And where belchatnitsy?

The most complete scan of the hunting qualities of huskies occurs only in tests for protein. At this time the most thoroughly determined by the quality of smell, hearing and vision, that is, flair huskies.

And where belchatnitsy?

Photo Eugene Cavour

Intuition and the speed and accuracy of search dogs, ie selective attitude to the land, the most suitable habitat for the animal, and a thorough examination of their husky are the basic qualities that define dobychlivost dog.

Only the level of malice and courage are not determined on the tests of the protein, but with a weak sense and bad searching Laika becomes virtually unnecessary and «zverovomu» hunter. That is why for a long time trial on protein huskies are held throughout Russia and are considered core activities. Higher definition as the hunting qualities of huskies and work with them rocks in the societies of hunters are competitions in which dogs are identified with outstanding working qualities.

Laechniki Moscow Society of Hunters and Fishermen (MOOiR) together with the Department Kennel hold annual regional, and sometimes even inter-regional competition huskies squirrel. In 2012 the regional competitions were held on the same area near the hunting base «Firsanovka».
The competitions were held from 6 to 10 October. The main expert was appointed experienced experts the All category VA Kurilkin, who presided over the two independent commissions experiencing dogs simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the match started a bit late, and all the teams are not very lucky with the weather. On the first day, October 6, continuously drizzling rain, but nevertheless the team of Russian-European Laika section MOOiR performed quite well and took 1st place. All three dogs were chartered, but particularly distinguished dog owner VF Gift Ulyanova, received the diploma of I degree. In parallel to the Commission were the three West Siberian huskies in the standings. Diploma of III degree received only the owner of Mind SA Kuznetsova.

On the second day of competitions on October 7, were two teams: Karelian MOOiR huskies and husky Balashikha district, the Balashikha district in his team put 3 Karelian Laika Russian and one European. Thus, on the second day we competed mainly Karelian Laika. With the weather these teams are not even luckier. In the morning, it marked cloudiness, then like clarified, but the strong wind, soon turned into a hurricane that felled trees. He got up, even the question of termination of the dogs, but the competition has competition, and the continued work of the dogs. Both teams are in these conditions were almost «equally». Each one karelka received the diploma of II degree, and two – rates as one who found the protein. An experienced fighter Genghis Khan, owner of IP Davydov walked three points two years Inga Owner AL Vlasov also received a diploma of II degree.

The third day of competition, October 8, again «pleased» rainy weather. Acted team Odintsovo district and the community of Queen. The first team consisted of two West Siberian huskies and a Russian-European, West Siberian Husky two-year Urga owner EV Vasilyev at a fairly high score received the diploma of III degree, the second, which found one animal – pricing.

Unfortunately, the society, the Queen has a wonderful livestock Western Siberian huskies, found it possible to set only two dogs running on the protein. One of them – Baykal G. Danilova – He received the diploma of III degree at very high prices for their work points.

Finally on the last day of competitions, October 9, performed second «Youth» Karelian team and a team of huskies MOOiR West Siberian huskies B. Titaev. It seems to be lucky with the weather: in the morning the clouds were high, even by mid-day the sun shone, but… Protein during the first run of dogs, apparently, not yet fed, at least four huskies in each team only one protein found Karelian Bear Dog, marching last – Condi Shaman owner of EL Cavour. Condi Shaman liked his expert team energetic and rational search, manner of work shadowing. Therefore, after the break, it was decided to put him first. As a result, he found another 2 proteins and earned a diploma of II degree. Behind him was the owner Hanni-West YM Vershinin, who neatly worked two protein showing a good surveillance, and received the diploma of III degree. And in the third karelke no luck. Put into the search, she immediately found a protein, but for the remaining time even animals did not find, so get a quotation. It can be seen, the protein is already lurking in the night. This karelka Lapsoj-owner Ravi B. Butuzova already had two diplomas III degree of protein, and the commission noted its excellent search, quick and efficient.

Team West Siberian huskies left without diplomas.

As a result of the competition the first place was the team of Russian-European Laika MOOiR, which account for a diploma of I degree and 2 diploma of III degree. So it should be: Russian-European Laika known masters in the work of the protein.
In second place came the youth team of Karelian Laika, received diplomas II and III degree.
Third place went to the team by working Balashikha karelki – diploma
II degree.
The fourth place team of veterans of the Karelian Laika – Diploma of II degree.

It would seem to us, «karelochnikam»Only rejoice put 10 Karelian Laika, in difficult weather conditions received three diplomas of II degree and one III, another 4 dogs were regarded as one who found the protein, and only two out of luck – I did not find anything. But little joy. There are continuous questions that I would like to get answers. Why put such prestigious competitions only 5 Russian-European Laika, the famous magnificent belchatnits? Why do so few Western Siberian huskies acted – only 15 dogs? They have forgotten how to work in the woods on the protein, and are only in cages?

Why is famous all over the country section of the lovers of huskies at MOOiR not fielded a team of West Siberian huskies? If you claim that there were no four dogs working on protein, I did not believe, and believe that the leaders of rocks stopped working with her. After it appeared that Dmitry Gladkov on the last day of his three dogs exposed alleged MOOiR team, helping huskies section.

Finally, why do so few teams from the districts of the Moscow region participated in the competition and why there was no instruction from the spin-off section huskies nursery?
I would like to recall a serious condition in which there were ordinary hunters (especially hunters with dogs) people in the densely populated Moscow region. The wetlands are built, go into private hands, were not allowed there with dogs and so on. And, in my opinion, we are hunters with dogs should not disperse alone, but rather to concentrate during their hunting societies. Only in this way we are to some extent be able to protect the interests of hunting. I think that leadership is not entirely correct MOOiR estimates consolidation dog in their hands and not enough pay attention to the dog breeding by switching to fishing and shooting sports. And it is easier for breeders to organize and raise to protect the interests MOOiR in conservation and hunting grounds of hunting with dogs up to attract tourists, hunters, not only for the trophies but for the classical hunting with dogs.

And yet I want to finish the story so that people remain positive emotions.

Regional competitions in difficult weather conditions, but it held. Commission under the leadership of an expert VA Kurilkina worked successfully. We have a field champion – Gift ow. VF Ulyanova, received the diploma of I degree, who collected 89 points for the work, which is not surprising, since Dog of the owner have been the champions. And in these competitions VF Ulyanov noted as the best nataschik and director of Laika.

There is another field winner – young male Karelian Laika Condi Shaman is. EL Cavour, received the diploma of II degree at 80 points, which will be awarded for it and voted the best young dog in work on protein.

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