With laykoi on marten

With laykoi on martenPhoto by Sergey Aksenov

First marten managed to get when my West Siberian husky Squirrel was eight months. After nineteen years of hunting with hounds, hunting husky sound boring. Dog eight months, and I have not heard her voice. It seems that in the forest and animals do not. Silence.

Many times, being with proteins on the hunting trail trails I marten, showing that he is interested in me, and tried to interest them to the dog. Indeed, it gradually became interested in the marten after passing through it for some distance. But the result did not come.

One day we went to the Squirrel on the border between Serpukhov and Chekhov hunting, and a dog suddenly darted to the side. Looked – there is an old dry tree stump height of eight meters. The dog lunged for him. Run around twice, he got up on his hind legs, scratched.

And she began to tear the bark stump teeth, claws scratching, not barking. I walked over, pulled out of the backpack ax. Just two or three times knocked, looked up, and the top of the marten was leaving aside spruce. He raised his gun and fired. Ready! The first extracted with this dog marten, of course, took a picture. Since then, the hunt went more fun.

And in August we Belka saved the lives of the protein. Let’s go to the forest just a walk. Laika left to search. After a while I hear – barking someone. Approached – marten was sitting on the bank. I decided to drive her to a dog shadowed fulfilled. I found a knot more, knock on wood.

And suddenly, almost from the very top of birch above marten, squirrel fell and went jumping on other trees. A marten sitting on a tree and remained seated. The fact is that from that birch trees were far more, and thin ends of branches marten would not stand.

That’s how frustrated we hunt marten, and squirrel rescued. I then gave her the opportunity to work Squirrel from the soul, and we went on.

In the past season due to severe frost marten moved a little, almost no trace. It was only on December 31, just dawned warming, we Belka went into the woods.

I noticed that the dog went in search and did not return. I found her trail and walked through it. I see – Squirrel got on the trail of marten and began pursuit. Where the animal is in the process of getting food makes a loop, and the dog went straight cut, without repeating the track and at the same time without losing it. About an hour I walked in their footsteps, heard the dog work.

Quietly he approached. The dog barked at a large fir tree, but I have not seen a marten. He took the same ax, knocked. Squirrel shifted and began to bark at different tree. So, marten moved to her. He knocked on her ax – Marten moved to birch. Shot – animal backpack.

This season there was such a case. We got to proteins of tall fir trees. Laika was, as always, in the search. After a while he heard her voice. Arriving at him, I saw a tree which bark squirrel, marten fell and jumped to another tree, then on the third, fourth,…

Each time it was flying jump from tree snowdrift. The trees range high, with thick spruce branches, I shot and shot lapnikom not punched. Belka runs we marten for about thirty minutes, and I knocked her only the fifth shot. Extracted animal turned out to be larger than males. So close that the size of rules has been less than that of the skins.

There have been setbacks. Once I stopped in the woods to drink tea. He sat down on a fallen tree and took out a thermos and sandwiches. At this time, the beginning of the squirrel bark, and again in high spruce. I thought: first, tea, and then we’ll see who’s there. But after tea, I realized that proteins can not be heard. Called – not approached. Listen – long away. I went to the voice of the dog.

Released on her trail. Spruce was over, was ahead of birch. Looked – a small pit in the snow, and then the trail marten. This meant that the marten came down from the tree on the snow and went to the bottom of Bereznyak. Finally I went to the tree bark Squirrel which knocked the ax. Barking continued. Knocked batters tapped it.

Squirrel fell and flew further. I ran after her, taking a pounding. He knocked on the next tree. Barking continued. He knocked again – all unchanged. I thought that something was not right. He went in that direction, which was the top of a marten.

But these trees ran out, and again the trail led through marten along the ground next birch spruce. I called proteins. But then as we walked none in the last spruce forest, the animal is no longer found.

Now Squirrel four years. During this time there were many hunts conducted by marten – and not very successful. But it is clear that the dog gains experience, there is a skill. For me, hunting marten became no less interesting than the hunting of wild boar or hunting with hounds.


Vyacheslav Nechaev19 March 2012 at 00:00

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