As the torn steel

Shaggy have long dreamed of a new rifle, but the purchase, and then had to be postponed. That in a car break something, the kids before school dress should be, then something else. But you never know concerns a married man!

As the torn steelPhoto: Ilya Antoniuk

Shaggy have long dreamed of a new rifle, but the purchase, and then had to be postponed. That in a car break something, the kids before school dress should be, then something else. But you never know concerns a married man! And a simple driver’s salary, given the current prices, especially will not clear. New gun like not on a whim – just an old-kurkovka gorizontalki 16 caliber have often misfire.

A couple of weeks before New Year’s wife said Andrew (the name Shaggy) that he urgently needs to go to the police, as the family council it was decided to give the beloved husband and father of a gun.

In the pre hectic time passed quickly. And the third of January Shaggy with his brand new IL-27 went hunting.

While shaking in UAZ-loaf along the forest road, the men joked: «Beware! Shaggy now from the new gun will shoot all the elk». «Shaggy, and 12 caliber bullets did not forget?». «Shaggy, look after you slipped the gun defective – without hammers!»

During the conversations and friendly popliteus time passed quickly. When we arrived at the scene, then by tradition began to pull the match. The whole – will freeze on the number of, broken – Beater go. Andrew pulled out a match and break off, belly itself memories that happened, and beaters moose shot, standing on skis, went after all.

At the appointed time, shots rang out – corral began. Shot and Andrew. New gun nice hit in the shoulder. From rotten birch stump thirty meters, splinters flew. First Shot… Injector spat spent case, and Andrew, by inserting a new bullet cartridges, went ahead.

Anyone who has ever been in the pen, certainly hoped elk or wild boar will come on him. I think about it, and Andrew, walking on the young pine forests. Suddenly the corner of his eye he saw movement to his left. Moose, hiding from the beater, leaving the trench left over from World War II. Over the snowdrifts rose only neck and head with an unusually beautiful horns. Without hesitation, Andrew took aim and shot in the neck. From the impact threw him into the snow. His ears were ringing. Few come to himself, Andrew saw that from the top of the trunk were some lumps…

Moose left. Long after the men argued over how this could happen. They built a variety of versions. We recall how due nabivshegosya snow guns flared, and some burst. But to argue, all together agreed on the fact that the trunks ripped as Shaggy not put down his gun…

But seriously, where Andrew was shooting for the first time, found the sleeve, which was not a paper nest, which is inserted into the capsule. Apparently, the cartridge is defective, and shot this jack stuck in the barrel. Powder gases was nowhere to go, and the trunk was torn. Photographed with his new gun, dilapidated, Andrew flatly refused.

Since then, several years have passed. Andrew still hunts with his old kurkovkoy and dreams of a new gun…

Ilya Antonyuk23 december 2011 at 00:00

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