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Soon again be sdvoyka, followed by another. «Scout» It is going to lie down for the day. Hold the gun at the ready, I head to the island of grass, covered with snow, which was hiding hare Malik…

Dropped by Friday evening in the newly-fallen snow has cleared up the confusion of my plans for Saturday. It is no secret that the newly-fallen snow for the hunter is the same as that for an amateur carnival pancakes.

Early frosty morning. Sky has generously studded with bright stars. Among the few ruffled sleepy passengers humbly nestled inside the public bus, I’m going away from Moscow.

Coming out of the bus on a deserted bus stop, turn off the highway and soon get on a country road. By untrodden snow on his way toward the abandoned fields, abundant thickets of weeds and shrubs. Darkness begins to reluctantly retreat before approaching dawn – herald incipient new winter day.

Snow White and the invigorating freshness of the air infect me cheerful recklessness. And how could it be otherwise? After a day of wandering in front of snow-covered fields, ravines, copses! It should also be added that all this will take place against the backdrop of the splendor of winter landscapes.

And if we’re lucky for cleft Malik vytropit hardened smoked hare and a beautiful shot to stop it running, then you can safely assume that the day was a success. Yes there day! – A life!

Soon my path crosses the line of fox tracks. It seems I’m not alone in search of fortune. Visibility already allows to hunt, so stay near a lonely birch at the corner of the field, I decide to don the armor of hunting. Belted ammunition belt, worn over clothing camouflage robe.

Collect gun several times throw up its spending stems from left to right, and making sure that nothing interferes with the shooting, he leans against a tree. Throw-shoulders backpack, take from a couple of rounds of ammunition bandolier green, filled with «unit»And lays them in a barrel. In order not to forget anything, inspect the place of my fees. Making sure that everything is in order, the edge of the field heading in the direction of the ravine overgrown with bushes.

Before reaching his hundred meters in the grass notice someone’s tracks. Accelerated step closer to him, much to his delight, running into rabbit Malik. After a brief study should be determined that it belongs to the hare as paw prints of his more narrow and elongated than that of white hair.

Yes, it’s a good thing, because the hare trails interesting. After thinking about the question of where he could leave for maturation, shoot a gun from his shoulder and tuning in long walks, take the copied pattern hare left them on the white blanket of the earth. Twenty minutes circling on powdered field. Soon my eye catches droppings left by a hare in the snow. Color peas, their shape and size will also talk about what I’m going for hare Maliki.

Wander a little on the field, the hare came with him to a dirt road and went through it in the direction of a military unit stationed on this place at a considerable distance. Thrown the rifle over his shoulder, I’m moving on the same course as my ward. «No way, the hare was AWOL, and now in a hurry to part, afraid of being late at the morning». – I reasoned along the road.


Photo by Mikhail Semin

At some distance from the concrete fence, the boundary of the area, a dirt road makes a turn and goes in the direction of the cattle farm. Here in this place a turn of the hare track and stopped. Stop! We must look for a discount!

Hats off shoulder gun, I take it eg the ready and I go to the grass strip adjacent to fence itself. And here is the discount! A small depression in the snow says that the hare landed here after a huge jump. After the initial prices followed by another, shorter then usual hare limped along the fence. Here sdvoyka!

Hands tight squeeze gun and the sight is centered on the track. But what is it? At the junction of concrete slabs in front of the track breaks. I went and saw that my hare through a small hole in the fence entered the territory of the military unit, and seems to have decided to stay there for the day. That’s final! This isolation is not in my plans!

Feeling bitter disappointment, back on the road and start to think what to do next. «No, this is not the hare samovolschik! This is most likely a spy. And part of the territory it has got to ferret out military secrets». – I think with malice about the hare.

Busting a «spy hostility»I wonder: «Or maybe even a hole in the fence there? Then the hare have no problem to leave the part through it». Again, I shoot a gun from his shoulder and head along the fence, hoping to see the output trace. And there is! Fifty meters I see a hare Malik leaving the location of the through hole in the fence. Do not hunt, and just some detective!

Soon again be sdvoyka, followed by another. «Scout» It is going to lie down for the day. Hold the gun at the ready, I head to the island of grass, covered with snow, which was hiding hare Malik…
Among the hunters called tail hare «flower» or «pyh». Expression «Bunny puffed» meaning that it took to their heels from the hunter showed him his «pyh».

Takes a step, the second, I bring the leg of the third, and at that moment in the grass something rustling up a snowy cloud of flies, and, like the nucleus emitted from the gun, hare shows «pyh». But what!

Shotgun instantly throw up to his shoulder. Short shot raryvaet quiet winter morning. Perekuvyrnuvshis over his head, hare full-length stretches on virgin snow. I have enough exposure to reload the gun and only then go to the trophy. Enough admiring the handsome mustached mined, I cleaned it in a backpack. From a thermos of hot pour a cup of fragrant tea and «in the blood,» leisurely I drink it with pleasure.

Neglected potyazhelevshy backpack, pick up a gun and, hoping to drive more nimble hare, slowly heading towards the cattle farm, the water tower looming in the distance. And only remaining single to rest in the snow green sleeve testified to a lucky shot, filled with hunting heart undisguised pleasure.

Victor Lukashov12 March 2012 at 00:00

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