Most hunting in Rostov steppes

This year Moscow hunting club «Safari» will hold the X anniversary tournament varmint hunting.

Most hunting in Rostov steppesPhotos from the archives of the club «Safari»

Over the past decade in high-precision shooting of hunting has changed a lot. the main thing – others were the results. If the first tournament record score was shot at 297 meters, at the upcoming competitions marmots, obtained from a distance of less than 350 meters (in the hunting and sniper classes less than 300 meters), just do not go to offset!

Ten years – period of time, which allows, first, to draw some conclusions and, secondly, to designate certain trends in the high-precision hunting shooting.
It should be noted that all the years that develops tournament varmint hunting (and this is probably the only tournament of the Russian hunting!), Except for the people who appreciated the initiative of the club «Safari», There were also those who may be called ardent opponents of these initiatives. What just not charged (and now accused) these people are organizers and participants! «Shooting at live targets is immoral!» – this is the main argument of opponents of the Moscow club. In fact, consider themselves «high moral» people just do not understand the essence of the tournament. No shooting live targets! Varmint tournament – This competition in the hunt, and it is not necessary to convince any of the participants or organizers.

First of all the tournament – this is a big collective hunt, and every exit of a competitor in the field – Hunting is an individual. Anyone knows that the conditions for hunting are different. That is why the organizers of the hunting tournament opted for the highest complexity of tasks and conditions hunter should not come as close to the animal, but on the contrary, to move away from him.

If you want to wear the title of the hunter has to shoot well. This skill is now valued most people prefer to hunt in the mountains. They literally harassed long in search of the trophy at an altitude of 1 500 to 5 000 meters, where the animal can not let a man near a mile. There, in the mountains, the result depends on a single shot. But this does not mean that the plain in a pen, you can do just two or three elk wounded game. I do not know how to shoot – better to give up the shot, it does not take up arms. Or learn to shoot.

Are you able to organizers that conceived 10 years ago? As for the tournament, of course, Duda. Competitions are hunting, and the results are consistently high. Wanting to preserve the uniqueness of the tournament, the excitement of hunting and a very complex structure, a few years ago, the organizers went to certain changes in the rules. And many great shooters (not hunters!) To protest ceased to participate in competitions. But these hunters were, and this is important. Over the years, there was a layer of medium hunting enthusiasts, who appreciate the long-range accurate shot.

We can say that this decade has identified some progress in the mass consciousness of hunters. But «tectonic shift» It did not happen and as a whole the situation is close to critical. If many European countries, a person can become a hunter, only after passing a rigorous examination on the ability to hit the target, the majority of Russians who have weapons, do not train your shooting skills. This is straight talk coaches working at the stands and shooting ranges. This is and circumstantial evidence. One of them – the desire to cease production of the well-known manufacturer of special hunting targets. Orders he receives only from the special forces of the Interior Ministry and, as a year ago, made an excellent target «roe». «boar».«marmot» gathering dust in his warehouse.

The desire to learn to shoot in many ways hinders hunting «freebie». Today, owners of private farms have to be invited to their various grounds «right» people who shoot frankly bad. If the shot gets the price, the hunter soon becomes interested in the ability to shoot well. Most of the organizers of the African hunting with great respect for the members of the club «Safari» primarily because they are apt hunters.

Most hunting in Rostov steppes

And once again about the morality and ethics of hunting tournament. That varmint tournament – it is not shooting at the animals for fun, and a real hunt, according to the requirements for the participants of the competition, as set out in the Regulation.

Tell me, what right do without transoms hunt hunted animals? And in any shooting competitions are allowed to use hunting dogs? On any! On varmint tournament use burrowing dogs are welcome. Welcomes and organizers and participants – because some hunters the dogs work on extraction of broken animal burrows findings in the lead.

At some shooting contest participant may move on the turn, independently choosing a place vystrigaya or pulling grass, hinders the impact parameter shot? On any! But all of the above can be seen in every tournament in the hunting class.
The most important rule of the tournament: «Each trophy has to be picked up!». But not only selected, but be sure to be delivered to the camp. Only in this case, the groundhog is counted as a hunter «extracted»And the distance from which the shot is made effective, included in the minutes of the performance. No mined Groundhog camp – hence, there was no shot!

In a special area of ​​the hunting farm butchering carcasses occurs. No wonder taxidermy workshops, sponsoring competitions, prizes established certificates dressing several dozen skins of marmots. Despite the reduced demand for furs, the skins are not lost. Someone makes them special «neshurshaschie» suits for hunting, some fur envelopes for their children and grandchildren, someone gives furs friends.
Meat marmots saved the citizens of Ukraine and the Rostov region from starvation during the war. It is now appreciated by the locals. We appreciate the taste of the meat and hunters from Central Russia. Each year the tournament participants informally conducted a contest for the best dish of the groundhog. And in connection with the anniversary is scheduled the same, but the official competition.

Tournament – it’s the same «School for Young».Svoi Workshops are conducted most experienced hunters: how to skin, how to cook meat groundhog, how heated with oil for its long storage. After all, the right of melted fat marmot – valuable product with healing properties, and it is necessarily used. And of course, inexhaustible topic of discussion is the weapon and the nuances of the art of shooting.

Two weeks before the tournament desire to become parties expressed few dozen hunters. All those who will from 5 to 9 July Chertkovsky district of Rostov region, once again will witness an interesting fight, mutual rival in the tournament teams, beautiful shots, embarrassing blunders deserved trophies and much, much more, which makes it possible to name the upcoming competitions hunting . Great hunting in Rostov steppes.

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