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Most rifles TOZ production, including TOZ-34, have a mounting block to the gun butt by a wedge located on the underside of the trigger guise. The very mask pulled up by a screw, screwed into the threaded shank pads. Metal wedge thus interacts with a return bevel tree neck butt, providing a compound of the metal and wooden parts of the rifle.

Vibration shot, carrying the load on the belt, the dynamic load vskidyvaniem guns lead to the tree at the point of interaction with the wedge dominates appears shat between the trunks and lodge. Shat found just when you’re on the hunt, and since it appears more than once, as it would seem, «correct» game lost for this reason, difficult to say.

To eliminate the Shat, I adjusted the field to tighten said screw with a screwdriver on a folding knife. After such ekstraremonta the top of the screw extends beyond the shank and prevents put a gun to fuse; hang it on the shoulder in such a dangerous, but always in the hands of hard wear. On his return from the hunt is necessary to either shorten the bolt or put the pad under the lower mask.

After several lifts and «repairs» screw thread made from non heat-treated steel, shot down, even stopped to keep the screw. I had to make a new screw on the model of the old, hardened him. Eventually wood in contact with the wedge «put out». Saved is the same as that in the first case, the method of bonding and epoxy bonding to wood in contact with the steel wedge plate to press down the tree is not.

During these repairs I did not just come up with the idea expressed by the above-mentioned subsequently S. Kolmakov: «Perhaps you could give shank pads … loop shape and to connect this frame to lodge coupling bolt as in the same IL-27 or TOZ-25».


Yarkovoy writes: «About neotemnom forearm as the dignity of the gun is always read with amazement (even write that it is impossible to lose ?!). let’s… esteem will not suck from a finger».
I can not agree! I know a few cases of loss of all guns. Once lost trunks forearm to lose no more difficult to find as more difficult later. Here is one of such cases.

We hunted again by the same company again elk in the same area as in the case of the breakaway cheek. On the eve of departure was a failure, that has not prevented some participants noted it in a conventional manner, ie, a bottle of vodka. And the next morning, all gathered. According to the rangers were moose in the pen, it’s time to collect guns.

The cover of my namesake, Victor Petrovich were the butt of the gun barrels, and IL-26, and the forearm was not – as he suggested, left forearm lying on a bench on which he was cleaning the gun after yesterday’s hunt. The scene in the story of Ostap Cherries, when the wife of the hunter put it in Case mallet instead of a gun. Gonchatniki – people vociferous and expressions do not hesitate, so namesake went, but it was the prelude, «symphony» I was then.

Someone figured to take the forearm of the other IL-26, connect it to the rifle Victor Petrovich, charge the gun with two bullets, then remove the fore-end and return to the owner. Viktor could shoot no more than once out of every barrel as vzvoditeli hammers without the fore-end are not working.

They send him to the paddock as a defective arrow and it is necessary to happen, barely begun penning four moose went to the opposite side of the arrow is just past the Victor Petrovich, who twice «He saluted» thereon. He speaks, «in advance»We could shoot again, but nothing. Was chernotrop, getting wounded animal failed. After hunting Viktor «It went on full» and yesterday «Adoption»And for the current hang with the wrong gun.

As you can see, neotemnoe forearm is not sucked from the finger gun dignity. This convinced at least the participants described the hunt.

UNRELIABLE mainspring

Each of the above authors did not ignore the original horseshoe-shaped spring rifle TOZ-34. Your relationship with him is different, who sees the merits of who – limitations. «What originality, if not provided reliable?» – He asks Yarkovoy, and it is impossible to disagree. Probably, «semi-volute with a single loop as in pin» Spring, which says Yarkovoy, less scrap and would not sit down quickly due to lower stresses in the material of the spring.

I’m over the lifetime of the gun several times had to change the spring – perekalenye break, nedokalenny after some time, sit down, do not provide the necessary power to strike the firing pin cap, the gun begins osekaetsya.

For me the best, if the spring broke, the hunter is clear that it must be replaced. Worse, when the rifle hunter brings in the most crucial moment of the hunt, when a shot on the game. After Shot – Crown hunt, finishing the long hours, days, weeks, and even months of fees, dog training, moving, walking, stalking.

We must pay tribute – copies of the springs supplied with the gun, sat down only after ten years of operation. Manufacturers, apparently recognizing the lack of reliability of the springs were later to supply a set of spare springs with the new gun, instead of improving themselves spring.

I do not refuse me all the available types of hunting, but in the first place put the hunt with hounds. Familiar with her since childhood. If hunting with hounds is open, I spend on it all weekend and timing of snowfall to all leave. We hunted with friends (two or three) on chernotropu more on hares. With the release of fox pelts are trying to hunt foxes, as with a good hound knock birds in the area is not a problem, Fox also not so easy to beat.

In addition, as we have seen, the place of the retired foxes come in a few days the new – I would feed. Hares also appear here in the best case, only the following spring. In an effort to get the fox is of great importance in those days had a value of fox pelts, the black market is equal to the monthly salary of an engineer. Shoot this is rarely necessary to hunt and often walk for two weeks and did not shoot even once. The more valuable every case where such an opportunity is provided.

First unnoticed warning that spring my TOZ-34 sit down, get on the hunt for more chernotropu. We are fellow with the bow raised fox hounds, comrade kept close to Gon, but I knew that the fox in the end goes into reserve, stood at one of the manholes leading to it. Forest road provides an overview on the sides, and ten meters before the road from the rut located podsed of firs, which is not visible, but the beast had to cross the road, and then it will be visible.

I waited patiently. Ghosn approached twice and then went so far as to hounds was barely audible. Here he was again approached, the hunter does not have to make a sound, do no move only his eyes to translate from one to the other side of the road. The beast came out twenty meters of undergrowth of fir-trees. Hunters say «came out»And fox actually rushes at high speed. So it was at that time.

But the hunter is ready: raises his gun, aim at catching the beast’s head, presses the trigger (so-called trigger hunters – participants of the Great Patriotic War). Years hunting accustomed to the fact that now you will hear a shot and become a wild beast in your trophy. Now, instead of firing – click.

It is impossible to get used misfires: some time dumbfounded look on his gun, then remember that it is possible to shoot from the top of the barrel. The position saved by the fact that the fox at the time of the misfire was there, and my back was ripe forest rather than spruce undergrowth, and I managed to get lisovina from the top of the barrel.

For the joy of production, with the hounds and admiration for the work of their affection, in conversation with a friend about the vicissitudes of hunting somehow forgotten flash in the pan from the bottom of the barrel. But it had to recall later.

Victor Sipeykin20 June 2012 at 00:00

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