Joining Hands!

Joining Hands!Photo by Sergey Fokin

That’s a thing of the past spring hunting in 2012. But the question remains: sooner or later, opened the hunt?

As usual, the hunt in the south of the Tver region opened a week earlier than in the north suburbs, where I hunt (and it is clear: in the south of Tverskaya orange blossom, and in the north suburbs snow still lies!). What else to say? At the opening of hunting in the Tver I have not heard a single shot. Snow in the woods (and not only there), it was quite a lot. On Thursday or Friday at the edge of the forest, I picked up the woodcock …

And in Moscow friends who went to see if there woodcock or not, they said that in the middle of the week preceding the opening, Woodcock pulled. At the opening I saw 8 woodcock, the next day a little less. And then almost every evening my father and I went on the hunt. However, at the same place. Flew one or two woodcock. There were evenings when no is not only seen, but not heard. Was the old place was the sum?

A little aside hunted friends. They 2–3 woodcock incident almost every night. Do you hear them shooting and twist his head and suddenly you will fly? And it would be necessary to change the location, but old and not far from the house and locked him comfortable. And Bath-the eighth decade. It is only in draft and walks. And then only with me for company. Do not throw it well! But the closure came my friends and decided to go a little further into the forest.

First woodcock reached at 21:36, and we have not really been waiting for: the day increases, the start rod is removed. Then I stood at the intersection of forest roads. Around 22:00 the west, over the road, classically Woodcock came to horkanem and tsvikanem. The shot was easy. Thus ended the spring hunting in the suburbs, more precisely, the thrust.

This year I finally decided to learn the classical Russian hunting with decoy. And it does not stop me no duck. My friend Alexander Burtsev holds several decoy and has repeatedly offered me to use them in the hunt. The problem was in the hut: it is necessary to build, and this dreary affair and troublesome: it is necessary to advance in place, cut the poles on the frame, then that frame should be something to cover. Anyway, long story. I wanted to use the experience Burtsev, he bought a piece of camouflage net, and he could only throw it on the frame of the hut, which he set to fall, and not one. I looked at shows a piece of camouflage nets, but … it’s a little expensive.

But portable skradok I really liked. Based on a folding chair with a backrest – ready-made shelter. Moreover, the assembly and disassembly take less than five minutes. It cost, however, more than 5,500 rubles. But I bought it. And once I purchased, should be used. Of adapting to the basket, which go for mushrooms, cover, so to Sasha for a duck. The friend did not hurt – I gave the best duck.

Installing skradka confirmed my positive assumptions: convenient and fast. Moreover, transportation to the hunting area due holster very comfortable.

On the pond was still ice covered half the area. Duck worked great! I sat and enjoyed. Unfortunately, the duck, I never saw. Either they have not arrived yet, or they were not around. But magpies and crows, and I’m not afraid of much attention to me, did not pay. Operation skradka revealed some of its shortcomings: not enough place, the gun barrel should be put on the street. But Sasha said it was not the worst.

The next day, my duck went on strike: in the morning there were several sediment. It’s hard to say what the reason. Sasha took the duck hunting, and it worked perfectly, but only in pairs. I must say that Alexander decided to make innovations in their hunting and asked me to buy for him the tent-skradok from another firm, which I did.

If you compare skradok and the tent, the tent has some advantages. It is cheaper (about 4000 rubles), lighter, more compact, space inside more. But the seat is not attached to it, and in skradke chair is integrated into the design, and collect it no longer than ten minutes.

Now on tour. I went to take a trip to Taldom OOiR. Prices for tours differed greatly. For members RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz (not Association and ohotobschestva) one day of hunting woodcock cost 40 rubles, a drake decoy – 50. It is less expensive than in «Dynamo». If you have working out or other services, appreciating the hunting days was reduced by half. But if you have gosohotbilet or lies elsewhere ohotobschestve, the price rose to 10 (!) Times. AT «Dynamo» two or three times.

My dear, I understand that very well want money. I have another question arises. July 1 closer. Already on July 2 All Hunting ohotobschestv tickets become unnecessary papers that no matter what do not qualify. You still hope that the good uncle of the State Duma will remember about you and will amend the Law «On the hunt»? I think not. And what will happen next? Association in its old sense no longer exists. What is? Now who will represent the interests of hunters?

Listen, we need, it is necessary unite! When we are united, we are invincible. We must create conditions so that the hunters remained ohotobschestvah! How to do it? It should be of interest to the hunter, so he remained in ohotobschestve. Than? Of course, the availability of hunting. I’m not going to raise the issue for which we are paying. This I have done many times, and no enemy of free mass hunting game species are not able to answer this question. I put the question: how much to pay?

It is understood that when the ticket ohotobschestva entitled to hunt, a man came into the society, for the sake of which was going to hunt. And in the land of another company could write out a ticket – it was not very expensive. Now that all the money really wanted, the picture is different. Now, if a person is not going to hunt, then he does not need ohotobschestvo.

There are not yet completely free gosohotbilet. And if you do not constantly hunting in the same grounds of the society, the society and membership card you do not need: gosbiletom you can do throughout the country. Save on fees. Today at «Dynamo» I hunted tomorrow – in SBI, etc. Why you need a membership card? All the same to encounter a rip-off.

I do not speak about particular: prices are already caught up with prices for ohotobschestvah «foreign». So why in ohotobschestve consist? But if a man come in with OOiR «Dynamo» ohotbiletom and he skidochku. And to those who only gosohotbiletom – tenfold. That’s an incentive to remain in ohotobschestvah. Yes, yes, my dear, well, I understand, I understand that very, very much money you want! Well done! If we do not come together, then perish.

Let us join hands, friends, so as not to perish one by one!

Igor Suslov2 June 2012 at 00:00

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