On a hunting license and speculation around him

Those who are familiar with the real situation in the rural areas, he knows that getting gosbileta hunter due to the cost. First you have to get to a representative of the state hunting management. Then he carries your statements and photographs of the regional center.

On a hunting license and speculation around himPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova

And I had to argue and debate that continues to this day, almost a quarter of a century. All have forgotten about the original function of the membership of the hunting ticket, its change within the legal framework of the former when he became and affiliates, and gave the right to hunt. While commercial hunters only had the right to be «ruble» hunting license, which is issued in promhozah of consumer (non-governmental organizations) and regular hunters Gospromkhoz rayzagotkontor or entered into a contract for the delivery of furs or ungulates. Charging the state duty in accordance with the new laws has been canceled, and the membership of a hunting license has turned into a single document, giving the right to hunt. In England, for such a right is sufficient to buy the brand at any postal kiosk, and in the Netherlands – pay at the local (municipal) authorities for a year or two or five, and for a longer period than you get that right, the cheaper. And at us on that and officials to look for a job themselves and others. «Caring» about the hunter, they «provide» his second hunting license, do not settle with millions in costs within the country, nor the fact that there is no one to give them. Therefore we extended by one year the introduction of the new system. Those who are familiar with the real situation in the rural areas, he knows that getting gosbileta hunter due to the cost. First you have to get to a representative of the state hunting management (in different regions it is called in different ways). And sometimes it’s one person in two or three areas, and it is not always possible to find. Then he carries your statements and photographs of the regional center.

Next, everything happens in reverse. Some would-be officials announced the replacement of membership cards, which is illegal. That’s really really tell the fool to pray to God! .. That’s really really not wise, as dictated by some political ambitions decision of our legislators. AND «Got Game» they are up to the fact that their rating dropped significantly. With some political will, it is possible to find a compromise resolution on the right to hunt with a hunting license in the interest of both the state and two million hunters. To do this, Ferdowsi wrote wise, it is necessary to call for help «the foundation being – mind», and then, «perhaps we will find a way out with you, there is deliverance from all troubles!».

On the hunting grounds of the same deception. To prove that the society of hunters do not work, «I do not do anything, but only collect membership fees and fleecing hunters»Even in Soviet times created a GTC – hunting production sites in regional hunting management, structural divisions Glavohoty. Later, on the basis of their established GUPy (for example, «Kirovohota». «Udmurtohota»). They identified the best land, including former reserves, which will expire, and thus they turned into perpetual. They were guarded by rangers and the state held by the state budget. Head of Hunting Glavohoty RSFSR AV Sitsko published several articles, which showed a higher economic efficiency of OPU, a higher yield (especially elk) with 1,000 hectares of hunting grounds in comparison with the society of hunters.

But the comparison was methodologically flawed, as some expenses reimbursed from the state budget and other – by public organizations. We compared the yield with a relatively small area of ​​the best hunting grounds and access it with several million hectares of land averages. A former chief of the Tyumen management of hunting, my graduate student Vladimir Azarov, went even further. He believed that governments themselves may issue a hunting license and perform the functions of public organizations. To convince him that the tasks and functions of public administration and public organizations of hunters are completely different, I could not. He achieved essentially the elimination of the regional society, survived his colleague and good chairman of the regional society Kurochkin Yu. The negative consequences of this for a long time in the affected area. And he V. Azarov began to go hunting in the adjacent Kurgan region. I met him there once with the regional prosecutor in the office of G. Porokhin, head of the Kurgan control. In the south of the Tyumen region roe quickly knocked out. Do not become «bad» owner, moral deterrent, and one district game manager, no matter how active it may be, to ensure the protection of land in an area of ​​several hundred thousand hectares are not able to without the help of organized hunters.

Special studies conducted by EB Sergeev and AP Kaledin under our guidance during the worst state of hunting societies of hunters (1991– 2000.), Have shown that the poor economy is much better than none. All the main indicators of its condition, including The population density of game animals, the yield per unit area of ​​hunting grounds were substantially higher than in the income statement (and even more so for the sake of common areas) and decrease in the number is much smaller. Recovery is much faster population.

In 1959, the Government of the Russian Federation is obliged to hold inter-farm ohotustroystvo throughout the country and transfer the land to non-target areas in a society of hunters «ascribed farms». To this end, local authorities (regions, territories and republics) concluded treaties with them and were doing two sets ohotustroitelnyh materials: one for the regional (regional, the national association), one for the district. And it’s a professional and technological point of view was correct. Not a single European country, no one will find public land. In them, our experience shows 20s, 30s and the example of Portugal after the Revolution «Red Carnation»When 30% of the northern areas of land were transferred to the public, will soon have nothing left. There are no legal grounds to host (ie. e. No households) – no game. In the Kurgan region in the Head of the Department of Game G. Porokhin also struggled with «monopoly society» to use land. They took the best land, the beginning «They gave themselves»Where organized hunting, and then found the camouflage form – «funds». «child facilities» and etc.

After all, we in Russia if something in common – It means a draw. And the land «are common» – «draws», They can do what you want and who you want to shoot. In this regard, I recall the Siberian «fairy tale». One asks the other hunter, home from the hunt: «Well Cavo killed, lad?» – «Yes nikavo. That’s just a wild shot and killed a woman». – «And why the wild?» – «Thus it was in the wood and in it all the wild». So let us, gentlemen legislators not to shoot «wild women»More respectful of his fellow hunters, this very active part of our society. They deserve it. And the governor would like to wish to select for leadership positions in this specific area is not helpful – I’m sorry, I feel like saying: Fools – and competent professionals, who do not misinterpret the situation with the issuance of hunting tickets, and take into account the legal traditions and customs ohotpolzovaniya in Russia and prevent gross errors, leading to a situation which has arisen in the Ivanovo region, when the fault zealous specialists hunters are deprived of the right to hunt and, defending their rights, organize collective action. Correctly doing. No one knows how it will all end for managers.

Vladislav K. Melnikov, professor of zoology RGAU — Moscow Timiryazevskaya Akademiya17 January 2012 at 13:39

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