The roar of the surf foam

The roar of the surf foam

Please distant muffled noise. Then rolling kick. The wave hits the shore, the sky vzmetaya sheaves spray. After a moment, the noise again – not rustle, not hiss. The water goes back into the ocean, leaving a wet strip of coast. On her wandering boy with buckets, bags. I walked closer and the boy with a long knife in his hand showed me a handful of mussels, some small shells. Nakata next wave, covering the sand white foam. When it subsided, the boy hid catch and hurried to the bared edge of the reef.

A little watch the brave miners nautical gifts and sends along the coast. The entire length of it was tousled white surf rolls. In a sunny bowed far below the water coconut trees, they miraculously transformed into smoky clubs. Ocean surf, you can admire the infinite, can also be endlessly listen to his music, catching it and lulling rhythm, and thunder, and sad noises. That I lived until the end of October was traveling along the south coast of Sri Lanka. And watched as the locals extracted oceanic animals not only at sea, but in the foamy surf furrows. It turned out, surf Nyvka is very dobychlivoy.

I often met on the banks of dark-skinned fishermen who roamed the shallows with long flexible spinning. Pull out mostly small fish, sometimes on the sand and plopped major trophies. Mined in the coastal waters of animals and fish bait. Often bait (usually it was shrimp, worms) without a float with only one sinker, which is replaced by a simple nut, thrown into the whirlwind of foamy surf. The fact that the wave, which beat the shore, washed out of the limestone fine food, which enjoyed the happy inhabitants of the ocean coastal waters. I dived into the mask near the shore and saw in the turbulent surf muddy water rushing striped fish. They are most often the prey of fishermen. Some craftsmen managed to throw spinning from blesenkami far beyond the breaking wave.

 A kind of tourist attraction Sri Lanka became the sixth with perekladinami-«perches»We are hosting the ryboudy. The poles are usually driven into the sandy bottom in shallow coastal banks. With gnarled figures of fishermen from a distance they looked like exotic birds.

 «Undertow» Fishing requires a special care from the fishermen. Well, firstly, on the shore is full of sea urchins, which are very painful prick. Without obuvki with a sturdy sole here is not to wander. And secondly, the surf is often reaches such a force that can easily knock you down. Well, if the beach is sandy, then get along with bruises and scratches. And if the beach is surrounded with a stone ridge…

The roar of the surf foam

Pamanugama village, where I stayed for a couple of days after the end of travel is twenty kilometers from Colombo. Spacious, fresh winds blown house Lankans Jan, who sheltered me, standing on the shore of the ocean. There is no fence or even dilapidated fence – I dived into the passage between the bushes, ran down the sandy slope, and you’re at the edge of the surf.

– At night from the sand crawl different insects, crustaceans, which continually covers surf wave – Yang told about the peculiarities of the local «surf» fishing. – Here, in the shallows of this livelier fish and hunt. What managed to grab, so it was immediately breaking wave blows back into the ocean. Unless, of course, will not fall into the net that the fishermen have time until the water ran down, stretch at the edge of the surf. They shook the catch in the bag and wait for the next reel. It happens that the fish remains in the pits. Walk in the morning and folds into a cart…

Gathering, perhaps the most ancient occupation of Sri Lankans. In the jungle, they collect the fruit, on the banks of fish living creatures, crustaceans, shells. Often, after the storm sandy beaches are littered with roots, grass, rubble boards, various household items that leave behind the passing ships. Along with the fish they catch are often also make the islanders.

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