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Here are published the next new hunting rules in Russia, that’s brought us another small step to the German model of game management. Slightly crushed driven hunt and seriously «corrected» spring. With spring terms of diversity of waterfowl and upland game a masterpiece — to see at least for this writer, fiction, game management luminary.

How are you guys?

Still life. Photo: Sergey Sorokin

But extended periods of elk and wild boar, and all were given carte blanche. Shots ”private” farms, and even then not all, will now actually interrupted only for one month — May. Thus, it solved one of the biggest problems in obtaining revenue from Hunting – seasonality. The papers have something to add the permit, and they did not have before. ”Amendments” These are likely not the last, will be the next small steps and in a westerly direction.

But God bless them with the rules, it does not comply with them and something almost no one – it’s not about that. It’s about how we live urban hunters as hunting, what we think and what we expect. On the hunting gods, who sometimes fall from the sky in the Altai, in other places, we will not worry – for if they worry that the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Talk about yourself.

During recent visits me a lot and many had a chance to talk to hunters and rangers in different places – the good hunting because of widespread snowdrifts was actually disrupted. Well then do not sit with good people under the cucumbers with mushrooms, do not talk. And that’s what comes out. Almost all the hunters from the regional centers live bad, hunt a little to think about their daily bread, are worried about the children and with the irony of the authorities think it will be even worse. Although it would seem too much worse. In the case of regional hunters a little better, but the overall mood of the same.

What worries or more correctly infuriates urban fellow hunting passion from the European regions of Russia. First, the constant rise in prices for everything including background on the hunt for universally established or installed? – meager salaries. Second reduction available, friends almost from childhood, narrow-minded and usually the richest hunting grounds.

This is either formed or captured during the past seven years, so-called private (though what they fucking private – the land is federal, ie, people), facilities or public hunting areas in which the chairman of the Society and Director of hunting leases so busy commerce and sick green illness that you forget not only about guests – ”rank and file”hunters, but members of their own communities for the people really do not believe, though contributions and working out regularly collected from them. And do not forget for a minute though how much, but to tear. Prices have even a trifle, we call them private traders and businessmen community members such that breathtaking.

This is when the hunting day on every detail of the grouse to the hare starts from 300 rubles and 1000 does not end there. All this of course without maintenance. Especially all ”pleases”If you realize that populations: swampy meadow, grouse, hares, ducks, grouse, capercaillie is not controlled ”private traders”, Chairman of the society or the Director of farms, and not even the Lord God — and who? Correctly! — Well-fed, caressed, numerous herds of wild boars and insolent. All in fact we are seen as universally overgrown picturesque glade like a shabby mushrooms — wild boar towers.

Here is the game management priority for the European part of our repeat OUR – because we have no other, and we do not need it – countries! That’s why many farms have begun to forget how to hounds with the cops look. And God forbid you bring your – boar scare. Boars scare – they have the appetite to deteriorate — would be less likely to go to the tower. Plan on svinoboyne shaft may fall, while attendants a little less in the pockets of race, but should something more and more! Pure Commerce.

I read here a few articles in the Horn, but he will forgive me for this word svinoboya Zalogina about exciting twists and turns of the night killing of piglets from the tower. Victor threw you a hunt, or at least did not describe it with the signature — game manager. Well, yes, we shoot and enclosures are lovers. This is normal – to each his own!

How are you guys?

My chum. Photo: Sergey Sorokin

But even more enraged ordinary hunters ”Agriculture” and which does not have a price sheet. This is usually the major power brokers Economy – business, various approximate persons, bureaucrats, etc. There’s always a barrier at the entrance and guards, armed to the teeth. True, I heard from a couple of local stories about hunting raids on such farms.

Security at such operations in the absence of the chief usually behaves quite modest. It’s almost exactly reminded some read the story in the anthology Hunting expanses of raids on private forest garden at the beginning of the last century.

It’s almost exactly the same except for the UAZ and motor boats. Everything in history really repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. The tragedies we probably enough – then we will observe the farce. So who is focused our current hunting? Let’s estimate.

Busy weekend for the hunter will not go 600 kilometers and expensive, and it makes no sense on the road more time to spend. Means 100, 200, max 300 km. The budget of such a trip only for gasoline is now in the thousands of fly half to two and a half! Plus, take a minute, plus a cot removed (if the winter or late fall or early spring), plus a meal and drink well, buy accordingly!

