Most fish direction

Most fish direction

Photo Anatoly Mailkova

We continue to talk about «the cool» places near Moscow. Now turned his gaze to the west of the capital area. No exaggeration to say that the local fishing enthusiasts were more fortunate of all: because it is located in the west of the region’s most popular among anglers ponds.

Let’s begin with the most distant suburbs, where there are Verhneruzskoe reservoir. It is very picturesque and cozy pond, surrounded by untouched «civilization» Nature. A significant part of the reservoir is located in the «arms» vast forests. On the banks of many cozy and attractive for fishing bays and coves.

Waters very rich in fish, especially predatory – pike, walleye, perch, chub. Especially a lot of walleye, which are caught in the summer and spinning circles and winter – jigging and zherlitsy. There are also bream, roach, ide, bream, tench, crucian carp white.

Fishing here on the vouchers, which can be purchased at the fishing base, located at the confluence of the pond of the river near the village of Broiler Romantsevo. One is bad: for off-road, forest thickets, many far from the base attractive places inaccessible to vehicles. However, the village Shemelinki along the north shore of the reservoir is a dirt road to the upper reaches of the reservoir, however, pass through it in a car is very difficult, especially after rains.

Directions: road Novorizhskoe highway to Shakhovskoy, then left towards the village ance. From right to Obuhovo. Here, to the pond are two roads: straight – to the village and left Shemelinki – to the villages of the day, Cherlenkovo.

Especially popular among anglers enjoys suburban famous Ruza Reservoir. This is understandable: the pond is known for the richness and diversity of fish stocks, the constancy of fish. The composition of the most diverse underwater inhabitants: bream, roach, perch, pike, perch, burbot, carp, ide, chub, bream, bleak. Meet and eel. In winter it is mainly caught float rod and jig white bream, roach, perch. And in the summer to go fishing boats float rod and Donkey on the shore. Lovers of winter catch a predator to catch it on zherlitsy and summer – on mugs and spinning.

There are many places that deserve attention angler. And everyone tries to get to his cherished «point». I often come to the sons of our favorite place. This portion of the reservoir between the former holiday home «Meadows» on the north shore of the reservoir, and the sanatorium «Russ» on the south shore. It can be reached, if you go out of Rouses Ostashevsky highway and turn left before you reach the village of Bielany Mountain.

The bottom relief at this site allows you to choose a location for fishing at any depth – from 3 to 14 meters. In winter, the bulk of the fishermen is located at depths of 6-9 meters. One drill hole in the middle of the pond – opposite the descent from the road, others go to the right on a vast bay along a steep, wooded shores.

Many attractive places for fishing and to the west: from villages Akatova, Kurovo, Shcherbinka, malty, near the village of Ostashevo. In late winter, the last ice well caught a big roach and perch in the Bay Kurowski formed the bed of the river which flows into the pond left Pedni. Many of roach and perch from the reservoir rushes here to the oxygen-rich water from flowing into the river. The depth is about two meters, should bite one another.

Approximately the same picture is on the last ice on the opposite side of the pond, near the villages of Homyanovo Frolkova and where is far away land crashing into the bay with a river flowing into the right Pedney.

Directions: by train from Belorussky railway station Dorokhovo, then by bus through the city of Ruza on Ostashevo. You can get off the bus at any of the stops: Meadows, Bielany Gore Akatova, Kurovo, malty, Ostashevo. By bus – to Minsk highway rotated by 83-kilometer right towards Rouses and further to the reservoir.

A few kilometers east of the reservoir stretch stretches Ozerninsky reservoir. Terms and fishing «range» underwater inhabitants here are about the same as in the Ruza Reservoir. The coastline of the reservoir is very uneven, with many coves and bays. This creates a very cozy environment for local fishing. It is very attractive to anglers the mouth of the rivers flowing here and Wayne Tabolovki and bays on either side of the bridge near the village of Volkovo.

