Lord, terribly far …

I hope that the editorial board will review indifferent ohotnikai ordinary citizen to publish Grishina («EGR» number 9, 2012) entitled «Roundtable on the introduction of a civil turn short-rifles for hunters.»

Lord, terribly far ...Photo by Sergey Gulyaev

Regularly I read the newspaper itself have several articles in it, but so outraged was never. Do not respond simply unable to.

For many years and many times someone starts a discussion about the resolution of turnover short-rifle. At this time decided by hunters. But refers to the broad masses of hunters here can not be. As a hunter, I’m over 30 years «I live» with weapon – smoothbore and rifle. Why do I still gun? The first argument – gather additionally wounded game animals. The argument for the real hunters with years of experience zverovyh hunts so ridiculous that it is not worth even discussing. I speak out on the second argument. The meaning of this: the gun owner needs expensive carbine to the carabiner guard during transport. And do not you think, gentlemen, that to protect your yacht, «mullions» carbines and other stuff – It’s your problems? But who needs it, your fancy shotgun? He needs neither a criminal nor a real hunter. Weapons at an affordable price in the capable hands doing his job just as good. And for this to resolve turnover pistols revolvers ?! Deceitful stipulated: only for hunters. But no-brainer that in practice this will mean that for any in Russia. Just as easily, it is easy to now join the hunters.
Present scared what will happen in the Russian reality, if you will continue to empower eager arms. We even arrange travmatiki nightmares. By the way, the majority of received permits through ohotbilet. «Accidentally» khalyavnykh door-in-law made.
But what we do not see what they are doing over the hill from the law-abiding population? Not only horror on this subject see on TV? Here is an example of an incident that occurred in my eyes at the end of the 90s, which none of the media did not even squeaked.
There was a regional center in the south of the Arkhangelsk region, hunky guy. Excellent bulldozer, an avid hunter gonchatnik. As long as the hard-nosed – nice man and a good friend. But if you drink, I could go so far as to recognize that his wife stopped. All about everything in the small town knew. Shotgun police he did not pick up as only the fear of losing hunting saves a man from being able to not divide. Comrade been twice convicted. Shortly before the event served for what turned out to be in a drunken company, which turned out to be one in the morning someone accidentally prishiblen death. Then came the will to buy all hunting rifles. In a short time they were more in the area than the elk. Our friend also bought threaded «Saiga»Although licenses are not claimed. As he got permission – It is known. Happening – petty corruption. And so, being in selling the loose, comrade appeared in the yard five-story building with a rifle in his hand and inadequate condition. Accidentally passing by the worker and police officer tried to take the weapon. Both died. Shoot at the windows, Comrade barricaded himself in his apartment and continued for about two hours to shoot. The militia was ready to tear him to pieces, but the offender (maybe sobered up) shot himself. The result: five orphans, the killer also remained disgraced children. Portrait of Major in mourning frame hanging in the lobby of the police department. Guilty colleague – «resolver» not punished. It is very Russian-style.
It is a pity that he respects people’s hunting newspaper voiced openly selfish theses of those who so wants «weld» the sale of weapons to the inevitable blood. Sell ​​a few million extra barrels – a lot of money. Yes, guns are easy to hide. According to international experience, if you sell, then withdraw back has not come out of nowhere. All the arguments of lobbyists in tatters carried the sensible honest people in the numerous discussions held by various media outlets in the past. But being driven in the door, they climb out the window. In the window of the Federation Council. Well, who can put forward such a bill? Is there any institution in Russia, so terribly far from the people in its composition? But support for hunting «people» beg. Repel protaskivatelyam antisocial laws – general civic duty. We know, hunters do not know how can two weeks to push through anti-people and crooked federal law? The car seems to have already started.
But by today’s laws empower the state inspector duty weapons almost impossible. As an experienced inspector can foresee a situation where «ohotnadzoryaschie»Sometimes without arms, meet «tough» infringer with a carbine and a pistol hidden. At a meeting with «cool» the only way to avoid being guilty – remove it (pull out) Weapon (protocol exemption from the concept). With the material evidence the inspector is always easier. That’s where they can meet with a pistol from zapazuhi. And it is necessary to pull out, or the identity of the offender is not set and prove that he is the inspector general saw. Prosecutors and large MPs themselves have long untouchability legalized. But in order to prove their untouchability and give shotgun, they will have to introduce myself. Calling himself to them in some situations – «frightening gun». Of course, they want the gun was they, not the person guarding the public interest.

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