Field trayly, the second article

Field trayly, the second articlePhoto Alexei Nosov

Courage, speed and manner of the search, expressed in the rate of stroke, speed analysis of odors, width and depth of parallels in the rationality of the whole picture search, and finally, in the brightness and beauty of movements of dogs, looking for the smell of the birds, – All of this suggests an instinct no less than the range of the birds and the smell of pot holders accuracy specify where its takeoff.

And if you agree that the range of tack depends on environmental conditions and behavior of wild game and that airfield bird after the liner does not always coincide with the place of its localization dog at the front (the bird often before take off running back), the staging evaluation of all operating complex, depending upon such random criteria as «range» and «accuracy»It seems not quite justified.

The foregoing does not negate the need to consider the range potholders and accurate operation of poultry in the overall assessment of the dog along with other criteria. But, in my opinion, wrong to their key parameters in the assessment of the working set of a gun dog.

Flair – the ability to use the sense of smell to find the game. All dogs have a sense of smell, but not every dog ​​can use them successfully; and only the absence of errors in the rapid, systematic search for the smell of his game and confident, precise working out after the discovery objectively speaking in favor of the development of both the sense of smell and the ability to use it at the proper level.

On Springfield trayle dog «without scent» for the first error in finding (pass spores) and working out the smell of venison (push) will certainly be disqualified, and work on bird-circuited hurriedly did not allow her to take a higher place else being equal, compared with a dog, showed strong distant practicing the smell of the birds.

On Springfield trayle also prized the dog’s ability to become as close as possible to the bird, on the border of the critical distance to it. This causes the bird hides and allows the hunter to make a comfortable shot when approaching a dog at the front without having to wait for the birds take off on a long connector.

Final testing of the birds when the dog is chosen to limit the distance to her, when she gets up from the invasion of the hunter in opposition «predator – victim»When there is no need to send a dog on the liner, – Final testing of valuable by the fact that the bird is immobilized, not «walks»As in the case of unduly far bar. Hidden bird causes hardness rack that allows the hunter to not rush away from him stood a dog.

That «holding a bird»And it is particularly valuable when the effectiveness of hunting depends on the width of the widest possible search. In the case where the eyeliner is necessary, it should be made sure, according to the first commandment in the rock style. For refusal of liner will be disqualified, as long hoses is permitted provided it energy and strength.

Eyeliner throw or throw is possible only on Springfield traylah continental pointers seeking shorter Island. The fact that the development of the inherited ability to throw the bird from a rack is likely due to the ability of a long wait at the front. So reception was worked out, most likely by blocking the final element in the selection of hunting behavior – throw on a sacrifice.

Island pointer to Springfield trayle should sum up easily, but in any case not throw. This, of course, creates a certain difficulty in hunting with her strong places. But let’s not forget the main island of specialization cops: a search in the open field, not the rich game, with prolonged retention of the bird on a rack.

To find short-circuited and is ca game is another group of rocks – Spaniels, who in the hunting behavior of the selection before fading blocked localized victim and encourage throw.

Methods of judging at Springfield trayle analogous to the method of judging at the show. Dogs in the same manner are compared, and evaluated in the same manner as the exhibition places allocated to busy. Only instead of the breed standard description of the ideal exterior judge in favor of the workers as a reference standard for the breed, which describes the ideal working dog breed in ideal conditions.

The distribution of seats in the Field traylah in the FCI, as exhibited in this system involved only the first four qualified dogs. Evaluation dogs («excellent». «very good» and «OK») Supplemented by awarding points for dvadtsatibalnoy scale. Thus, the ranking produced dogs that received the same rating.

Each dog has a working binding instrument – labor book, which records the results of all her performances at Springfield traylah, both positive and unsuccessful. On Springfield trayle dog may be disqualified or do not qualify to remain without meeting with the bird. Dog gets record «removed»If eliminatory admits mistake «not classified»If during the first inlet has not met the bird, and the level of performance is not high enough to qualify for a high score.

Dog in Springfield trayle can also get entry «without meeting»If the demonstration of a high enough level of performance it had no opportunity to show the work of a bird in the repeated puffing. Certificate of a dog is encouraged innate qualities, which showed outstanding performance, worthy of the highest title, but have not been evaluated because of deficiencies in taming. Many great dog starts by getting this particular entry in the labor book.

Paired competitions allow further testing of dogs on the level of the balance of nerve processes: the presence of a number to find an opponent for a dog is a very strong irritant. Plus, if one of the dogs stand by her opponent in the pair is required sekundirovanie – Stand at the front of the dog. Island cops have seconded by yourself, do stand spontaneously, barely noticed at the front of a competitor. For continental pointers permissible incentives sekundirovaniya team.

Field trayl is certainly a very entertaining and really controversial event. Lapping dogs lasts a relatively short time: at least 15 minutes, and rarely more than 30. Exceptions are mountain trayly Springfield and Springfield trayly for woodcock, which search for birds often requires considerable time. The dog, which made a vivid impression in the first puffing, but there was no meeting with the bird can be called again and act as long as you want – to this very meeting.

