Karelian Bear Dog — belchatnitsa!

The «horn» (№ 50, 2011) published an article by the expert category II on the rocks and testing huskies Stogova Philip, who categorically said about the unsuitability of the Karelian dogs like huskies belchatnits. This statement shows only a shallow knowledge of his breed and breed on the conduct of the present time.

Karelian Bear Dog - belchatnitsa!Photo Tatiana Goltsova


It has always been that the best belchatnikami are European and Russian Karelia (Karelian-Finnish) Huskies, but the Western Siberian need bigger game. And suddenly – Sensation: F. Ricks «boldly» exclude (!) «Karelian Laika (last «Karelian-Finnish») Of the number of potential belchatnits for taiga hunting».
And this despite the fact that, according to the catalog
118th Moscow Regional Exhibition of hunting dogs of 2011, out of 107 Karelian Laika diplomas proteins have 46 dogs, ie 43%, while 116 degrees in West Siberian laikas protein only 26 dogs i.e. 19.8%.
I would like to know how much and on what tests and competitions F. Ricks seized Karelian Laika and he judged them all. Judging pedigree dogs recorded in VPKOS, I, as the curator of the breed Karelian Laika, the names of such experts are not met. In raportichkah on the results of the Moscow regional interbreed competition huskies MOOiR such a name also did not appear.
In addition, I would like to inform the readers that at the Moscow regional interbreed competition huskies for fur animals command Karelian Laika has repeatedly occupied the top places: 2008 – 1st place; year 2009 – 3 teams took karelok 2,3 and 4th place; 2010 – two teams 4th and 5th place; 2011 – 1st place, 2nd place in the competition went to the team of the Balashikha District, consisting of two karelok and a Russian-European Laika. And in previous years karelki repeatedly won prizes in competitions and were awarded wild boar hunts and free vouchers for furs.

TA Goltsova expert category I by species and test huskies, Moscow.

The response to the article of Philip Stogova.

We hunters who own these dogs are not one ten years, even now, when it seems squirrel skins are not wanted, we go for a squirrel using karelku as a sporting dog, just as the use of Pointing Dogs game birds.

Being in the woods with a good working dog – it’s vacation, and emotional discharge. Dogs are always in good shape, and therefore show themselves well in the inter-regional competitions held annually on the protein. And in the past, our dogs are often manifested themselves in these activities. We are proud to champion Rimpi Otryvina from Yaroslavl received a puppy from Moscow’s dogs had at various competitions 6 diplomas of I degree of protein and was the champion of a number of competitions, although at the time karelke achieve such results was not easy. We have to win every race champion shone Ginger Korotkov AF, received diplomas I and II degree, Ike Smirnov GV, too, with the diplomas I and II degree.

More recently, the champion of Genghis Khan Davydova IP He became the champion of the competition for the protein with the diploma of I degree. And our team of karelok repeatedly took first place in the interbreed competition on protein, including in this year, 2011, for which participants received free vouchers «furs».

Perhaps the author «Choose a husky-belchatnitsu» It emphasizes that all of this is obtained «in parkland»And not on the taiga hunting. But nobody in the park test is not conducted, and the conditions of land ITS «Firsanovka» complexity is no different from the average taiga lands and the more northern taiga. Moscow hunters and we are signatories to this article annually go hunting in Karelia, the Komi Republic, the Arkhangelsk region. A Tver, Vologda, Ivanovo region is generally considered «his» and leave there for the weekend. In addition, we have literally rave reviews on the work karelok in Siberia, which give their puppies, for example, from Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Magadan, and others.

Unfortunately, about F. Stogova we have not heard anything. Although his opinion that Russian-European Laika work on protein «Gaming dobychlivee than West Siberian»We agree. But the assertion that the West Siberian Laika (bitches) «no equal in the surveillance», Is debatable. This statement is not confirmed by the interbreed competition, and most importantly – quality surveillance is largely dependent on nataski and regular use of dogs in hunting, shooting frequent animal.

Recommendations F. Stogova on individual elements detect proteins very controversial and even anecdotal and is likely to indicate that he is not a great connoisseur of hunting husky squirrel. For example, the recommendation vypugivat protein shots from «melkashki». Protein, especially with bated on large trees (in spruce, fir and especially cedar), did not respond to a click melkashki and shoot from it only in sparse stands or larch. A proposal to sit 20–30 minutes and wait for the animal show itself, – This is ridiculous.

Yes, what a Husky will stand and sit out these 20–30 minutes and a hunter survive such a test! He was banging on the trunk of a tree with an ax and found the protein will not lose time in vain, and withdraw Like and go further without spending too much effort on the detection of animal. The scalpel is that Ricks advised to take a skin, it is better not to carry in your pocket – it is dangerous.

Yet for hunting squirrel in the February time, when the snow is compacted, best small, light, fast Karelian Bear Dog and West Siberian fail and get stuck in the snow.
One can endlessly love you selected breed of dog, but indiscriminately and decry «safely excluded» other breeds incorrect and unacceptable. Such statements «expert»Not confirmed any materials speak only of its low culture, and do not make him honor.

Hunters with Karelian Laika:
HE. Sidorov, AV Lyakh, VD Efimov, AV Tyurin;
AF Korotkov – expert category III
testing huskies, Hunter;
AM Ignatiev (Ivanovo) – expert category III according to species and test huskies, Hunter;
AK Gorkov – expert category III according to species and
Category II testing huskies hunter.

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