Passions on the hammer

Around the name «Hammer» ignite serious passions. Personally, I have never had a misunderstanding, what weapons produced what «hammer», but porassprosit friends, I realized the problem really exists, many confusion in the head, and, frankly, very few people really want to understand this.

Passions on the hammer

 Photo: Mikhail Semin 

There are three stable names: Plant «Hammer». «Hammer Weapons» and «Hammer Arms» — for the majority of little interest in the issue of the production of all weapons «Hammer»But this is not So.

Factory «Hammer» — This company, which arose during the Second World War, who moved from the Moscow factory, built in open field and mass produced PCA. After the war he produced in mainly machine guns and and household appliances and even scooters.

After restructuring and conversion of this plant has developed, produced and produces hunting rifles Series «Snipe» and carbines series «Boar», As noted in alteration of military weapons in Civil spectrum carbines HPE-133, 136 and m. di Production on travmatiki based APS – HPE-504 (APS-M) CT – HPE-509 (Leader-M).

Production of the plant has always distinguished kandovostyu, strength and reliability. A good demonstration of the plants would be the phrase of the hero of the movie «Snatch»: «Weight — this good weight — is reliability; if not shoot, so you can always move on head»But in Unlike the movies, production of the plant «Hammer» not only heavy, but and excellent shooting.

Ltd «Hammer Weapons» It is a subsidiary factory «Hammer»Which is engaged in retail and Wholesale sales of its products, the is, for Essentially, one and also. A Here Company Ltd. «Hammer Arms» — it is not factory; confusion, I I understand, there is not Only because of the similarity of names, but because the latest venture is in the same place, and Plant in city ​​Vyatskiye Polyany.

Needless enterprise size, and forces Drugs are not there is no in comparison with plant, a small private company, which is distinguished by the fact that developing a very interesting model, that they were able to bring in MA-136c series — ohotkarabin very similar to AKC, the same folding down the butt, PCA-Luger — ohotkarabin on based PCA by the caliber of 9×19, carbines on RPM database, «Maksim», PPP. By Essentially, the plant has been recast and adaptation of various types of weapons for the civilian market.

It turns out that with varying degrees of success, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, periodic quality suffers.

But, Generally and Overall, the company interesting and worthy, with unconventionally minded designers, for what they are — Thank you.

Earlier this year, the two companies entered into a countryman confrontation on about the title «Hammer». The plant is not He wants to be associated with products Products Ltd. «Hammer Arms» and It requires a change in name. Perhaps, Plant something right, that’s just good to such allegations were put forward, when the brand «MA» It was generally has little or unknown; Today, when she moved quite successfully for several years, it is not absolutely correct.

It is unclear why a few years later, given the long-standing relationship between the companies, today there was this conflict, because a lot of samples «MA» It was based on production plant is «Hammer». Let us hope that the problem will be solved, and Both businesses will delight us with their products.

Alexander Kudryashov12 November 2015 at 12:48

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