In the meadows under Navashino

This year, and me and my friend Ivan calendar holidays fell on the same number — H-September. Knowing this, a friend suggested to make a week-long hunting expedition to his summer residence in the city of Nizhny Novgorod region Navashino.

In the meadows under Navashino

After a brief discussion, after weighing all «behind» and «against» This proposal was the mutual approval. In order not to delay plans for later, we planned to leave early in the morning on September 3. But before moving on to the theme of the hunt, I would like to make a very brief excursion into the geographical position of the area of ​​our future hunts.

City Navashino – it’s kind of «an outpost of the Nizhny Novgorod region» on the border with the neighboring province of Vladimir, lying on the right bank of the Oka River. And on the left bank of the picturesque Russian River, opposite Navashino, clearly visible amid the greenery of forests glorious ancient city of Moore, too «outpost outskirts of Vladimir land».

Referring to Moore, we can not say that the bank of the Oka to Nizhny Novgorod is clearly visible statue of epic hero Ilya Muromets, standing with a sword taken out of its sheath, warning «gate of Dire» to refrain from evil intentions and attacks on Russian land. In general, the beauty of these places you can talk endlessly (and deservedly so), but it’s time to move to the subject of hunting, because it was she who was the ultimate goal of our trip.

Upon arrival, we unload the car, skidding things in the house and immediately decreases to the huntsman economy execute documents giving the right to hunt in areas of interest to us. Such haste is due to the fact that in the evening we want to go out with a gun in the meadows. Soon, the necessary permits and seasonal tickets in our hands. Navashino hunting hospitably opened doors for us!

The main object of our hunting, of course, was the corncrake. In addition to the local places are ideal habitat for corncrake should still keep in mind that a week of our stay in the lands coincides with the autumn migration of these birds have already begun to migrate from the northern regions to the places of their wintering grounds.

The main destination of our hunts are vast meadows with scattered them generously thick bushes, overgrown with reeds mixed with wire-blackberries. Who has ever had to overcome on their way blackberry, he knows what it is. Many birds from open areas of grassland moved exactly in those places, which created difficulties for our hunting. Although – What can we offend God! – and in open areas I had to repeatedly raise kurtshaar swift Crake, especially when they are in the mornings and evenings out to feed on chistiny, where the grass was not so thick and high.

I remember one morning hunting, when the relatively small area of ​​the meadows in ten minutes was raised six corncrake. We moved the edge of the bushes; a complete lack of wind made it difficult to work the dog. But Romulus perked up on the bird nabrodah, moved forward and stopped with a turn at the front. After liner corncrake flew at the very bushes and literally dived into them, not allowing Ivan (right shot belonged to him) even raise his gun.

And at this moment in front of a pair of noise simultaneously soared corncrake and also disappeared in the bushes. But, luckily for us, a little breeze blowing, will greatly facilitate the work of a gun. And almost immediately Romulus grabbed top Dergach smell and went to potyazhku, but the bird using the legs, hid in the bush, not allowing the setter to please stand hunters.

We went to the wind from the bushes, and soon after kurtshaar potyazhki stood at the front. Well is not that we are not allowed Crake deceive us. At the command of Romulus he made a handsome ocher-red fledging. Resounding another shot broke the flight of birds. Penetrating forward twenty paces, setter again picked up another top Dergach potyazhki and then turned into a sculpture in front of sunken frozen bird.

There was eyeliner, grown fat and lazy with autumn corncrake flew almost from under the dog’s paws and slowly headed toward the rescue of the bushes, but my shot interrupted flight. Without a doubt, the meeting with the corncrake on the limited space was nothing like vysypkoy migratory birds, chosen as temporary shelter this site meadow.

Given the fact that a couple of days to visit us from other legal relative Ivanova – Alex Dementiev (it accounted for a pair of corncrake), leaving a total of us was produced twenty one corncrake. And this despite the fact that because of the rain we have had to miss two morning and one evening the field. All the birds were literally flooded with fat, making it popular and coveted trophies.

Among other hunting on marshy meadow would like to touch on game hunting for snipe and jack-snipe. These representatives of red game for us as it is for the vast majority of legashatnikov, is of great interest, but… Just want to mention that the classical hunt them out of a gun rack was productive fifty percent, as extracted from the four birds (two and two half snipe snipe) are only a couple (and half snipe snipe) was produced by the laws of proper hunting.

The fact that the majority of birds kept in a high sedge open windows mud shoals, flecked with rust. With the wind, too, had no luck, and, as a consequence of such conditions forced the birds to be very strict and did not allow a gun to work on them classically – with a reception. Others managed to get this hunt Crake.

From field game the main object of our hunting quail and were adjacent to them in the field grasses representatives upland game – grouse. Concerning these hunts would like to say that we have not established tradition teterok shoot, despite the fact that the fall is not prohibited by law. But so it happened! All in all, they were raised Romulus dozen, at least.

It seems Teterka know about our tradition, as most of them were sitting in the grass to the last, and they went up straight from the muzzle Kurzhaar, often blowing it off on its wings flapping-fans. Four times out of a gun rack flew fledgling young quail, but fly away, they, naturally, after hearing the shots.

But once out of the sculpture stands Romulus flew brood of twelve birds, but all but coming from them quail-mother were porshkami, so as not to unnecessarily hot dog, I took her to the side. Altogether, these hunts us were extracted two grouse-cock (one for each of us) and six quail.

Duck hunting took place on the evening flights, as well as with a dog while hunting on the marsh meadow meadows in the game. Teshi bayou river, a tributary of the Oka, is a safe haven for duck brethren. In addition, all sorts of Liadi, thumbs, small stretches from the Wetlands and other waters inherited from the spring flood meadows of the Oka were also attractive to waterfowl. It is here, and we waited in the evening whistling duck wings. A duck hunting trophies were three mallards and teal four.

That’s what got our departure to the city of Nizhny Novgorod region for Navashino. A bright meteor flashed week stay in the Nizhny Novgorod region. But the truly good things have come to an end: it was time for us to go home. As often happens in such cases, we were leaving from the now native places a little sad, but in the soul of each warm ray of hope to come here with a gun in September next year.

Victor Lukashov29 October 2012 at 00:00

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