Once again on the new hunting regulations

Once again on the new hunting regulationsDirector of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Russia Anton Bersenev and head of the joint editorship of «Hunting Edition» publishing house «MK» Alexander Lisitsyn.

On July 11, the press center «Moskovsky Komsomolets» held a press conference Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Russia Anton Berseneva on issues related to the forthcoming opening of the summer-autumn hunting season.

He conducted a press conference the head of the Joint Editorial «Hunting publications» Publishing House «MK» Alexander Lisitsyn.

Information about the meeting has been previously published on our website ohotniki.ru, but because hunters and our readers are able to prepare in advance their questions, which in the first place and were asked Anton Evgenevich.

ON hunting license

One of the main issues concerning new hunting permit uniform federal model. The law provides that a July 1, 2012 it will be possible to hunt only if available. Former hunting tickets, including tickets and member societies of hunters, have lost their primary function.

According to the Department, today hunting permit uniform federal sample received more than 1 million 700 thousand hunters (of them in Russia just over 3 million. – Ed.). AE Bersenev sure that all hunters who really want to hunt in the coming season, have already received new hunting license.

No queues and problems with their extradition in most regions was not. It all depends on the activity of the hunters themselves. Now, if the hunter wants to take a hunting license and charged with only old hunting permit, he was not allowed to hunt. Just do not write out a ticket. Hunting will only hunters with new tickets.

Leading press conference, AI Lisitsyn asked a question related to the procedure of issuing new hunting license. In some areas of the Tver region at the same time from the hunter require the mandatory surrender of the former member of hunting tickets. Thus, the appeal Kalyazinsky hunters Volga Interregional Environmental Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the binding of such deposit.

AE Bersenev noted that similar situations many excesses on the ground there, and here there is a violation of the law. Following the procedure of issuing new ohotbiletov was a special explanation of the Ministry of Environment. The hunter is entitled to keep the membership of the former hunting permit, confirming his membership in the society of hunters. Director of the Department promised to deal with this particular (Kalyazinsky) violations.

On new rules HUNTING

The main issues concerned the new hunting regulations, in force since 15 June. Should the regions to make their hunting regulations (provincial, territorial, republican), as it was before? This question was asked of the reader.

Director of the Department said that on the basis of the new federal law in the decision of the Governor shall be approved by the parameters of the hunt in this subject. Thus, each region may change the terms of hunting, to establish certain rules of hunting regulations to impose restrictions on mining, species and hunting methods. High official of the subject of the Russian Federation approves a regulation of these parameters hunting.

«The main objective of the new rules of hunting is such an organization of hunting in Russia, in which will be sustainable use of populations of wild animals and birds. The most important thing – save the game for years to come not only for hunters, but also for their children. Restrictions on hunting and serve this task». – He stressed Anton Bersenev.


One of the questions was about the coming season of hunting for game birds in the suburbs. When it is opened by the new rules? Director of the Department stressed that the Rules of hunting periods clearly marked opening of the summer-autumn hunting on regions of Russia. In particular, in the Moscow region hunting opens the second Saturday of August.

However, the owners of a sporting dogs (spaniels and setters) have privileges. Hunting with these dogs under the new rules is opened from July 25, until the general opening of the hunt can be hunted only in the swampy meadow game. From August 5 they can hunt for game field. This hunt is not widespread and should be clearly monitored.

Is it possible to hunt at this time to gun dog, do not have the field of diplomas? Director of the Department replied that neither the Law on hunting or hunting rules do not provide for the prohibition of hunting dogs without diplomas field. At the same time, in some regions such limitations are introduced. AE Bersenev emphasized that all regional variations in the parameters and the regulation of hunting should be consistent with the Federal Service of Rosprirodnadzor.

