In Ryazan stud

In Ryazan stud

My dog ​​drathaar Donna eighth year. This summer, it worked well in the field, only received four diplomas with a reception, three of them in the competition. Last diploma obtained in Beloomut interbreed team competition on July 15 when the heat of about 30 degrees. And then was the discovery of hunting, where she showed true skill.

Within two weeks of hunting we had produced twenty-two corncrake, nine snipe, snipe, and three more than three dozen quail. And this despite the fact that my car was laid up, and health is poor. Well, there are friends, and managed to get in the Smolensk region. And Moscow is not without our game, it is a pity, smashed terms of hunting for upland and the opening of the hunting cops. But Donna us and that was enough. While the bitch is not lucky in the hunt, she ran into a hardened badger and one bitten her leg and tore his side. But she was not in debt.

By the way, our officials, as always, distinguished themselves by closing the hunt for a day and a half before it has announced the opening of a fire situation in Moscow and a number of neighboring areas. Just this period (before September 1) was the most rainy and cool all summer. And it was the hunters and can protect the forest from fire, it is clear even to children.

But back from the officials to the dogs. Podlechites paw at Donna began estrus. Now it was to pick up a decent gentleman and agree on binding to its host society sector and the tribal hunters. If you choose you can go three ways.

First – prefer different exterior than the famous Austrian and German males. Second – excellent working qualities that are not always accompanied by excellent conformation. The third – to find the combination of excellent exterior and the same operating characteristics. As I said a respected geneticist Alex Glebovich Evreinov, «exterior functional».

So, sorting through all the candidates, in consultation with dog experts, I made the decision and called Ryazan Alexander Chertuhinu. Knowing that he was a great dog Grief twice pervodiplomnik on the field, with excellent flexibility, and most importantly, a balanced psyche, I asked for consent to mating. And having received it, the dog began to prepare for a trip to Ryazan. Podlechites paw drove worms, and fed meat – it is time for the journey. But the car has not yet been repaired, and the necessary time off from work. But the authorities went to meet them, the machine gave my daughter – all for us Donnaykoy.

Finally we got to Ryazan, where we were waiting. The first breeding was held in the apartment, because the street was pouring heavy rain. To this my friend remarked to harvest rain. After successful mating (bitch was in the pore, and the dog did not disappoint) that evening moved to land in Spassky district, not forgetting to execute all documents in the binding and taking copies of documents a dog …

The rise was much harder and longer hang. But even walk the dog, tea is drunk. Bottom isolated from dogs, she in the car, and we have dogs in the field. Friends show off the work of their pets, but our no worse a pity that in estrus. After working up, hunted, produced some quail and a package of white mushrooms, which went very well with potatoes for dinner. On Saturday, at eight in the morning, Alexander came to the neck. Meanwhile, Donna and the champion of Russia prevailed full reciprocity, which was recorded in the act of mating Ryazan cynologist VA Petrov.

After mating control dog owner invited me to see the work in the future pope. To be honest (and I am an expert on canine-cop with twenty years), these works during my tests and examinations in the competitions of the highest rank among drathaar not have to see me. Absolutely right hook without bloat in and passes behind the hunter, with a depth of 10 to 15 meters, as it turned out, – distance scent dogs.

An excellent way of search speed by 8–9 points, while no passage or an empty rack. Simply put, the machine «Singer»Good mood, his head shall be no worse than the pointer. Solid-hour, energetic eyeliner and no meter starbases. Alexander has been the permit and the gun. The result of this – eight shots, seven of birds.

I would especially like to note that all this happened within 40 minutes of hunting. During these moments not a single superfluous commands only «pil»And every male was sent to seek and serve quail than fast enough to cope.

This statement and obedience, the contact with the hunter can be observed only in a silent movie, and a great director. I even find it difficult to say what weaknesses must be corrected at this dog. Everything happened as if in a fairy tale, and yet it was a real hunt.

On this and ended demonstrations – no other way to tell. We had to come back. Heat goodbye and wished good luck in the hope of a future litter, I’m dreaming: «Let puppies at least half will be as hunters, like their father!» Good and other breeders before knit their bitches with renowned male, even once to see their work in the field, and even better on the hunt.

Some carry females for mating to other cities, sometimes on the recommendation, not even knowing what a male in the field. And then we wonder, where did these «nonworking» puppies?
Until next time, guys! And the best – hunting.

Yuri Belyy26 October 2012 at 00:00

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