Laika What do we need?

Imagine, if you offer a gift to the hunter-fishers from the provinces, not spoiled by numerous activities and competitions huskies testing stool for the beasts of the field of absolute champion of Russia on the bear and boar, the first of his joy would be no limit

Laika What do we need?

Photo by Sergey Fokin

He is likely to say that it is available in the grounds of the bear and boar population greatly diminished when he starts hunting champion. Only a problem as the roots do not destroy this population with the famous dog, but the puppy from the champion, he will not give anyone the neighbors, too, have not translated all the beast. But what will happen then disappointed when the hunter goes to fish in the taiga… He walks a day, goes second, and champion of all under his feet, the beast can not find, once faced with a bear, barked twice and threw. Once I came across a boar’s trail went for a wild boar, and then had him three days to look after the dog, said gold, the absolute champion is not something, and all of Russia.

After a week of fishing champion really so tired and began to walk back the hunter and when the opportunity to immediately lay down to rest. On fur-bearing animals and poultry and say nothing, he is the champion only big game. I grieve our hunter and shot on the tenth day of the champion of Russia and took him sobachinu, and then went to the village for their purebred huskies village. After all, and with them dobudesh bear and wild boar and elk furs and poultry, they also will not miss, and if you go away for a couple of days for the animal, it will always find a hunter in the forest and come to winter quarters. And such a fate befall approximately 90% of our champions, if they fall into the normal gift hunter-fishers.

So do not give these champions, keep them for yourself, take care, admire them very much love to all and in all media advertised and, of course, is actively used in breeding and puppies from them sell more expensive, because for them all, and the more expensive puppy – the better it is. And, oddly enough, most laechnikov that way going forward to the goal – become a field champion.

In the foregoing there is no irony. I personally hunted himself with some real champions, not to mention the pervodiplomnikah for bear, boar and elk. And I can say with confidence that such dogs is very difficult to get the beast, if only by accident.

To see for yourself the truth of my words, canine hangouts for regulars, and they are people are not poor and can not afford it, others who wish to receive another dose of adrenaline, I propose a new hunting show. Participants from two to five people. Picked hollow portion of the taiga, it is possible in the European part of Russia, for example, in the Komi Republic and Perm region, even better would be in Siberia. In different parts of the taiga helicopter thrown pervodiplomnymi participants with their dogs begin to hunt for all kinds of game, which can be mined in the area, with the license issue will be resolved. Each participant is allowed to take one or two dogs, a minimum of necessary equipment for the life of the taiga, and most importantly, very minimal supply of food. No browsers, only a map and compass. After two weeks, or twenty days of all participants was collected. Then look who and what got, and invented the evaluation table determine the winner. Here it is now a reality show! Participants come upon taiga life, hunting and show how strong their dogs for hunting. It seems to me that many were missing their dogs, get yourself to them for food would be impossible, and limited supply of food. Then, in order to survive, will have to eat their champion.
Adopted in 2009, the Federal Law «On the hunt…», Is all set on a commercial basis. In private households, which are engaged in dicherazvedeniem is mainly wild boar, to a lesser degree of deer wandering laychatniki not needed, and the more gonchatniki that will disperse the concentrated near the feeders of the beast. Come to hunt wealthy clients, and no beast, he «sever» and the huntsman, and the director of the hunting farm.

A vozmet from the tower of the beast, everyone will be happy, the client will show all of your photo with wild boar after he had, on the basis of the river will pour vodka, praising the huntsman and director, who will be counted at the end of hunting money. In this, it turns out that one of the dogs harm. Need a dog to find a wounded animal blood near the tower, and nothing else!
But there are public lands that at least 20% of the total land area. Yes, but they have virtually no facilities for hunting, there can only walk with the dogs and eventually find nothing.

That’s hard to have to laechniku ​​in the central part of Russia. I can not say about the situation in the Urals and Siberia. It seems to me that there is, in view of the vast territory, laychatniki feel more at ease. Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, who want to hunt with a real husky, no matter where he lives, will always seek to do all sorts of possibilities.

Kudos to these people, because only they hold a practical hunting laykovodstvo!
Initially Laika output for production in the first place «soft gold» – furs and Produced bird, bear, elk, deer and wild boar. It was a universal hunting dog that was unpretentious in content, useful in everyday life and is indispensable in hunting. Hunters was conducted rigorous selection of these qualities. But the current reality is very much changed the destination of huskies. Furs especially no one needs, in view of the sharp fall in demand for products made of it. Most hunters want to extract only ungulates and bears and try to demand that their huskies work correctly on these types. But the accumulated over the years the natural qualities of huskies can not be undone overnight. You can not just get a massive zverovyh dogs that are in the early periods of development were laykovodstva unit.

