From puppy to adult dog

From puppy to adult dogPhoto by Sergey Fokin

Before each who first dared to make himself a hunting dog, rose many unanswered questions.

But let’s start from the beginning. It should determine the breed of dog, choose a puppy from a breed line, reflecting the individual preferences of the future owner. Then select the floor. Males are more independent, they do not happen «Downtime» the hunting season as bitches, because of the delayed estrus, they do not happen in the age of gynecological diseases. At the same time, they are often more «tough», Pugnacious, can escape for a walk for an empty bitch require long walks.

When the floor puppy decided, we go to choose a puppy from the litter. Well, if there is such possibility. If not, you should carefully examine the proposed child. What you should pay attention in the first place? In general «slozhku» puppy. It must be harmonious and match the chosen breed. Then you should pay attention to the standard color, the state coat.

A healthy puppy’s coat should be smooth and shiny. Pay attention to the fatness, eye color, although sometimes with age, eye color may change somewhat, but not significantly. The structure of the head should reflect the breed. Next, inspect the tail (at the pointer rod from the pen setter in beagle rut, etc.). If the tail of the breed is not stopped, it is necessary to carefully examine the condition of the vertebrae in the presence of distortions inherent kinks.

It is necessary to see how the future is mobile pet, pay attention to its relations with the other puppies, check your appetite.

We should ask the breeder how veterinary treatments, what preparations and in what time frame was subjected to a puppy. Usually I spend the first months of age deworming. During this period, as a rule, to be feared only round worms, so the choice of the drug should be aimed at efficiency, together with low toxicity anthelmintic.

The first vaccination is usually carried out at the age of two months. This is due to the fact that one and a half months in the body of the puppy saved antibodies obtained from colostrum mother. This so-called colostral immunity. By the age of two months antibodies leave the blood and allows the vaccine to develop immunity against the antigens of the pathogens that it contains.

What is the best vaccine to vaccinate? Better proven, from well-known manufacturers, as part of which contains the antigens of plague, parvovirus enteritis, adenoviral hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis two types. Well proven in practice in Russia such vaccines as Nobivac (Intervet, Holland) and Eurikan (Merial, France).

Immunization gives good effect American vaccine antigen with a similar composition. The second vaccination is one month after the first, at the age of three months, according to instructions. The composition of the vaccine (necessarily the same manufacturer as the first), in addition to all the above antigens, rabies usually includes a component that prevents your dog from rabies.

A third vaccination do a year after the second, using the same vaccine. It is better to be vaccinated under the supervision of a veterinary specialist, as is non-specific allergic reaction to a foreign protein, from which, if not arrest, anaphylactic shock may develop, followed by potentially lethal puppy.

If you are vaccinated in the veterinary institution, do not rush to go there immediately after vaccination, and sit for 20 minutes–30, observing the behavior of the pet. The first signs of allergy – redness of the ears, swelling around the eyes, lips, joints.

In this case, the veterinarian must immediately enter potent corticosteroids or antihistamines. It happens that the first vaccination no allergic like reactions, and the re-introduction of the vaccine they arise. This so-called sensitization sensitized organism, showing a non-specific reaction of the delayed type. Fortunately, this happens infrequently, but excluding such consequences should not be.

Now for the feeding. There are two types of feeding. First – natural food rations to the preparation of directories. Second – translation puppy to dry (commercial) feed. The main principle – not overfeed.

When using dry feed the dog should always be drinking plenty of fluids, and the amount of feed intake should not exceed the recommended by the manufacturer. This will prevent the development of kidney stones. Metabolism puppy amplified, so the daily dose of the first four months should be divided into six feedings, then go up to seven months to four feeding, and one and a half years the dog has to be two-three times a day feeding.

After a year and a half only two feedings per day. In old age, metabolism and activity of the dog is reduced, however, some of this age eating once a day.

The hunting season diet should be strengthened, but not at the expense of quantity, but due to the transition to food with a high calorie content.

Now about other dangers a dog throughout its life. The most frequent – is different helminth infections. It should be at least every six months, and preferably once a quarter, take the dog feces in a veterinary laboratory for eggs glistlov and conduct targeted deworming under the supervision of a specialist.

The second and more dangerous enemy and dogs – This blood disease vectors which are pasture mites. These include piroplasmosis dogs and Lyme disease. The latter does not occur everywhere, but piroplasmosis (babesiosis of dogs) is widespread.

Without timely and effective treatment of this disease is characterized by relatively high mortality. As soon as your pet begins to refuse food, his body temperature rises, will pale mucous membranes, it is necessary to immediately contact your veterinarian.

It is advisable to confirm the diagnosis for the study was conducted of blood taken from a vein in the ear, in the presence of Babesia, since the introduction of relatively toxic drugs against protozoa in the absence of the pathogen can strongly affect the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system of dogs. And at the administering veriben available neyroentsefalopatiyu irreversibly fatal as well as in case of repeated administration.

The main task breeder – as far as possible to prevent infection Babesia. For this purpose it is necessary to reduce the possibility of contact with the body of the animal mites. There are many sprays, drops and topically protivokleschevoy collars. But if you use them you should always remember that it is not a panacea. So always when walking in areas where there are ticks, it is necessary to examine the dog and take them with her.

In recent years, in the southern regions, as well as some places in central Russia appeared even more unpleasant disease – dirofilariasis, carriers which are mosquitoes. The larvae, developing under the skin of a dog, into the blood, and grow in helminths migrate through the bloodstream trombiruya coronary vessels and causing death by thromboembolism.

Treatment is dangerous for the dog. Even cured pets often remain disabled for life. Prevention of the disease is also associated with the processing of the special repellents or drug administration dironet in preventive dose. About poisoning, injuries, and other infectious and parasitic diseases will be discussed in the next article.

Take care of your pets!

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