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On the outskirts of the hunter suddenly saw gonny rabbit trail stretching perpendicular to the road

Fluffy passengerPhotos from the archives of Peter Zverev

We are all from different sources have heard that before in the winter and the snow was deeper and harder frosts, and the frost on the trees thick, and people kinder. Looking at your own life, looking for the sixty years of commercials back, convinced that it was true.

From October 1941 to December 1951, I lived with my mother and sister in the village Pasykino, the present Stupino district of the Moscow region, in the house of his grandfather on his mother. With boys, their peers once established friendly relations. First, pick up the pieces together ran from bombs dropped by German planes, shells from the anti-aircraft guns and machine guns of our defenders. Then, when the tanks Gudermann were relegated from the walls of Kashira (from us is only some twenty kilometers) jostled among our soldiers, who arrived from Siberia to defend Moscow. Who piece of sugar will make happy who give cracker who will hold this rifle or machine gun. The mood they were still major, shapkozakidatelskih. In the evenings, singing martial songs. Commanders reassured women: «Do not worry, we will soon they (the Germans) ask bashing, and the war will end in the spring. By planting his men wait». Alas! I remained any of them alive after December and in the next four years?

That fall I made a meager contribution to the altar of victory. While fees stationed soldiers in our house, I gave them my new satin blanket brought from Moscow. Who knows, maybe it saved the life of someone in those fierce December cold!

The village has already started to come funerals, notice that somebody’s son (or husband) «He died a heroic death» then and there, or something «missing». And no one thought there was more public notices. Mourned and those and others. During the war the village has lost one, two or even three worker from each house. Our neighbor Aunt Tanya, a distant relative grandfather of three sons who went to the front, back only senior – Victor, with the rank of Major General Aviation, with numerous military awards. We neighbor on the right – Vdovina Yegorov lost two sons. And here at Pinyaeva Aunt Nastya, a quiet, humble, pious quack medicinal plants, able to start talking abdominal pain, ears and throat and toothache, fought the war of three sons have returned all three. Alexander – with epaulets the captain of the second rank. Sergei – land officer, or captain, or lieutenant. And Paul – I do not remember in what rank, but without the stars on the epaulets. The fourth son – Valentin, who very nearly managed to age for combat operations, and served in peacetime. Of course, such a phenomenon could not go unnoticed among the villagers. Some women said that it is the fruit of magic Aunt Nastya. Others said: «He loves the Lord for her sanctity and goodness, and therefore helps».

Steel back and crippled soldiers who have completed their mission. No hands, no feet, shot in the head or chest, hard shell-shocked. There was seen as the lucky ones and give them every honor. Somewhere at the end of the war he returned Uncle Vasya Koptsov. Catching his breath native air, strengthened a bit and started hunting.

Uncle Vasya was a short period when he was hunting with a Russian hound named Shame. Vyzhlets was already osenisty with good hunting practice skills. I remember, as if the dog that he gave at the time of the hunter from another village, is treated in the hospital. It should be noted that shame had nothing shameful either in appearance or in the work. On the contrary, I admired by connoisseurs. And the nickname, it’s probably been redone some of the wit or the Watch Trezor – typical rural yard dogs. However, he responded to all three options and could go hunting with any who would call just to rifle hanging on his back. Uncle Bob was hunting with him mainly on hares.
In the post-war winter glubokosnezhnye local authorities established the procedure: after a heavy snowfall and blizzards to clear the vital areas of rural roads (other simply did not exist). In Verhovlyan – e. In Oglobin – the shop and the club. In Avdulova – in the dairy, where every day brought the milk collected from farmers farmsteads. To us – in the village council. In Kostomarovo – to school. However, this way purely edge of the forest, and we ran to the school for 2 km, through the woods, on tropochke. So it was closer and warmer. The first kilometer of the field tried to overcome as quickly as possible. Nemudrenyh clothes permeates the wind and cold. In the woods warmed. The last hundred meters – Again field. But it is only a few minutes to warm-class. We were a sin to complain – a school «beside». And others went 6–7 km, and only the field. Then for them at the school built a boarding school, they went home on the weekends. Pupils organized through fifth grade school in a radius of no more than two kilometers from any settlement.