The village is Remyannitsy fishing base, where you can write down the boat in the summer and in the winter issue overnight. It is significant that in this body of water is not particularly affected by the so-called gluhozime when in the middle of the winter due to lack of oxygen in the water everywhere nibble weakens. There is enough catch even in the dead of winter season is guaranteed.

Directions: Highway Novorizhskoe road before turning the city Ruza, continue through the village to the Briquette Remyannitsy. Or by train from Belorussky railway station Dorokhovo, then by bus to Remyannitsy.

Another popular reservoir in western Moscow – This Mozhayskoye reservoir. In due time I come here often, especially in winter. «Mozhaika» always attracted attracts. Why? The fact that you can always count on a big fish. Sometimes, after hooking a hand and freezes in poluvzmahe: entangled fish not immediately budge from the spot. She begins to walk under water circles, up to the limit pulling the line.

Waters rich in fish. There are bream, perch, pike, perch, chub, carp, roach, bream, tench, burbot and eel. The most common prey is the angler bream and bream. Mozhajskij bream fussy, careful bite sometimes have to wait a long time. More than once I was convinced that in winter it sometimes begins to peck not at dawn, but much later, sometimes even later in the morning.

Most «pretty» Places – Krasnovidovo the village and opposite the fishing base at the old village, near the villages Goretovo, Khotilovo, Myshkin. Since the spring at these locations have successfully caught roach, bream, perch. Spinning on mugs you can catch pike, zander, big perch. The overgrown with aquatic vegetation bays are sometimes caught on bait big tench.

Near the base at the Old Village in the reservoir flows into the river Koloch. Here, from the beginning of May caught float rod from shore roach, ide. It is famous for a large body of water and bleak. The most interesting and productive fishing of this fish is here at last the ice at the end of March – early April. Catch the sensitive mormyshechnuyu tackle packed with maggots. Many fans come to this time specifically catch this delicate, tasty fish.

It offers anglers here are the base of the Moscow Society of Hunters and Fishermen: in Krasnovidovo and Trinity. At the Old Village located base «Mozhayskoye Sea».

Directions: by train from Belorussky railway to Mozhaisk, then by bus to any of the items: Blaznovo, Krasnovidovo, Goretovo, Myshkin, Old Village, The Trinity. By bus – on the highway to the Mozhaisk Mozhaisk, then to any of these points.

Noteworthy fishermen and located in the territory of Moscow region Trostenskoe lake. His name is fully justified: the lake is surrounded by a dense belt of reeds and small shrubs. And the wall of reeds rises not only on the banks of the marsh, but also acts on the water far from the shore. Therefore, there can only be fishing from a boat.

Before the lake belonged to the military-hunting society of the Moscow Military District and its banks had two fishing base of this society: Mound near the village on the north shore and in the village Onufrieva – on the south. Now the pond has appeared abandoned, closed base and fishing, became free, without permits. It gave free rein to local poachers, who, without any regard brazenly devastate fish stocks of Lake, straining its many networks.

Yet the fish there is still a lot. The most common: pike, perch, ide, roach, bream, both types of carp (silver and gold), rotan. And roach catches rather large, it is necessary to extract it with a landing net. I know this body of water almost half a century, I fished here many times and noticed that the best local fish caught in calm cloudy weather, or even when it’s spitting rain weak without wind.

The lake is shallow, its average depth of about half a meter, but in some places there is a depth of two meters. But a layer of liquid mud under the water reaches more than ten meters. In winter, the pond is not as much interest as in the summer. But sometimes pervoledyu perch are biting well. Catch it on the jig and small blesenki.

Directions: road on Novorizhskoe highway near the village to turn left at the Meadows Onufrieva. Or train to Riga station (on a platform in the metro «Tushinskaya») To the station of the New Jerusalem, from here by bus to Onufrieva.

Is this the Moscow region and other bodies of water: ponds and abandoned rybhozovskie where fishing opportunities – both free and paid. About all it is impossible to tell, I spoke only of the most interesting and popular bodies of water.

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