Respect animal rights!

According to the rules of hunting, trapping and shooting of game animals is necessary «to carry out the process, is not permitted cruelty to animals.» In June last year, it was forbidden to use traps that bring the fur-bearing animals before death long and incredible suffering.

Respect animal rights!

Fishers in hunting them samolovy required to apply the new model, the so-called «humane», instantly killing traps.

However, in the pages of «horn» often found articles in which the authors openly express their opposition to humane traps. And once they publish the edition, so she proponent of animal cruelty.

According to scientists, and A. Yu Rozhkova Linkov (by the way, teachers RGAZU), «the interests of ecstatic supporters of the» humane «hunting and Evenk hunters hardly ever coincide» («EGR» number 50, 2012). A senior game manager MVOO CO BY V. Zalogin in his article writes: «We urgently need to fight back zabugornye stakeholders that the introduction into the hands of» humane traps «(» EGR «number 7, 2013).

Who are the «exalted humanist» and «stakeholders»? And if they cause harm to the Russian hunters?

In the West, is very well developed public organizations that protect the rights of wild animals and the humane treatment of them. Activists of this very massive and authoritative movements (in Russia as long as it is in its infancy, but already gaining ground) piously believe in their rightness. And that, I believe, is true.

At the urging of animal advocates EEC Council in 1991 adopted a resolution «Prohibition of nogozahvatyvayuschih traps and the import into the Community of skins and products from wild animals from countries that produce them using a trapping nogozahvatyvayuschih traps.» This applies to 13 species of wild fur-bearing animals. Date the ban — January 1, 1995.

Fur-exporting countries (and this is the United States, Canada and Russia) must: 1. issue a law prohibiting the inhumane methods and tools of catching 13 species of animals. 2. To develop, test and produce traps, internationally recognized humane. 3. Prepare the hunters to use new traps.

What’s wrong with these actions, the civilized West?

I worked in the North game manager and staff hunter-fishers over 20 years and is much better than many of the authors of the newspaper know what the metal trap for the free beast catches his stranglehold over the paw. Honestly, wild animals (except, perhaps, a wolf) do not deserve the suffering that we inflict them. I met fishermen, weeping from compassion for the tortures they caught sables. In a moment of candor, they called themselves the sadistic and bloodthirsty monsters.

Quite different are the new, instantly killing traps. I have them this winter has already experienced. Nogozahvatyvayuschie traps must be removed from our lands (though not for one or two years), because the torment creatures we humans are not allowed.

As a result of the fact that the Russian leadership is not interested in the humanization of fishing, our hunting were unprepared for the implementation of decisions EEC and effective assistance in re-equipping fishermen samolovami has not. Therefore, by several experts VNIOZ humane traps inefficient.

I know from my experience that civet in them is much worse than usual. As for the United States and Canada, there 50 years ago began the development traps that kill instantly caught animals or holding them without pain. Put Canada’s national standard for humane killing traps.

Respect animal rights!

Photo by Sergey Gulyaev

Acquisition costs are covered by the last part of the state and public organizations.

Thus, the authors ridiculed «horn» «exalted humanist» and zabugornye stakeholders «Russians are not willing to do anything wrong. On the contrary, invite people into society, where respect for the rights of animals, to love them, to nature and ultimately to ourselves is one of the basic rules of life …

Next, I want to say a few words about Russia’s accession to the African-Eurasian Agreement. And the question «horn» covers one-sided, only to please the supporters of spring hunting, one after the other printing article in its defense, some of which introduced the general reader astray.

So, doctor of biological sciences Vladimir Kuzyakin, as well as scientists and A. Rozhkov Yuri Linkov believe that as a result of Russia’s accession to the African-Eurasian agreement, we not only lose the spring hunt, but with the oil and gas we produce in its Arctic with permission foreigners. Like, many peoples of the North come to an end, all oil and gas companies and the reindeer will be closed! Thanks to Sergey Kharitonov — in his article («ROG» № 3, 2013), he denied their allegations. He also explained that the Russian Federation after the signing of the Agreement will have a positive impact on the conservation of waterfowl wintering in the field abroad, demanding reduce the time and quota for shooting.

«We somehow forget that hunting — is primarily a production mechanism that any ban reduces its income that eventually this mechanism will rise, and with it hundreds of people lose their jobs,» — these words of Game B. Zalogina («EGR »№ 7, 2013) cast doubt on the fact that their author hunting expert.

«As far as getting a shot in the spring of a certain part of the female, it is a sad fact that proper hunting fans associated with the advent of a new generation of hunters grounds that under the new law» On the hunt .. «without the one-year trial period and training, without putting ohotminimuma …» — says S. Osokin («ROG» № 5, 2013). This is not true. For 58 years I was always hunting time (and I lived in several areas) and always see as it is not forbidden to produce female waterfowl. Not all hunters sit with stuffed and decoy, many are concentrated in the shooting of flocks. And if there are no witnesses, then shamelessly can kill a rabbit, and deer, and the others were in their way.

After all, precisely because of the death of the female waterfowl, as well as increasing the number of hunters, their multi-charge weapons and a powerful weapon in the past decade, significantly decreased the number of game birds, to correct that and invite us to enter into the Agreement.

I do not want to criticize the newspaper, much I like it, but ignore the wrong, in my opinion, the editorial policy in relation to the animal world can not. If the paper does not edit prirodonenavistnicheskie and rvacheskie moments in readers’ letters, so she cleaned a supporter of destruction of hunting animals — if only the «production mechanism has worked non-stop.» So editors lobbying financial interests ohotorganizatsy acts to the detriment of nature!

Why edition of «horn» instead of unleashing a campaign for spring hunting is not to ask the hunters to suffer for some time to duck and geese rebounded in numbers?

My letter, I know you do not type, but it is important that you read it.

Rauf Tagirov3 September 2013 at 00:00

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