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Article Two

Blog goose huntingPhoto: Sergey Losev

April 9th. Geese are very few, but stories began to turn the wheel of the spring, and the first group of «builders» I see off at 9 am at the crossing. With this group left my friend – Viktor Shapovalov. At 12 o’clock I meet the rest of the hunters.

Numerous unloaded luggage from the ferry while it is being prepared, the last I put the car into the parking lot and already walking back to the main group of 15chelovek. We crossed over to the general good. The entire transition to the base we took 3:00. Tired great, but a little rested and refreshed, we went to cook well.

April 10th. With the coming of dawn extracted four gusikov. It can be assumed that the hunt took place. Now, I have every right to rest and relax. During the first day of the hunt begins Gusyatnikov Gene knocked out his first White-fronted. He put it in place of the profile, substituting for head flyer. A few minutes later Gene looked at him and saw that he was already slaps on the field, and then spread their wings and fly away …

11 April. We were five. The others waited for work. Gone hunters tired but happy from experienced moments and heady scent of spring.

April 13. After a morning dawn, which was produced for only one bean, we decide to end the hunt. Geese fly very bad high. The sky is clear, the profiles shine on semolina no reaction. In total, we produced 20 geese. Here is the norm.

April 16. Everywhere call hunters to share information. It turns out the way we expected: the goose come to our place tomorrow, April 17th.

Do not resist, in the evening sunset sail. Along the way we transport Yura, who missed the opening and now wants to take revenge. It is based on two days. When they reached the meadow wells to dry bays to see hundreds of geese. Later in the afternoon the pack are everywhere, but, flying our decoys, they circled at an altitude of at least 60 meters. In such «high altitude» we do not shoot. Not to reduce them because profiles are left at the base, to which the stomp and stomp …

Wishing Jure no fluff and no pen, went home, and he was on base. Geese are more and more, but I have work to do and Sergei ….

April 17th. At 9 am call jure and hear little if not moan. I ask: «Maybe it got burned hands from glowing trunks?» Jura confirms my assumption and said that on the night of 16th to 17th up to two hours it seemed to him that he is on a goose farm. Geese are everywhere: in the sky and on the ground, and a base. From 5 o’clock in the morning on his decoy and profiles went armada geese. This he had never seen. Last shaft rolled at exactly 8:00. It is at this time «incompetently» smeared, and got only two white-fronted. At 11:00 the first spring rain dripped.

April 18. Me and Michael Eliseev 10 hour care in the meadows. At the river meet and forward Yura, which tells us about their adventures. Currently, the goose has calmed down and settled in 600 meters from the base to the water meadows.

At 12:00 we are at the base. From north to south again I pulled the goose. Span is above our pits at the plow. Slowly getting ready for the evening: chop wood, make the bed, we arrange the dishes, boil tea. At 14 o’clock we go to the pits. From the first knock flocks flown belolobikov two years … and stops. We are trying to bite the elbows themselves, but they do not get it. As always, we are strong «hindsight». Up to 19 hours of complete calm.

Blog goose hunting

Photo: Sergey Losev

And, as always, suddenly we see an amazing picture. A kilometer away the darkness rises geese. We can not even visualize how many of them there. I have a feeling that over the marshes twisted hordes of mosquitoes, and Misha compare it with swarming bees. Geese are beginning to break up into separate pack of 50–100 goals, and some of them moving in our direction.

But luck turns away from us, and we are doing the first wounded animal who sits on the meadow 250 meters. Misha is it gets but while he traverses the marshes, geese, noting pursuer, hits on the run. Next to the wounded animal sits in a pack of 20 goals. They begin to talk animatedly, and then together with wounded comrades fly. So, we have witnessed a true friendship.

After some time, I’m doing a wounded animal, and it pulls on the meadows, where previously seen a picture almost exactly repeated. That’s how we have always done, people.

By 21:00 the incident had many flocks, but we inexplicably «anointed» or fired because of the height. Finally, at nightfall of the next three flocks knock Bean. One was wounded in the wing, taking alive and return to base.

At 23:00 the guest will come to us and brings Sergey cartridges. Sergei happy with our stories, and even now ready to run into the pits. After dinner, we go.

April 19. With arable land, we decided to move to a meadow holes where the observations span more lively. During the day we knock out their own rules and do two wounded game. But they go to the side of a lonely hunter river, where shots are heard. So to get, then, is not in vain ….

20 April. 14:00 production standards met. Finally, Sergei and Michael do for beautiful shots, and two bean, from a height of not less than 70 meters, almost falling into the pit. Today, hunting is over. Time to go home.

April 22nd. I Gena and Sasha and 18 hours sitting in a meadow pits. We wet, like chickens, because the rain, torrential at times. Our coats, guns, profiles shine, so the geese are on top. Hunt goes to the end I was the last day of hunting – April 24th.

April 24th. 10:00. I go to the pits on arable land, where the day before, and settled Sergei Jura. The wind is very strong. I did not hear the shots, but I can see how from somewhere in the sky, tumbling on the land falls gus.Okazalos the guys kept this alone at Manco four laps. It was only on the fifth, when it fell slightly, Serge was hit. Here is an excerpt, this is skill! Well done!

By 14 o’clock I was mined his last season in the goose. The flight stopped, and we are thinking of returning home. However, even up to 18 hours sitting on a piercing wind …

At 19:00, thank the owner of the fields and meadows of the hunt, go back to the car, and geese, flying quite low, waving our wings …

Results. The hunt took place. All who wish to hunt, see, shot and hunted geese. Who is behind the highest, but still got the adrenaline pumping, unforgettable memories. The difficulty with transitions, hot sun, heavy rains and snow and biting wind were not an obstacle for the real hunters.

Geese flew this year, no less than in the past, but it was a goose unevenly, often at a great height, with large gaps. Compared with 2009, when our group produced a reduced number of 72 goose, this year with a large number of hunters produced 51 th. Distinguished Michael Yeliseyev, who took twenty birds.

Article One. "Russian newspaper for hunters" Number 872.

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