One of the issues for the countries ban hunting with dogs of all breeds, including pointers, last year in the Tver region. At the initiators of the ban there were fears that the same will bring cops disturbance factor contributing to the migration of wild boars, and thus the spread of African swine fever. At the same time there was no ban on picking berries and mushrooms, was not limited to timber. They suffered only hunters. How about that?

AE Bersenev agreed that in this decision were not taken into account any particular biology of wild boars nor especially hunting with setter. Our department, he said, only made recommendations to limit in some areas of the Tver region of hunting with dogs on the prey. However, those who took the decision, interpreted it differently and reinsured by closing the hunting with dogs of all breeds of hunting.

Once again on the new hunting regulations

Bersenev AE Photo Press-service of «MK»


Of great interest was the question on how to obtain hunting permit citizens wishing to become the first hunters. Every Russian citizen has a constitutional right to hunt and have a hunting weapon. Now, if a citizen has expressed a desire not previously convicted may obtain a hunting license.

However, he only has to get acquainted with ohotminimumom and sign it. According to the Director of the Department, it is, of course, wrong. Previously, hunters and exams before becoming hunters passed the probationary period for one year. It was right, the hunter, who took up a gun and going out in the land, should be prepared.

This work was a society of hunters. Now this is not, but the Ministry of Environment is ready to consider proposals to change the situation and make the appropriate changes to the law. Such proposals are received, including from public organizations of hunters.

About prices HUNTING

Who sets the price for the use of hunting resources? Can someone to control them?
Tax Code defined payment rates for the use of hunting resources. They are defined for each hunting resource. This is money that hunters pay to the state. But the hunter pays not only the state but also the hunting grounds users, which determines the price of tickets.

Permit – This agreement with hunter hunting users confirming payment hunter services it provides under the hunt. If the users of hunting grounds shall provide services, he calls for their price. One of our goals, stressed AE Bersenev, creating healthy competition in the market hunting. Control their own hunter.

If prices are unacceptable to him, he goes to another hunting users. (Interestingly, and how to be a hunter, who lives on the farm and do not have your own transport, and those who used to hunt in the territory for many years, where hunting is his father, grandfather and great-grandfather? Where do they go and what they choose, if the choice in They do not? – SF)

Author «HORN» Valentin Bodunkov complained that for the second year can not get permission to hunt on dominant species of hunting resources in the Dmitrov district of the Moscow region only because the state has a hunting permit.

Refusal to issue permits linked to hunting users explaining that as long as all members of society will not receive vouchers, with gosbiletom hunter, did not take place in their society, the permit will not give. AE Bersenev said that everything depends on the capacity of the hunting area.

If it is small, it is primarily the permit will be issued to members of the public with the accessories of the economy to a society of hunters. (According to the editorial board, and throughput rates grounds, and the procedure of issuing permits for hunting of game species mass should provide maximum availability of all Russian hunters. – SF)

At the end, the director of the Department and the host of the press conference unanimously noted the benefits of regular communication with the media and readers, hunters and expressed confidence that they will be continued for the benefit of the Russian hunting.

Answers to questions raised at our website:

 1. The draft changes in the rules of the hunt point 53.1 prohibits a search using motor vehicles. It turns out that any movement on the hunting grounds of transport (motor boats, snowmobile, car) albeit with a covered or unloaded weapons would be a violation of the Rules of the hunt?

This wording in the adopted rules of hunting, «banning search…» removed from p.53.1. This is to prevent illegal acts against hunters, who can move in the lands from one place to another on different vehicles, with sheathed weapon.

2. The question of whether the Ministry of Natural Resources Project № 56262-6 on providing citizens with the right to independently equip cartridges for rifled firearms hunting weapons?

Supports sees no obstacles.

3. The fate of the bill № 21694-6 on the membership card

Only OBEFO entitles lawfully hunt, with membership card documents on hunting will not give

4. When the canceled standard rules of hunting?

Automatically abolished with the adoption of the new hunting regulations

5. The law on weapons left mention of membership cards, and the law on hunting is only available gosbilet, the question of making revisions to the law on weapons…

We brought in line the whole legal framework regarding hunting and weapons

6. The need for and availability for all hunters, copies of previously granted long-term licenses and documents attached to them for understanding the conditions of these lands — to identify themselves hunters breach of wildlife.

