Laika boar

— You listen, lad, Th tell you — no joke grandfather Ilya got excited. — You’re here to say: Che supposedly huskies, then Vitka Bryazgin hurt ravines — Duck is not from a great mind!

Laika boar

Photo by Victor Lewandowski

Durolomom rod Huskies only on tests, I’ve been to them. And what? A piece of the forest enclosed by mesh. Experts sitting on a bench under a canopy. The dog started – she fool glad to try. She found the beast in the zoo and let it overcome, twists, making acumen. Experts from almost cry with joy. And I say it sucks! For hog fingerlings with a dog can walk, but for the oldest trophy tusks cleaver with her will not go. Such Coble was one time Yaransk. Cabana for a nickle seized and held until the arrival of the owner. Where are they? And I answer. Extinct as mammoths, bulls fangs! I’ll tell you, grandson, several stories savvy he is good, what is bad.

It has long been ethno. Thirty years ago, you ishsho project only appear. I then became chief of stupidity, pushed me raipo leadership as Director of procurement agency. I’m a fool, it was flattering: how naschalnikom began, all the familiar for the quarter began to shake! And there was sycophants – It does not count! Well, as fawning took me time to hunt wild boar zverovuyu. In November it was the holidays. Snowball basement in the evening, utrechkom stood up, and the snow is white virginal purity, before the morning was over. Newly-fallen snow, it was to be.
We left a small Kompashki, five people, two cars – «Volyn» and «goat» GAZ-69. With us was Lenya Kodolov with his Russian-European Laika Watch. Check out one quarter of the forest – empty. Second – empty. On the third we see: there is a trace input – utreshny approach. Next boar like a young elk. This boar has long said healthy beast, like a yearling heifers. Quickly we have placed three numbers. The extreme left, Logan, I stood. I charge bullets. Waiting. Laz is correct, in my soul with joy. Sunny day. Near titmouse, chickadee flit. Lepota! I look for the CCIP. What a comical Ptakha! And then I hear – dull so far: «Woof!». – and after five seconds again: «Woof!» The dog barks, but in a strange way, so lazy, careless: «Woof!»And then again «Woof!»As if a neighbor with a hangover a woman wants her pomateritsya, and can not – noggin cracking, rugnetsya so silent. The head of a tea, do not iron! What? By whom, I think, as a dog barking? Speaking … Woof kind of like getting closer, and suddenly slammed a shot. Within seconds «Goto-o-s!» resounded through the forest. I looked, I really Lenya waving his hand, they say, come to us, is removed from the room. Twenty minutes later, the peasants come to the crowding, and they look like Patrol sits on a boar with a mouth full of wool, and spit it back tears and did not admit to the boar – catches. We came up with a host of Watch, Lenya svorku took it on, tied to a tree, away from sin. As it turned out, wild boar quietly walked lazily followed barks Night Watch, and his manhole waiting hands. It’s like a hare hunt with hound walking. Hare on a hound does not jump, not jumping slowly, and then stands up on its hind legs and listens. BOOM bulls were simply no more complicated than that hare.

Local ranger Oleg really show off their dogs. A pair of Russian-European dogs really famously worked. At the trials received diplomas of high degree of boar. A look at their work in the aviary was wondering grip followed one after another. When I was invited to hunt with these dogs, I did not sumlevayus that hunting will be successful. We went three Oleg with their dogs, and I Yurchik. It was in November, ankle-deep snow, to go easily. Directly below the city, about three kilometers, the dog gave a voice. We want to go – boars leave. Again their dogs stop, come – Again boar stronulis. Here again, we hear: keep boars. Oleg has placed us on the Yura boar tracks, and he escaped to the dogs in the hope skrast bulls. Suddenly I heard – roared the dog and the barking began rapidly approaching. This is Yurchik rod. Doublet. Five minutes later, someone shouted: «Ready!» – Something like that. Or heard? And as dusk was. No, I think I’ll go quietly in the shot. Suddenly, on the right: « Rёh, rёh!» I look, Merek with you, and there is a large wild boar, wild boar and about his less flicker. Just aim, and then thought: «And suddenly produced two boars, and I’ll get the third? Perestrel will, sin, our fundamental hunters will not be gathered, licenses had just two». And then I hear – shout. I ran there.
On the small hill are the Jura with Oleg. I went. Yurik repents not hit! It turned out, wild boar, followed by chasing the dog flew like a swallow through the forest path, and it is the width of two meters. Jura doublet only fired after them. Without thinking, we rushed for recessive dogs and soon ran out on the edge of the forest flooded by beavers. On thin ice blurred patches of black peat slurry – wild boars, as an icebreaker, broke the thin ice. On the pursuit of it is not out of the question. Dogs have been barely audible. They returned to the house late in the evening huntsman. Thus ended the hunt.

In the hands of a few licenses for wild boar. We’re going to hunt all rayohotobschestva board. A task – As soon as possible «close» license to the beginning of the year we planted more «burning issue», Selecting them from those who can not cope up with the shooting of ungulates. With us on a personal all-terrain vehicle «LUAZ» Mechanical local land reclamation organizations Vladimir Toropov and his sire Western Siberian Gray. Volodya is young, but very business. Though I was the director then, but lived in a communal apartment, and he was in a three-room apartment, built with his own hands. Volodya was in charge, the role of manager of the hunting he really was. So he instructs and puts us on the numbers, and the dog goes to the corral. Those who stood in the room, who knows how painfully long time passes, especially in dvadtsatipyatigradusny frost. This time I did not have time to freeze, as the shots rang out. There were they in the rooms and in the paddock. What happened? Why? The head rush different, frankly, not very good thoughts. But the road runs Grey, followed by jumps Volodya.
– Rent rooms! – He commanded me.
In my view the question should be short remark:
– Three pieces put, Gray put, it is necessary to go boar ochinivat. Recently, I met with an expert of the first category Vladimir A. Toropov. They remembered his younger years. Ask him about the dogs, he just waved his hand:
– Near Greyushkoy no current Laika not lay close: enough enough, and no mind for a penny …
– Here you are, lad, and think, think with your head, what Laika to hunt wild boar needed: missing or think?

Alexander Korsakov22 October 2012 at 00:00

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