The meager results — is also a success

Field tests spaniels in Samara

The meager results - is also a successPhoto Lenonida Karantaeva

In the 70-ies of XX century breed of ROS it was quite popular in the Samara region. There were more than 20 working dogs, and regularly exhibited at exhibitions and field trials. The main types of hunting dogs were then duck and woodcock. And the dogs have worked on them quite well.
In these years I started hunting with his first spaniel. Then, unfortunately, the fate was such that a few years I had to hunt without a dog. And finally, I again took the puppy, all winter and summer preparing him to work in the field and at the end of the summer brought to the field trials. Then, in 1991, the tests were conducted in Samara once a year and only for waterfowl. For further testing, it was just not experts. To my great surprise, my spaniel was the only one on the tests, all the other hunters put huskies and kurtshaar. And this despite the fact that only a diploma spaniels for waterfowl was basic.
Only in 1993, three trials were exhibited spaniel. In the evening we, the owners, gathered around the fire and incited cynologist regional society of hunters AF Saversky decided that breed in Samara, we need to revive. Immediately proclaimed himself section and decided to gather around him all the lovers of the breed. So it all came together successfully, which found supporters, and soon began to breed some recovery. First dog, have good working qualities, and who later became champions. First of all it was hours. VOLUME owner Gukin EI ex., 5-I, 2-II; h. Nora, the owner Slepushkin VV, Pts. chorus., II-2, III-2; h. DESY, owner Lyakhovsky IV, ex., 1-II, 3-III; h. Dick, the owner Grigoriev, SK, ex., 2-I, 4-II. Unfortunately, all of the certificates were obtained for waterfowl on common rules.
From these dogs, as well as their mating with dogs from Togliatti was obtained by a number of worthy descendants like
h. Laura, the owner Solovodov AA, excellent, 1-I, 1-III; Dasha owner AA Artemyev, Pts. chorus, 1-I, II-4; LADA, owner Bannov VV, Pts. chorus., 1-I, 1-II. But the best was undoubtedly h. Boni, owner Lyakhovsky IV, ex., 2-I, 6-II, became the champion in the Samara, Saratov and Ulyanovsk regional exhibitions took 4th place in the ring complex assessment on the X National show of hunting dogs in Tver.
Here we note that the active chemicals in agriculture in the years led to the almost complete disappearance of the field and marsh game. And Woodcock somehow started crawling on the span side of the Samara Bend. As a result, only available in game remained duck. Therefore, if some dogs were excellent «utyatniki»Then in the field hunting «on classics» to them no one came out. The last hunting tradition of this seemed irretrievably lost.
At the beginning of the XXI century in the work with the dogs again came a recession. The main reasons may be noted two. The first shooting was banned during the field test, the former traditional in the Samara region, and hunters have lost interest in them. Second, the economic crisis stopped many owners to take part in the tests because of the need to pay for it. As a result, livestock breeding spaniels in the beginning of the decline, although many dogs with their owners hunted and hunted well.
Positive trends emerged when jointly section spaniels and the chairman of the Samara regional hunting and fishing alliance IK Aspen suburban hunting estate has been allocated land for nataski and testing of dogs. The location of this site allows you to get to it and by public transport and by car. There you can drive with a dog exercise even on a weekday after work. Having received such an opportunity, the section organized spaniels nataska young dogs. They responded to the call of mostly young breeders. And the works of the first season were not in vain. We were the first to conduct field trials for quail and bog meadow game.
In two trials conducted attended a total of 11 dogs. Five of them received diplomas of III degree. It cisco owner Zemskov YV .; Cent owner of Konnov AA .; DARADA owner Lyakhovsky IV .; Chan, the owner Lukovnikov D.YU .; and Chuck Norris, owner Opolnova IN Three dogs previously had duck diplomas, but the diplomas in the field for the first time they have received.
Low, at first glance, the results turned into a great success for us. For the first time dogs have received diplomas in the field. In addition, during the summer there was a group of associates, albeit small.
I’d like to congratulate our young people with initial success and wish not to stop there. Especially since dogs have all the data to obtain diplomas of higher degrees.
In the nearest future we – participate in competitions of higher rank.

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