To qualify to Springfield trayle dog quite a positive work on the bird. This may seem quite mild in comparison with the requirement usual for us three positive work required for the award of a diploma. But let’s not forget the long list of unambiguous reasons for disqualification for Springfield trayle, while the preference in general will still be given a dog, a bird that work ahead in the first inlet rival left without work.

Elan performances, fast screening of weak competitors that do not meet the high requirements for pedigree dog setter on Springfield traylah, to focus on the search for worthy opponents, efficiency, contacts and style – all this attracts the audience, lovers of beautiful and efficient operation of a gun.

Entertainment, competitiveness, and most importantly, the winner in a real comparison, publicity expertise at Springfield trayle are a strong incentive for breeders to improve the selection of the field of quality dogs of their plants. And this, in turn, has an impact on the increase in the average level cops dogs used in hunting.

Today, Springfield trayly – the only known effective tool for comparing the achievements of public breeders, specializing in the production of utilitarian a sporting dog breeds. At the same Springfield trayl – this is a place where breeders can «compare notes», Identify landmarks, view mode, the hard test qualitatively prepared and well presented breeding material that they could use in their factories. Thus, Springfield trayl today – is a necessary condition for the existence of a professional hunting dog.

Field trayl and stimulate the emergence of professional nataschikov. But, as it may seem paradoxical, high requirements to the level of training dogs to qualify for Springfield trayle, not to mention victory, virtually negate the impact of training on performance and output the result in the first place the value of innate qualities of dogs.

«Dressirovannost» Dogs, on the level of contact Springfield trayle certainly very high, but not so much evidence of skill nataschika as characteristic of the dog’s ability to absorb the requirements of the person and her natural inclination to cooperate with him.

They are also indicators «balance» a dog that does not lose greed and passion of the search, while being prepared to a high standard setting dogs to Springfield trayla.

Nataschik dogs Springfield trayla becomes essentially one of the links in the pre-selection of the next following breeder as nataska takes only dogs that can win.

Field trayl course, sport, but sport hunting, where a strong sporty component naturally leads to a tightening of requirements for the speakers and the quality of judging dogs. Rigidity, objectivity and honesty of refereeing does allow you to select the best breed of hunting dogs as a guide for the working dilution.

Clearly, no competition of hunting dogs can not fully meet all the representations of hunters with hunting gun dog, as each hunter «its hunting». But in any case, the basic principle is observed hunting: pointer demonstrates the ability to produce game, as in the case of summer-autumn Field traylami cops and Field Spaniels traylami game produced.

High requirements for projecting dogs at Springfield trayle, passed through a prism of demanding hunt, as well as the evaluation of dogs when compared in terms of their approach to the ideal of a certain breed of gun dog suggest high rating Springfield trayly major tribal events.

Of course, it would be a mistake to assume that the victory or failure in Springfield trayle allows you to make a final judgment on the possibility of using dogs for breeding or for its complete unfitness for this purpose. However, analysis of a large number of speeches delivered in Springfield traylah both positive and failed, gives a more objective view of the working properties of a potential producer.

While Springfield trayly have more exotic, but it should be noted that their appearance is a sign of the beginning of the formation of professional hunting dog breeding in the country in desperate need of an effective instrument for promoting and evaluating public nursery products hunting dogs.

Working Dilution is impossible without traylov Springfield, and their development must inevitably lead to an increase in the popularity of this kind of events in our country. This in turn should contribute to the requirements of ordinary hunters to prepare their sporting dog to hunt, to the level of development of their properties and the field in general should encourage the spread of culture «proper hunting» a setter, spaniel, retriever.

After proper hunting impossible without proper observance of ethical hunter, according to which account the specifics of the dog breed in the hunt and the rejection of a shot, if the work of the dog was not brilliant, are mandatory. And it is this correct hunting gun dog is taken as the standard for Springfield trayla.

In Russia, even in the heyday of true connoisseurs of hunting dogs loved to compare his hunting dogs. Field trayl – is essentially the same comparison hunting dogs, only at a pre-established rules and impartial arbitrator, who shall be elected from experienced hunters and breeders of hunting dogs.

Therefore, it is only at first glance seem to Springfield trayly something alien to our national traditions. Field trayly held in Russia long before the revolution, still in the nineteenth century, when our hunters and breeders freely exchanged with Europe as a breeding material, and expertise in breeding, judging and training of dogs for hunting and competitions.

Thus, the propagation Field trayla in Russian – it is not only the emergence of a strong stimulus for the emergence of an increasing number of breeders who specialize in breeding dogs of utilitarian a sporting breeds, but also the possibility of their reintegration into the European cynology, facilitates the exchange of both knowledge and breeding material for the production of high-quality hunting dogs.

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