In Abkhazia for quail

Several calls to our friends from Abkhazia — as there is with quail? The answer is happy — it’s a lot of quail. And here we are on the way.

In Abkhazia for quail

Photo Peter Zverev

Autumn this year is not very pleased with warmth. Going from Moscow for Fiat Ducato, we have to overcome about 2000 kilometers from Sukhumi. There we will be waiting for the chairman of the Abkhazian society of hunters Hadzharat Kvitsinia.

The tour program is very rich. This exhibition Pointing Dogs and field testing, and, finally, the hunting of quail and corncrake in place of amazing beauty – foothills of the Caucasus.

Russian hunters-legashatnikam is well known that the mass departure of quail and corncrake of the European part of Russia begins in September. Before reaching their wintering grounds in Africa, Southeast Asia, the birds must fly south of Russia, Ukraine and, at the moment it is important territory of the Republic of Abkhazia. The path does not close; to overcome several thousand kilometers, quail and corncrake hoard fat – the main thing «fuel» for migratory birds. It is believed that the first to go for the winter, males, females, and then, finally, the young birds.

At the end of September in the southern ter-ries for hunters begins a great holiday – hunting vysypkah. We know a lot of Russian hunters who specifically take vacations to get to the mass flight of quail in the Krasnodar region and simultaneously shoot and corncrake, which often rise during cops. Migrating from quail and corncrake takes place at night, and it determines the pattern of hunting, which can vary by the day, as the flight is uneven, it all depends on the weather.

Today, the dog picks up one after the other quail, and bandolier emptied in just one hour. And tomorrow the picture is quite different – dog carefully work out the same field, and the birds of the unit. This is the charm of these hunts.

Once in Abkhazia, we were surprised to find that here, too cool. Cloudy weather and rain every day. On the one hand, sorry for the tourists who come to enjoy «velvet season»But for us, the hunters, not scary, because bad weather delayed the quail throughout the country. While here, the uneven distribution of birds. In the district of Sukhumi birds were, but not in large numbers, but in the area of ​​Pitsunda and Gagra quails were filled with all farmland. The birds could be seen in the gardens, overgrown with weeds fields on the mountain slopes, where cattle vyel grass football pitch to the state, in the fields of harvested corn.

Hunting in September – great holiday Abkhazian hunters, each a good day to easily select the resolution rate – 25 birds. But most importantly, – it is a joy for your dog. Since the contact was epanol Breton, we had very interesting to watch the competition of classic rock – and a pointer to the new Russian dogs. We note that the month-and-black speckled pointer Hadzharata Kvitsinia and epanol Breton showed their best side. The hunt took place in an abandoned field, where the grass was waist-deep in places, and there we were taken 3 hours more than two dozen hunting quail, but the most important thing, not one was lost. All harvested found the dog.

For the true legashatnika hunting quail, undoubtedly belongs to the classic game birds. Time to eat and enjoy the work of the dog, and remember shooting skills. Quail fly straight from the rack (although there were birds that tried to trick the dog, running along the ground), we could only keep cool and releasing quail at the desired distance, to make an aimed shot. When the pair of birds flew, it was possible to track the landing of the second and work on bird migration.

Week, held in Abkhazia, I was pleased with the hunt, and it smoothed unpleasant impression on the weather – absolutely atypical for the republic on the Black Sea. We are left with a kind of envy to the Abkhazian hunters, because they have the opportunity each year to hunt for such a beautiful game – quail and corncrake, as they leave, and local hunters will be looking forward to the mass appearance of other royal game – woodcock.

What you need for a good hunting quail, but the desire? Of course, a good setter dog. But these dogs themselves do not start. They are the result of hard work of enthusiastic dog owners who choose the best representatives at trade shows and trials. The unique natural conditions of Abkhazia presented to local hunters the opportunity to hunt quail and transit wintering woodcock here from September to March. During Soviet times, Abkhazia, Moscow has attracted expert dog handlers, were regularly held exhibitions and tests Pointing Dogs. In a rich country formed an elite population of English setters and pointers. However, the years of stagnation, the war affected not only people, but also their pets.

Today, hunting dog breeding republic reborn: tests conducted since 2003 are organized republican exhibition. Hunting and Fishing Society of Abkhazia signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz»Now documents on hunting dog breeding of the republic is recognized on a par with instruments Russian dogs. The Company now records stock, being studbook registered litters.

This year, on the eve of the Abkhaz national holiday with the help of Russian experts was held republican exhibition of hunting dogs in Sukhum. The main exhibition expert expert was invited to the All category VA Selivanov. At the exhibition was attended by hunters and breeders from almost all regions of the republic. There were represented by 32 dogs, mostly breed Pointer and Setter English.

It should be noted the high level of pedigree dogs, it is not surprising that many of them are descendants of the best dogs in Russia and Ukraine. Champion of the exhibition among males breed Pointer became Fight – (owner Bargandzhiya BN), a champion in the ring English Setter – Michael dog – (owner Aksenov AY), including an English Setter – bitches champion became Quince – (owner Puzachenko AA). During the exhibitions in the country use the rules adopted in Russia in 1985, requiring a cool champions descendants who have confirmed their working abilities on field trials.

Pointing dog in Abkhazia are primarily used in hunting and belong mainly real hunter. An important requirement in the work is to feed the dogs bat game, as is often necessary to shoot among the brambles, ragweed, or in the forest undergrowth. Some dogs do pogonki probably the result of chance local hunters, and this deficiency should pay special attention to training.

With a large number of game and gambling shooting undisciplined dog could get hit by a shot. At this point, the participants had to indicate test Pointing Dogs, which took place on 27 September and 1 October in the fields near Sukhumi in the village Tsandryphsh. Dogs have confirmed their high quality work, having received five second-degree diplomas. With a large number of game can provide three or more jobs to find out all the nuances of a dog that is not always possible when tested in Russia.

Thus, in Abkhazia there are all conditions for development of hunting dog breeding, dog breeding class, able to compete in exhibitions and competitions of the highest rank.

The plans of the society of hunters and fishermen of Abkhazia – holding open competitions Pointing Dogs in 2014.

Petr Zverev, Nikolay Sorokin2 November 2013 at 00:00

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