Wonder Bunny

Under my influence eyed Sasha ill hunting, and soon he abandoned cuckold, he went to hunt with his head, finding solace in it. The passion for hunting has covered my new friend with great force, and he was destined to go through training in shooting flour

Wonder BunnyPhoto: Anton Grachev

With Alexander and his father (the latter lives in the neighborhood), I znayus a quarter of a century. Sasha’s ancestor – egotist. The selfish person Bitter Fate (postwar orphans) was an admixture of brutality. Samodurskie habits and grabbing gems from Down and Out characteristic of mature man.

Often, an orphan in years overdo, making jokes addressed to his own son, who was not indulged, but, despite his father’s nevyloschennye manners Dad for Sasha – king and god.

Under my influence eyed Sasha ill hunting, and soon he abandoned cuckold, he went to hunt with his head, finding solace in it. The passion for hunting has covered my new friend with great force, and he was destined to go through flour shooting training. If one is given the skill, others – in any way. The ballistics and technique of firing any aza Sasha does not make sense. New to hunting, he could not have the life of me understand the meaning of pre-emption when shooting fast-moving rabbit. One could safely say that this business will require a lot of sweat. In my opinion, wine Sasha is beyond counting slips – exotropia. But how «kettle» about tactfully say ?! Sasha’s father surnamed mechanically his flesh and blood «oblique». Nicholas was not an unpleasant person, but his neotesannost and neglect of my boxes, and Sasha though henna.

In Sasha’s ancestor was a gaunt figure, sinewy arms. Prudent owner to the conventional wisdom clothes – gardener-kozovod. It has long been somehow thrown hunt, divorced from life, alienated, but loved like to stretch their legs. From time to time, when we were going hunting, tomorrow pensioner said:

– I’ll go with you for company proshvyrnus, rock the old days, to test themselves on the strength, normalizes blood circulation at the same time.

And gird portupeynym belt, throwing his shoulders Sidor, which hung no more than a bag of hominy yes manerka goat’s milk for a snack, prischelknuv language uttered:

– Since I’m going with you, hares – our.

More than once we had an occasion to remember the prophetic words of Sasha’s parents.

A lovely November day. We quietly walked three novyu beam, then to winter field, crossed ravines, vineyards, land tillage. Zaitsev at the then time, it was ten times more. Unforgettable time! On the outskirts of arable Sasha had just stepped on a hare. Kosopritselny hit shot after the first second, and hare, as if nothing bad and was not, took to their heels. Groomsman, lost count misses, lean face. He missed, and this with a sneer:

– You oblique, a little order. You could throw a rock and kill the hare!

Then angry detractors sparing filial pride, sarcastically podkovyrnul:

– Was given to you, Sasha, the hare! He is old, he had a tough meat. Let die a natural death!

A minute later, teaching wits, I took soap offspring head:

– Muff! It is necessary to make it in advance trunks! No there is no wisdom. To put it simply: without stopping gun, giving him a meter in front !! – And in the hearts: – How stump shall be construed (special pedagogy) – all in vain!

Sasha drank poison otchih words. Offend offensive remark sbychivshis, he stood with a cloudy appearance. It is time to cry. With his father, he fully agrees. With all that said the state of hopelessness in:

– It seems to be giving in advance, but still obzazhivayu.

In a garbage pile away from the farm Nicholas came to hand enameled bucket cap.

– Sasha, – Lift the lid, she took her son to the father, – no harm will be shooting at a shooting range.

Buddy truncating what hinted Dad and loaded double-barreled shotgun. Nicholas swung to throw and blurted out the cover on the edge of the earth! Cover, imitating hare jumped on the mound and rolled down the steep slope. From a distance of thirty-five or forty steps Sasha kissed and slammed twice in a row. Off Target! Nulevka sent vperehvat fast rolling thin metal disk, not hurt him, and he drove off without flaws in the bushes. Exercise was repeated. To no avail. The third attempt. «Trainer» He threw cover Sasha raised his sixteenth izhevku caliber, a shot rang out, and we all saw and heard, the lid swung from being hit as flattened small lead balls, having met in its path enameled iron. The shooter hit the target! He reached through the thicket of meaning of our words. Finally, he found the aiming point!

Successful were the fourth and fifth attempt. We must navykat!

– Eye – spirit level! – exclaimed Sasha’s mentor. – You see ?! You’ve trained shooter!

– Yeah, I see, – beamed with happiness encouraged Sasha.

Sasha inwardly pleased with himself. Gone a mile. It delves into neglected orchard, near the village that the Russian. Sasha on the left side. Nicholas – slightly ahead of the right of me. Shooting in the garden, as well as in the vineyard, it is difficult: as a rule, aiming at the hare, you get to the tree.

– Volodya, Bunny went on you! – He shouted Kolya.

I froze on the spot. Clearly nervous from the expectations of a rabbit. Right there across the overgrown weeds between rows slipped hare. In a very short period of time there was a cotton shot.

– Gotcha! – Sasha cried. – Gotcha! Gotcha!

Come down, congratulated the jubilant hunters who had the good fortune. And Nikolai incorrigible:

– Vidal, Vovk, of the oblique oblique sentenced ?! – And he added: – This hare is necessary vsprysnut. Slavnetsky Bunny! Hare – feast for the eyes!

I, naturally, was surprised though! In Sasha’s face a mixture of surprise and unfeigned joy. He was quite happy, wandering smile on his face, he could not get enough of the hare. It was an unusual hare among his kind. She pulled by six kilograms. There was a furry animal smoky fur, short ears in proportion with the body and striking claws. Hare if just stepped out of a beauty shop, where he among other things increased their claws, which are covered with dark varnish. Like a rabbit-prince, I got a few years later. Most of these birds I have never and nowhere seen.

Sasha came true aspirations. Lucky Shot breathed into my brother hunting confidence he stood on the way of perfection and eventually closed up dobychlivym lucky hunter.

Eighteen months ago between me and Sasha I ran a black cat. I break it off with an old friend. But at the end of this season, we again went hunting together, because an old friend is better than two new ones.

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