Motley stories from the hunting life

Wherever and however you will not find at the moment with his teammates on the passion, if you spoke to them — you will certainly need to hear from them that hunting is now reduced to anything; He became nedobychliva; dogs get decent nowhere.

Motley stories from the hunting lifeFrom the collection of Pavel Gusev

Wherever and however you will not find at the moment with his teammates on the passion, if you spoke to them, – you absolutely have to hear from them that hunting is now reduced to anything; He became nedobychliva; dogs have no place to get a decent; fellow hunting – take any of the tail and throw it over the fence.

I always keep silent in such cases. What do you do with such a gloomy pessimist, suffering from liver, shortness of breath, asthma and chronic indigestion, which itself would be long overdue, holding the tail, throw over the fence? What do you do with a man who can not owing to any whatsoever of circumstances to come to terms with the modern state of affairs and to recognize that in most cases he is wrong, not knowing how to be, at a known angle, look at what surrounds it, what should be quite satisfied with.

Let us try, however, at least partially understand this fact.

Whether to make the hunt more boring, because it has become less dobychliva?

Indeed, twenty-five years ago, having left in the field is not so hot with a pack, for five or six hours’ drive lift dozen hares, three pieces fox bait whether pieces a half-dozen or not, well, the grass, then certainly all of them. You go, happened in the woods with a pair nemudrenkih hounds to chase all day zaychishek and foxes, shoot without end, and only in the evening, tired and happy, weighed down by a burden birds returning home. As with hounds and greyhounds with no special knowledge required no hunting, no special attention when shooting. None of us, young hunters did not ask these tasks. Miss one or two birds with one stone – will meet another three or four, and make up for the failure. Etch godfather, abandon excessively greyhounds – no problem! Corrected now following.

It’s not happening today. Number of the Beast on many factors significantly decreased. But whether the decreased hunting passion hunters? Less if they become? Of course, no. A hunter, on the contrary, it is much more, since hunting ceased to be a privilege of the nobility, and became a public fun-backed known passion that, without distinction of ranks and classes, inhabits the same as the under gorgeous uniform courtier and a worn sermyaga the poor-commoner . The goddess Diana is conservative and does not differentiate in the class.

It is difficult, of course, in hunting anything generalize. But the passions and inclinations hunters more or less the same. Passion for hunting primarily dealing innate, not inspired by outside. And then, in this whole hunter hunting passion exclusively based on the love of nature and the possibility of nice dispose their physical strength.

If there is a person in the slightest a passion for hunting, and at the same time a large excess of health, – Believe it their passion over time, bring to the Pillars of Hercules. Conversely, no matter how great a passion for hunting, love of nature, but in the absence of health, with a lack of physical strength, with some physical disabilities passion for hunting wither, to minimize, if not be destroyed at all, which is most likely . Going from generation to generation ago, we see that the more we raise deep into antiquity, the more we see the expression of this passion. Our fathers were more of us are committed to hunting. Our grandfathers were more hunters of our fathers; and so many centuries ago only because hunting and living.

I have said before that in the hunting business, with regard to the most passion for the hunt, not the rules of the hunt, it is difficult to generalize anything. There is every done on your sample. At every baron own imagination, the Baron and worn with fantasy all the fields and forests, his own and others, with the permission of the owner and without the permission of it, with hunting without a ticket and the ticket as his Lord anyhow.

One searches in the hunt of a healthy physical exercise; other longs production; the third – enjoying nature. Canidae Hunter admires jump greyhounds, daring his horse and removed her riding. Hunters with hounds ready to march in silent tears of emotion and wonderful autumn day, almost leaping zaslyshit he gon wonderful, vociferous pack. Well in this case may mean that a different number of the beast? Yes, let, me, chase a hare, but no cleavage, Zarco and amicably, in dry weather, full leaf when, under the men of circles beast and then with every jump flips dry leaf and disintegrating scent trail, the and then it causes the shear pack, and it is without any cleavage! The devil if I that the day I kill one, two birds with one stone? Yes, I get more pleasure than if I killed them a dozen in circumstances where the hounds in the island in different places yelling like fools and noise hares sypyatsya as out of the bag. After all we are not manufacturers, the devil take it, and the hunters! What are we to complain about a tiny amount of the beast? Let it have to complain when, coming to the island with a good bow or two hounds, we have a whole day will not hear their voices. Not a whole day away from the pack in the hands vyhlopaem no hairs! And while this is not yet – still I can live!

To tell the truth, we are not so bloodthirsty as our ancestors, who had seen the pleasure primarily in the number of killed and hunted beast, but still certainly personally. And for me, my friend shot a masterful hunting brings as much pleasure as if it were I made myself. Valiant jump over the ditch of my hunter gives me the same pleasure as if I had jumped the moat or exploded mostok. I do not think I made him an exception.

Look in the hunt nature, watch over this nature over the people and all living things that surrounds you on the hunt, and you forget to think about the skin and hot, and deeply apprehend a whole that a lot of impressions that invigorate and evoke per undisturbed peace making you kinder, Crotch, forgiving people and fair to yourself …

Nature teaches man to think. It encourages people to think about the many that otherwise would have escaped his notice. And it gives hunting. That is why it is necessary to look. I repeat behinds. But sometimes no more than repeat behinds happen. Machevarianov long ago wrote that the real hunter can be a highly educated person only. This is the greatest truth. This will not complain about the decrease in the number of game animals, and only because it is a day to the island incite a hare, the fox so he Ponor. This hunter will not grieve that he instead of fried quail for dinner is chicken, the same age as my mother’s village, whose daughter nine years ago, she graduated from the diocesan school.

There are good, humane people who love nature and all living things to oblivion concerned with the preservation and breeding of animals and birds, – such people prey animals and birds through hunting little or no role. Such people – let him brood over beasts and birds, and let no one shoots and catches, and only they who do not raise their hands on them!

We, Russian people love to do everything over the edge. This was written Gy. Sologub, Alec. Tolstoy and many other experts in the Russian nature. We are people of extremes. When hunting, the way to make a massacre, not a hunt, and the church was already a foot. If you pray to God, the way to break the forehead on the stone slab, and then there is «filthy dog» must be in full enclosure.

Even less tenable complaint is the lack of passion pleasant fellow. Who are these comrades, we do not like? What are making ourselves in the hunt, except for APB and Ohoven, groans and sighs about our alleged irregularities in everything and everywhere; idle regrets about supposedly long past its best and absurd complaints to our institutions, improve that, but none of us would undertake; our illnesses, heal our sick of that? Of course, this subject is always aching – bad companion for hunting. Oh, and by the side of such a desperate pessimist and an end to the case. Not vodis him. Take his comrades a simple man, with whom you, if not a conversation like, but you will not be forced to listen to silly complaints poison you wonderful moments of your life, keep warm, alas, perhaps the last for you rays of the autumn sun, to the tune of your leaping flocks.

I do not like, and always avoid many participants hunt. Always there are half a dozen donkeys, profane hunting and not hunting for the sake of the audience, and in view of the good booze, and as boastful as it is false tales. Such mednolobtsy, bald at the wrong time and lost all semblance of teeth from unbridled life cooped up mainly in the capital and big cities, more ministers, and not so simple lackeys of Bacchus than Diana, which they still somehow remember before the first snack after which the bony tongue begin to shoot down the entire company to throw further hunt, go home and sit down at the card.

I prepared for publication by Sergey Matveichuk, Kirov

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