Who will guard the hunting grounds?

The rate that the private owner will take care of the rented property, not justified

Who will guard the hunting grounds?Photo: Sergey Fokin

I have to say: I am opposed to private hunting leases. And it is not a big supporter of fixing of hunting grounds in general. But under the circumstances, can not be choosers.

The current policy of the authorities can be expressed in two words: «to give everything». Like, all the market itself «ustakanilos»: Demand will create an offer, the competition will lower prices, private owner would take care of their property. But, in practice, nothing like this has happened and is unlikely to occur.

Here is a living example of gasoline. Already all acknowledged that gasoline prices have nothing to do with oil prices. And the state does not want to regulate them, and the competition degenerated into a conspiracy of sellers. The rate that the private owner will take care of the rented property, not justified. Proof of this was this summer. No fire private traders work not performed, no fire brigades from private owners were not. We need to understand that the main private operator – profit. For the sake of the profits will go to great privately owned. And the reduction of various expenses – for example, the same fire safety – quite natural. The more that is limiting the possibility of business inspections. In Belarus, it is understood: «Bet on what the forest will be the owner (or lessee), who will take care of the assigned sector, did not pay off. Their main task – receive money. Dividends and profits come first. Result – forest and water bodies have become a means of earning. And the issues of protection, replenishment gone by the wayside». – Fursevich said Nicholas, head of the State Inspectorate of protection of fauna and flora of the President of the Republic of Belarus («HORN» Number 42, article «Service – State, business – overall»).

Intelligent learns from the mistakes of others, a fool on its own. But what to call the person who from their mistakes and not learn? I heard on the radio that they are going to give Gary privates under a cranberry farming and impose on them the same fire work. Well, no words to call it! Moreover, the Minister has the protection of land and want to give private traders. Moreover, they give the repressive functions. This is not news, it has been said, but it has already begun in the embodiment of life: «the words of the Minister, it is necessary to establish the protection of hunting grounds and ensure compliance with the legislation on hunting, which revive the system of protection of lands permanent employees of hunting farms. On this issue, it was sent an official letter, in consideration of which the Chairman of the Russian Government instructed enforcement authorities to work out the question of amending the legislation. MNR has prepared and submitted for approval to the relevant federal authorities draft laws concerning the granting staff members hunting users the power to exercise control and supervision of the hunting (drawing up protocols on administrative offenses, delivering violators to law enforcement agencies, the implementation of personal examination, inspection of products of hunting). Work in this direction continues». («HORN» Number 45, article «In defense of hunting and hunters»). No, it certainly is not the protection of forests against fire, for it will take zealously. Examples already exist. After all, most recently in «HORN» missing notes violations of the law by the full-time rangers: the searched people in search of bullet cartridges (and completely illegal), that are drunk on the job, the reports were unfounded – But you never know what was more! It seems to be calmed down after staff deprived of repressive rangers rights. But no – let the new. I wrote about the problems that arise in the allotment of privateers repressive functions. But you can repeat.

Firstly, the problem of selection. Offer vesting repressive functions of all staff members of the hunting farm is tempting for the government: do not need conservationists to expand and improve. But who would have to delay, draw up reports, to inspect? If, say, the Interior Ministry employees are once again taken a medical examination, screening, checking for a criminal record, etc., any employee of hunting area shall be employed by other criteria (the main – I asked to smaller). No one is not particularly interested in, tried it or not, if not conflict, and so on. Secondly, preparation. To file a report, you must have at least a minimum of legal knowledge. And in order to competently carry out the detention of the offender, it is necessary to have a special tactical training. Where this will be taught and who? Note that the PSC staff are well trained enough, but no one raises the question of granting them the right to draw up inspection protocol and citizens. But they are selected. And most importantly, who pays the piper calls the tune. A pays the head, the owner of the hunting farm. So he determines his repressive policies in the sector. Is not it clear? But this is no one cares. Just to shift the responsibility, if only to never have to answer!

Again, I want to appeal to the Belarusian experience. Established there service of the State Inspectorate of protection of fauna and flora of the President of the Republic of Belarus is working effectively («HORN» Number 42, article «Service – State, business – overall»). And the function of the service wide: «State Inspectorate was established in 2003. This is a specially authorized state body subordinated directly to the President of the Republic of Belarus, carrying out within the competence of the state control over protection and use of flora and fauna …»

Employees of the State Inspectorate have the right to use physical force and special means to store, carry and use the service and combat weapons in the manner prescribed by legislative acts». Why not use a positive experience? No, we will go our own way!

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Here I read in «HORN» №46 article «Private hunting grounds users and local hunters». Like all good. Local hunters are involved in the collective hunting, working in the hunting lease, get free vouchers for it. I have just noticed that the cleaning of roads and rides, in my opinion, are the responsibility of foresters. Or it is given to private owners? It is clear that the wait for favors from the state is not necessary, only the need to count on. But what about those who do not have the opportunity to work in the hunting lease? And if I did not «local», I just have a house or a villa here? Why Alexander Grishin has not led prices to hunt duck, grouse, etc.? Why not tell what to do to increase the number of grouse in the grounds? I understand that private traders do not need a grouse, – This game is not profitable. And I am not interested in wild boar and elk, fox and my writers interesting. And the money that I want to «fuck» private entrepreneurs, I can not pay. Yes, and I do not want – not at all! But this influence I can not. No, the idea that Hit lands to private trader, then he would kill and cast, is not always true. People need to beat the money. But here is a simple, poor hunter private owner just do not need. And I hope that our capitalist will think about the people there. For this purpose it is necessary to educate the capitalist. Yes, before the revolution merchants a transaction entered into between a word, without papers. The manufacturers have built housing for the workers. But these are not current. And God forbid that in the next generation of businessmen have conscience there.

Here the atmosphere is still important in the country. And this atmosphere is to create power. And the president himself. What now? Thieving governor – its ambassador somewhere. Minister ruined Office – let it will reform, but the minister will leave. Another minister mat conceals military officer for the construction of an Orthodox church in the traditionally Orthodox land – with him like water off a duck. The Prime Minister of the Autonomous Republic caught with a weapon in reserve – He is working in his office today. Flew by helicopter to shoot animals Red – molchok President, there is no fundamental evaluation. The governor at the request of his left leg covered hunt – nothing for him it was not. This creates a certain atmosphere in the country – the atmosphere of permissiveness.

I will not argue – Our democratic ohotobschestva only declaratively. This is a reflection of the situation in the country. But in his ohotobschestvah we can change something. And I appeal to hunters, which consists in them. Only ohotobschestva as major exponents of the interests of hunters can influence state policy in the field of hunting. And we have to influence politics and the price of hunting. For example, I do not know why the seasonal permit fox hunting costs 1500 rubles. These foxes are specially bred, fed and guarded? Yes seems to be no. Ranger walks with me? Also no. So what? But we can demand that the management of their society report, why the prices are, and not others. We may require reports in spending. It is time, my dear, wake up and act.

IE Suslov18 January 2011 at 16:13

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