Clean road crawler tractor CHTZ of MTS, hitched to the rear device «scraper»Made of iron in the form of logs. On top on the log was thrown over a few armfuls of hay or straw for occasional passengers.

Uncle Bob was a talkative person and was able to talk, among other things, a fascinating history, happened to him in the hunt, heavily interspersing text obscene language – «for a bunch of». He was in his practice and in the case of such a hare-hunting in the middle of winter.

They came up with the shame Kostomarovskaya bushes, and the dog went to climb, along the edge of the forest. Sam Hunter shifted to the left, blocking the possible hole on the way to the former forester’s lodge. Snow depth, loose. Skiing there «drowned». Legs immersed in snow almost half of the shin. Twenty minutes later, the blast thundered fierce Bashurov experienced runner. Hong went to the left, clearly more than expected beast hunter. «On the edge of the Spassky may withdraw rusachok. On Tarasenkova need to put forward, where he is likely to pop up on the groomed trail. In this snow accumulates under the long preparations and a viscous dog». – He identified Uncle Vasya. As he reached the planned forest mysochkah, breath and chose a position about thirty meters from the road, Ghosn became muffled, as if on… «The ponds have started lining oblique. There’s the devil himself a leg break». – I guessed the former soldier.

Meanwhile, Hong lost his rhythm. He sounded less and less, and finally stopped. And on the way there was the sound of an approaching tractor. Snow-covered car with a scraper, clanking iron, swept past the hunter and headed towards our village. Peremolchka Shame lasted for about ten minutes. «We have to go to help straighten out the cleavage, and to seven hundred meters away». – angrily thought Uncle Vasya. At this time the silence was broken by the first «woof». After a few seconds, second, third. Dog prichuyal trail began working with transoms. That jumped out of the weeds. The song rang again. Vyzhlets crossed the field is narrow, slipped forest bridge and was on the road a few hundred meters from the hunter. I rushed to one side – I returned. He ran thirty meters in the opposite – hare returned to the track at the exit point and whirled, more increasing the radius of the circle. In vain! The hare took off in the sky! Have already started to feel cold hunter, he rushed to help his friend chetverogonomu. After seeing the place where the trail disappeared, he concluded: «Either the hare jumped out on the road, long before the advent of the tractor and went to the right on the Spasskaya (scraper in this case destroyed all traces and odors) or left on the road in my direction, before the tractor. While I missed it?»

The day was already fading. Frost increased. Uncle Bob decided to stop the hunt. «Well, I deceived. Not everyone is the same time emerging victorious! Well done, that’s gone. That’s just what?» – With these thoughts he began to actively move the skis to keep warm. The village remained a kilometer. On the outskirts of the hunter suddenly saw gonny rabbit trail stretching perpendicular to the road. And nous was more than three meters. Wow! How could he fly so far away from the snowy trenches, over the parapet? Uncle Bob looked back. On the opposite side of the track was not. Shame behaved calmly, without noticing anything unusual. Under the skis were several straws. «Is that emissions from the scraper when the repulsive? It turns out that "my" Bunny came here on a tractor?» – Hunter mused. He stood for a moment, wondering not whether to continue the hunt. Come on, let him live, just so smart! It turns out, the hare jumped on the scraper in the same place where the road went. Apparently tired hare nothing to do but to jump the obstacles and hide in the straw.

The next day, Uncle Bob met a tractor driver from the tractor itself.

– Well, yesterday went blank? I saw you standing on the shaft. And the hare, among other things, to our village come on a sleigh. I have seen at the turn of peripheral vision, both from the scraper hare darted and dashed for the kitchen garden. Hefty such rusachina. That I could see well, he shared his observations of the tractor.

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