Word of 8-10 thousand, prepare, and if the two of us, then five, and then without much glamor. Somehow not traveling, if you get 20-50 per month, and now people are really periphery 7-12 plow for almost a week.

About as many are not the most expensive shoes in the average metropolitan officials — koruptsionera mediocre. So much for the trip! This is me you brought up the hunt for a trifle, but with game bigger, more interesting will be! Now therefore:

— grouse (spring) – 2000 – 5000
— capercaillie (spring) – 5000 – 10000
— boar — 15000 – 30000 – 45000 (fingerlings, pig / sexually mature, trophy)
— moose — 40000 – 60000 – 80000 (bull, maturity / cow trophy)
— Bear — 40000-100000 – 250000 (the average animal, large, trophy)

The price of the bear varies greatly depending on the place of hunting (the most expensive of Kamchatka and animals from 300 kg)

So much for the non-compliance and non-compliance with laws and the so-called legal nihilism! So how do we hunt? A very simple. All were or were familiar rangers or local hunters in the deep wilderness. That’s where we are, and the hunt for very different prices, and for very different (and much more honest in relation to the game, and in relation to people – rules). Bear (male) in the spring with the approach and bait — no problem! Cook for thirty thousand, and for their own and smaller! Organization of arrangements — 5 minutes! At least six provinces.

What? — Horoshih- those which bear a lot. Want to bear den — you are welcome! Just have to wait for winter. Paper prohibition does not count — because the hunting management community oh how wonderful and quickly with each other via the Internet communicates. And it is interesting — somehow I never came across the works of Yuri Trutnev Medvedev signed.

But across the works of Yu Mel’nitskii, S. Lobachyova, Shirinsky-Shikhmatov and many other major bugbears. After the bear is not such a harmless animal. If it is not permanently keep «leash»Then he quickly starts to become impudent! Or maybe all the members of United Russia has been given from birth to know everything about everything!

Perhaps that is why now we have a weak and riding and letayuschuyuyu on thirty-forty years of engineering, army, the poor old people, poor workers, engineers, doctors, teachers ….

There is one good example of how mindless grabbers in the past twenty years have deduced «for direct fire» straight to Moscow Siberian entsifalitnogo tick. This is now trumpeting the newspapers. And the reason is what? Yes, perhaps that under the clear-cutting in the nineties were withdrawn millions of hectares of magnificent forests in Novgorod, Kirov, Kostroma, Tver, Vologda, and more. al. spheres. Now, in place of the forest, not uprooted, overgrown with thistles and brednyakom vast wasteland.

How are you guys?

Old den. Photo: Sergey Sorokin

In these wastelands tick repeatedly razmozhilsya, swarming mass of mutated and went to the Southwest. This aggression is much more serious Georgian «intervention» August 2008.

Again, there were warning signs about the possibility of a ban spring hunting. I would like to remind the bureaucrats of the hunt that they are not introduced in Russia spring hunting rules, not them and cancel them!
As for the declared ”Law on hunting and conservation………and amending……and about…..?” whose name and read something will soon be impossible — 80% of the private land in Russia, it’s all full, of course, nonsense.

We immediately see that the writers of the law is rather weak and are guided in our hunting and hunters, and hunting. Obscenities they imagine, for example, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tyumen Region, Yakutia — any of these regions almost more than all of Western Europe combined! 80% of them have registered for the regions closest to the major cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and others. And what – all under the law!

But even in these regions, they are not particularly earth-is given. And the SBI and ROOiRy and OOiRy took over their land, judged and where to send the Vikings. It did not help either rate per unit area that cunningly tried to plug vary from 1 to 10 rubles per hectare. (And this is the way ten times the difference!), No payment per hectare of forest land, or entering a single gosohotbileta – who enter it really nowhere to be, simply because it is no use to anyone anywhere!

All our guys will be fine, but not at once! Please have some more time to watch a farce. Our fiction lawmakers themselves in the end – divorced!

According to the results of the spring 2011 season

Viktor Ivanov, game manager, Nizhny Novgorod obl.2 February 2013 at 10:47

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