and autumn-winter hunting seasons.

Everything (or almost everything) is clear: the day of duck hunting in September — 150 rubles, from October through December — 100. Hunting whole of September — 1500 rubles in the period October — December 1000. The permit for the whole season (September — December inclusively) — 2500 rubles, in places Release duck fry — 3000. A similar pattern and swampy meadow, field game, woodcock, grouse, pigeon — until hunting gun dog.

In general, if a hunter, a member MOOiR, wants to take a ticket for the whole season and for all types of feathered game, he has to pay 4,000 rubles. At the bottom of the list price is a postscript to the «other», ie non-members MOOiR: «Hunting for a bargain price, but not less than twice the price of the price list.» However, all this is possible subject to availability. These «others» are interested in us and what are these? That members of the military society, a society «Dynamo» and all the other hunters — owners of public ohotbiletov single sample.

Cunning, or ... play politics?

Here the author, the hunter with a decent experience, not a member of MOOiR, a former member of the SBI, «Dinamo», and now the owner of a law-abiding OBEFO decided to hunt in the Resurrection hunting lease. Mentally prepared for the fact that I was asked twice more for hunting than with the term MOOiR, I continued digging in the network.

I must say that the real picture was somewhat different. Price does not hunt for members MOOiR, ie military and police public organizations, exceeds the price of the price list twice, but for the owners of higher value OBEFO «normative» as much as five times. That site MOOiR euphemistically referred to as «price, but not less than twice», in reality turned out — how to put it mildly? — Almost blackmail.

No, of course, Vyacheslav may ask me, Muscovite, travel to neighboring areas, as he says in the interview, but I want to hunt in his area, especially because this is where I now live. Of course, he could offer me a public hunt game species in the military (they have as many as 357 hectares of land tyasyach), or in a society «Dynamo» (they have 30 thousand hectares).

And he could recommend me to go hunting in the public lands, an area which is already in the suburbs about 1% of the total area of ​​land near Moscow. True, at the regional society of more than 72% of land near Moscow, and it is nothing less than 3256 hectares. Needless to say, it’s not the worst land, and because MOOiR 298 full-time rangers guarding the land and animals, but only due to historical realities «inheritance» land enshrined in the Soviet times.

Cunning, or ... play politics?

By the way, the company is now part of the lands ceded to the territory of the Great Moscow, so that Vyacheslav have reason to demand compensation from the Moscow city government for lost hunting grounds. The idea of ​​this is to excite the mind, does not it?

In an interview with Chairman of the Board he said that in his arms has a fresh conclusion of the Antimonopoly Committee, speaking on the legality of the pricing for owners OBEFO MOOiR. What to say: enough, if the SAC RF has issued such an opinion. That would be to look at it (signing) and to the formulation of the Regional Associations of economists, characterizing pricing! If we do not MOOiR monopoly on land, then who?

But this is not the most important thing. I personally liked the following passage Vyacheslav Mikhailovich: «The Russian Constitution prohibits drive people to public organizations for some action.» Excuse me, but in reality it? Leaders RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz only to those concerned, and to prove that gosohotbilet nothing but a fiction, and a blank piece of paper.

Cunning, or ... play politics?

Enough talk about it, you just have to force people to abandon OBEFO as from the document, in real life, having an insignificant legal force. OBEFO right to hunt yields, but places for the owners, not even if someone is willing to pay five times the size of the cost of services provided.

However, I deliberately do not want to deal with the issue that the Board MOOiR included in this concept. The main thing — that they do: they sell us the right to hunt. Then all at once will change for us, orphaned when we enter the MOOiR! Here, you and shoot at normal prices waterfowl, marsh-meadows and upland game, and so on and so forth.

And the truth, what would happen if suddenly MOOiR return all succumbed to the promises of the Department of hunting and hunters came out of him, and even fifty thousand new members come? Hunt also wants all. What if Mr. Kiryakulov talk about bandwidth grounds, quota licenses, membership cards of the society and of the gosohotbilete etc?

We’re not saying that in fact subordinate EV Bender engaged in sabotage of the state policy in the field of hunting and hunting. Moreover, the actions they deliberately cause outrage of ordinary hunters policy. And these are the hunters, which are so «baked» Mr. Kiryakulov.

Cunning, or ... play politics?

I wonder whether it was the subject of an Agreement between the RALOs and the «United Russia», signed in 2007? Or maybe, this should be treated as a «joke» Udaltsov, replicated by Russian television? But then it is not within the competence of the Antimonopoly Committee and the RF IC or the Prosecutor General. After all, it is possible to conduct the attempts to organize a protest hunters or provoke them to riot.

I do not want to bring the situation to absurdity or suspected guide MOOiR in deliberate actions to heighten the situation around hunting in the suburbs. Just want to appeal to the conscience of the Board MOOiR. Do you want to fight the authorities’ decision to deny a ticket POPC official status — fight. For this is the Duma, the government, the courts and so forth.

But do not take people hostage situation. Do not play on their emotions and feelings. Do not provoke the hunters. Do not create a wave of protest poaching, which can not cope with your staff and non-huntsman.

Instead, Take care what would happen with the regional society, when the governor of the region will require (from Vyacheslav Mikhailovich) pay taxes to the city budget is not, and the area? Of course, it’s not great money, but knowing corrosive and principles, SK Shoigu, I’m sure that this issue will be delivered very soon. Will this not lead to the beginning of the end of the regional society, or perhaps to a repetition of the scenario of Ivanovo?

Cunning, or ... play politics?

Maybe it really should be reorganized in the new organizational and legal forms of business, or to share land with the area and with the Moscow city OOiR? Finally, each of the leaders of industry or business entities verbally concerned about the future of hunting in the country.

So is not it time to do all the simple execution of official duties? MOOiR — hunting and hunting Department MPR and use the power to ensure that the owners OBEFO ceased to be pariahs.

Alexander Lisitsin26 October 2012 at 12:10

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