The question was not asked.

7. The problem of closing the only public hunting lands in the region, which in turn makes the hunter to go to pay land. The need to ban hunting in the closing of public lands if their area is less than the required 20%.

Subjects of the Russian Federation shall have the right to close, to postpone the hunt. If you are not satisfied with the price of a hunter on the hunt in the same economy, it will go to another, where the cost is cheaper…

8. As targeting rifles in an area where there is no official shooting range? Raising the question of the definition of zones in each hunting estate where there may be free ranging all year round.

Only authorized hunting seasons observing security measures or on the rifle range (shooting range), as year-round ranging weapons in hunting grounds leads to anxiety factor of game.

9. How can citizens participate in the regulation of the number of game animals? Local and regional law provides encouragement for such activities, but in fact the ranger is not eager to allow hunters to this procedure and do not advocate such a possibility.

Refer to the authorized body of the Federation.

10. Can there be any rest in any area Hunting lease? Who can define them? Does the right to break your hunting area hunting area on which any quarters and issued an ultimatum to give permission to hunt only in some of the neighborhoods selectively? Or hunting area should be specified in the resolution of the total area of ​​their hunting area?

There may be areas of game management, peace — for the reproduction of game animals, and nataski nagonki and (or) the competition of hunting dogs, other areas, depending on the specialization of game management.

eleven. Voronezh region by 80 percent occupied ohotobschestvom is actually just raising money, but it does not do anything either for hunting or for conservation of wildlife. Perhaps it is to carefully check the activities of the monopoly and to raise the question of the cancellation of the long-term license of the organization, for the absence of biotechnical measures and the lack of infrastructure hunting?

We must begin to act by the hunters. Re-elected leaders, if they do not work in the public interest hunters, organize the work of the primary groups etc.…

12. What the project bow hunting?

The question was not asked.

13. How to transport weapons through one hunting ground to another? If this is the only rational way? Earlier in the rules of the hunt was 3.5 point, but somehow it was removed, why was this done?

We are working on this issue and hope to make this item in the hunting rules.

14. Ministry of Natural Resources issued a document on the grounds that the maximum area can take a hunting ground, at the end of this document there is a footnote, «In one municipality within the respective subject of the Russian Federation.» How is it to understand?

The question was not asked.

15. How did the arrivals of hunters, for example, for three days before the opening of the hunting of duck? After all, it violates the rules, being in favor of a weapon for hunting in a closed period? ….. Just do not tell me that «..budet recommended not to punish, etc ..»

We want to finalize the matter and submit to the rules of hunting. After all, the hunter can not come to the hunting area «from the sky»… If you have the necessary documents on hand, even if it is from tomorrow «with dawn», Questions the hunter will not arise.

16. Why are the new rules of hunting is no definition of what a hunt that is equal to it, as it always has in the rules in the first lines

The question was not asked.

17. What we have at the moment with the ban nogozahvatyvayuschih traps?

To answer, click on the link

18. About ranger: in each area has its own ranger subject to the governor and do what he wants. Someone has to control them? Will the federal inspection?

Controls Rosprirodnadzor. There are some comments that the monitoring mechanism more inertia, but in general the work found to be satisfactory.

To download:

Hunting regulations (as amended. Order of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia from 10.04.2012 N 98), go to:

«Hunting regulations«(Format MS WORD, 210Kb)

To download:

record the main part of the press conference (in this record is not included questions posed by those present in private), go to:

«Audio recording of the press conference«(Format MP3, 101Mb)

Prepared by Sergey Fokin,
Chief Editor «Russian Hunting Newspaper»

July 17, 2012 at 17:30

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