There was plenty of pritravochnyh stations have come up with rules for testing huskies decoy animals, stamped steel field diplomas them different degrees. More and more people are drawn into the process, organizes various competitions throughout decoy animals, most breeding sectors, sections and clubs have taken as a basis for their work performance competitions and tests of stool species. All this is great, but in reality is still the minimum number of huskies, which you can get the bear, elk and wild boar.
And what laechnikam who do not want to go hunting or are not able to? For them, we created a pritravochnye station. Come tempt your dog gets high awards, trips for the whole of Russia, become the champion of the field, communicate with people, tell me how you cut knife hogs, because now everything is cut, not that yearlings, and already two and three-year. I think it will take five years, and will cut many elk, and even after five years and bears will take!

The current population of huskies, in my opinion, in its working qualities became divided into sporting and hunting huskies.
Sports huskies – This dog, which are used mainly on tests and competitions for the beasts of the stool, like a bear, wild boar and badgers. They are rare, and often not used in hunting.

Even in faraway Yakutia dogs that work well on a stool bear, do not take on the hunt, suddenly they’re lost, and hence the lost glory of the master, his authority breeder.
For these dogs is characterized by an excessive and needed to anger the beast, so that the audience cheered when the dog vomits bear or wild boar. But work on the stool beasts virtually impossible to find, as aviary of 4 hectares, although many dogs and do not find the beast. It is difficult to judge the viscosity, as to work is given a maximum of 15 minutes and 16 minutes, the dog can throw the beast.

It turns out that the two main ingredients for hunting, search and viscosity on the tests, we can not determine. Here is the answer to the introductory part of the article: a dog with a high diploma of decoy animals, even wild champions are not suitable for hunting.
Therefore I propose huskies with any diplomas decoy animals, including wild boar, referred not higher than the second breeding class.
Why second? And because the dog has a diploma of the 3rd degree of bear and badger, say, nabrehala three who has never been in the woods, is already in the presence of VPKOS to first breeding class and, therefore, is used extensively for breeding though really is not suitable for hunting. And what we want from a dog? And we get to her like a dog, or even worse!

In fact, we pritravochnyh stations can only check the attitude of the dog to an animal, as it was conceived before, a long time ago when the cages were made on dogs decoy animals. But then came up with the rules of the test, and it was approved with time and increasing popularity among breeders of huskies, a trend that is gaining tremendous strength with great momentum. Built in all regions of pritravochnye station section huskies, and clubs are increasingly carried out various activities to decoy animals, more people are drawn into this process, which is like an avalanche. For real dog can become the champion of the field and the exhibition, which has never been in the woods! And it’s very scary for the development of laykovodstva!
The proposed rule tests on stool beasts do not try, as most imagine it is, tied to hunting, because hunting is not the slightest resemblance, but to make them such as to get a real, beautiful and interesting show for the audience, as this area actively progressing and it flows more and more people, and the people want it.
Let the audience gets a balm for the soul in these activities. It is also necessary to consider how to use the means of judging the objectivity of electronics and video.
And most importantly, you need to understand that the sport should not be confused with hunting.

Hunting Laika – This dog, which are used in the hunt for the production of fur animal, birds and large animals: bear, elk, deer and wild boar.
For these dogs are characteristic of the active medium or wide search, good viscosity, mild anger to the beast, the ability to navigate the grounds. Depending on the practiced hunting, some hunters prefer the type of nervous activity huskies more excitable, some are more balanced, and some balanced. To purchase puppies hunting huskies hunters usually use the method of selection of parents on working qualities, paying less attention to the exterior, while taking advantage of the rule that the dog is beautiful in the forest is not the exterior, and the work of its dobychlivostyu. And to participate in breeding, most owners of these dogs tend to get estimation exterior and several diplomas in stool beasts and more of them never shown and used only for hunting. Some hunting dogs after two or three years of refusing to work on a stool beasts, possessing extraordinary ingenuity, they decoy beasts, see the animals, which can not touch it.
So what you wind husky, up to you. And what choice would you make, it would be the best for you. Huskies need to thrive!

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