Tackle hand and heart

Tackle hand and heart

With the accumulation of experience and the development of ever more sophisticated methods of fishing with spinning a variety of predators, and not only them, in front of each fisherman, sooner or later there is a problem to replace obsolete, having exhausted themselves tackle the new, more advanced functional. The main element of the future tackle, of course, must be spinning rod because of its parameters will depend on the type of use of baits, and the nature of their posting, and casting distance and sensitivity to biting, and efficiency vyvazhivaniya trophy and direction to catch a predator of certain types and size.

It is clear that in a spinning rod all of the above requirements may not coincide, so it is necessary to recognize that a skilled hunter predatory fish should be some specialized gear. This in turn means that each spinning reel need to pick up the appropriate class and weight to tackle was the most balanced, well laid down in the arm is not tired during the catch – in general, it proved to be on hand and like a particular fisherman and corresponded to his own physique. For example, one fisherman hands slightly shorter than the other, so the spinning of the same type, they will choose a different along the length of the handle. But that being said, the individual needs of the future owner of the gear. But besides them there are objective indicators that will certainly have to take into account.

They consist in the fact that all the spinning rod with respect to conditionally divided into three main classes: light, medium and heavy, and within each class there is a gradation of ranks in the soft, medium (or classic), and hard with the whole set of transition options. Also, operation of the rod is divided into slow, intermediate and fast. It is evident that the parameters for the selection of the new gear a lot, and this should be approached professionally, so you should never buy a spinning in random places and unsavory people – better to go straight into a solid company store, where, together with the purchase invoice and given certain guarantees.

However, in the fishing shop and a potential buyer met by a row of sparkling flawless «makeup» firm and not quite such rods, but it’s just «dust in the eyes», Which has yet to try to thicken and sellers tend to be completely ignorant of modern fishing technology and production, as they themselves are caught occasionally. Therefore, without the advice or tackle the practical involvement of an experienced expert is now quite difficult to choose.

However, something that can be predicted independently, based on the fact that it is cheap and reliable rods made of fiberglass, are unlikely to have a hard and fast action, moreover, they are quite heavy. And these rods do not put expensive wear rings, and therefore apply to them a modern braided fishing line is not necessary. But these spinners are very good to deal with large catfish and salmon, and sea fishing permit to perform very long casts heavy and superheavy baits.
But the rod made of composite materials (carbon fiber plus), are well suited for fishing lures and good old «iron» as kolebalok and turntables, such as the «sticks» characterized by the average of all the parameters. For very popular today jig fishing, requiring perfect sensitivity «knock» klyunuvshey fish need «sonorous» (hard) and «evil» (fast) «stick». Here are the most suitable spinners made with a predominance of high-modulus carbon fiber, which is usually indicated on the inboard knee rods with long range and permitted weights pelted baits. These, almost stiff, but very light, not inert «sticks» help the angler with a good response to perform slicing down an instant, even when the bite occurred at top-range casting.

In addition, as the practice of many fishings, very hard «coal» spinners effectively allow fishing in shallow water and in dense snags where needed light bait and it is required in high-speed mode, literally «prodirat» through algae or stockade of branches, where most are predatory fish. If these conditions apply spinning «for bait», That is under its weight, it will be spinning light class which is practically impossible to manufacture in the embodiment of the hard – it is usually obtained with a mild or medium action even when embedded in a large percentage of it «coal». Such spinning at each of the bait hitting the barrier will «to brake» movement, deflection under load occurred, which inevitably worsen the quality of the wiring and result in a large number of «dead» hooks. Therefore, in most cases, hard and fast spinning Universal Soft to medium formation, although they substantially reduced range of casting light baits, which, however, is not critical when the fishing is carried out from a boat. It should be added that this universality would have been impossible without the appearance of a surprisingly durable, soft and «slippery» Braided lines thin and hardly stretchable under load. Braids itself considerably extended the limits of applicability of spinning tackle. For example, a very thin braid became possible to successfully catch the swift current small «turntables» wobblers and chub and asp, fulfilling long and ultra-long casts «stick» soft or medium-sized building. Also has become a familiar catch on small bait big carp, carp, carp, bream, ide and others do not «Spinning» fish that is impossible with ordinary fishing line, which would require very thin, and therefore weak.

In general, concluding observations on the choice made by the functional spinning, and maybe even a few specialized gear, should be guided by two main criteria – This price-performance ratio and quantitative indicators necessary for the intended method of fishing. About the second criterion lot mentioned above, although the faithful observance of it will need considerably greater costs than buying just looks beautiful spinning, like the average suitable for catching many predators in general, but in any case, not giving a good result. But with respect to the first criterion, it is necessary to speak especially because many anglers continue «by inertia» pay unreasonably big money for famous names once loudly sounding firms. But over the past couple of decades, almost all the production of gear on high technology from the developed countries moved to the eastern states with low labor costs and a loyal tax, which increased the competitiveness in this business. therefore «Chinese» or «Korean» with low price is unlikely to give way to something very dear «firmachi», Manufactured in the same place. So why pay more? So, we need to communicate more often with other fishermen, learn about new products, and in the store when selecting tackle more trust in their hands and experience, but do not succumb to hypnosis beautiful branded labels.

Anatoly Mailkov11 October 2013 at 00:00

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