Limits? Cut!

On a sunny afternoon in the frosty air, as always, suddenly, a shot was heard, and then in my breast pocket creaked radio - "Eliminated". Not wasting a minute, on the far side of the circuit shooters I gave the team the huntsman, "End"! Soon, like ghosts, began to appear in the clearing ruffled, frozen by a half hour of standing in the cold hand.Photo Joni sweetman / FLICKR.COM In the morning we were taken on a scheduled day of hunting elk on afternoon remained license wild boar, which, according to senior post, has now been taken, and This meant that the Read more [...]
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Fishing in the heat

Photo by Aleksey Dektyareva During the hot summer months, the results of our fishings often modest, even zero. We fishermen, from small to large, know the explanation for this phenomenon.First, to put you in a pot of boiling soup and ask: «One hundred grams pour? ..» That's right! Secondly, local fish acutely perceives in «boiling soup» future life-giving rain – not biting two weeks before the rain that poured on the bodies of water tochnehonko twice a month.Written originally also used to go to the beaten path predecessors speculation and self-justification. Read more [...]
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Another Russian forest

From redaktsii.2 March was 40 days, as there is no contact Modest V. Kalinin, our regular contributor, honored worker of Russian Hunting, hunting writer and wonderful person. Family Modest Vladimirovich gave us the last, still unpublished essay, he had prepared especially for "horn".Photo Anatoly Azarov April 19th, 1904. Radiant morning presaged a good day. As always, just in 9 am at the EL grave Wolf, creator and LTA chief gardener of the park, met two slender gray-haired elderly man. It was the Forestry Institute Professor Dmitry Nikiforovitch Kaygorodov (hereinafter — Read more [...]
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Count disappoint

Early November. Hunting foxes and hares is already open, but I succumbed to a promising proposal buddy forester Nicholas, go to the ducks on the river Nerussa. A few days earlier, he raised it many herds apparently delayed their departure unusual for this month teplo.K addition, he has drathaar Graf, who is always able to get battered bird out of the water. Photo Vladisalva Schatiloff Nerussa in the middle reaches, after reclamation deepened and straightened her track became faster and some inhospitable. But each spring stormy wayward no water, no and yes podmoyut anywhere high Read more [...]
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With the boat on koltsovku

Large rivers have their own peculiarities that have to be taken into account in the small boat angler. Fishing from a boat in deep water and strong currents, and dictates their gear adapted to these conditions. And no matter how perfect the technology and are now brands of fishing firms, but the principle of catching «koltsovkoy» persists, albeit in different versions. Here we will focus on the most common form of gear, at least in the Volga region. Similar «koltsovkoy» caught in Soviet times with shabby «Kazanok», Catch today.Let's start with Read more [...]
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On the platform "Taininskoye" interested at slender girls, leading on a leash Great Dane, how much weight a dog? "Eighty-two kilograms," - came the reply. I go on the platform and then a few seconds later I remember that weighed as much Wołczyn mined on bait near the village Klintsova avid hunter-zasidchikom of the Great Bow Alexei Shishov. Now very few predators to shoot bait. Photo by Vladimir Bologova Those who are interested in this way of hunting experience will be useful to Alexei.In the backyard farm that contains cattle, he had arranged an ambush fox, which he kept watch Read more [...]
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Secrets foreman

About mullet fishing in the Black Sea, says a lot. Nevertheless, fishermen who could boast of decent catches in the Black Sea this interesting (in sporting terms) and very tasty fish, meet infrequently. And, as a rule, local residents of the Crimean coast that are engaged in mullet fishing since childhood and have acquired considerable experience in this business. I hope that this publication will help them and many other anglers, not only to understand the kinds of Black Sea mullet, but also to learn some of the secrets of catching this fish on the Black Sea coast of Crimea. Read more [...]
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Time will judge

("On the edge" part 2) I will describe in a nutshell tour of well familiar to me for over 20 years Vyshnevolotskaya places. Immediately at the entrance to the village house, which stands four kilometers from the highway asphalt, found no animal crossings primer in the lowlands. Earlier, there were always many fresh traces night elk and wild boar.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin Morning hike in the surroundings do not detect the presence of grouse on the overrun with bushes and low forest edges all declining, the former farm fields. Until a few years ago (not to mention the longer Read more [...]
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Go hunting for wolves

In the area where we hunt (Murashi of the Kirov region), the snow lies for a long time, on the day of the salary was -26 ° C. The weather after the New Year a few days was warm, and the wolf was lying peacefully digesting our dogs, which carry with extreme street ants. He came to the city and brazenly tore dogs with chains, dragged into the woods nearby and ate. It was annoying to residents and hunters ants, and I invited the brothers bone and Lesco Medvedchikovyh from Kirov to hunt. Flags chairman gave urban society SM Kirov Kitchen — 5 coils 500–600 meters. Medvechikovy Read more [...]
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All-Russian obiralovo

Photo Natalia Ilina Each year, a hunter having a setter, looks forward to the opening of hunting season for swamp game. Last spring, with competitions and exhibitions, grouse and snipe grown and prepared for rapid fly back. Finally, after going through the bureaucratic formalities, you go out into the grounds, sending the dog in the search, and that's it, then, for what you have worked for several months – Stand the dog on the game. «Forward!»And before you snipe flies shot – clean miss. Oh, I had to let go!Pleasure? Of course! And how much does it cost? Read more [...]
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That does not happen on the hunt!

It was an overcast November day. We huntsman came to the edge of a large, recently harvested corn field. Even in the approach of trails, beaten animals in the copse of trees, it was easy to guess that this place is frequented by game. And roe deer, and wild boar are regularly visited by here, to profit by crop residues, nedoubrannogo harvesters. The field is a small hill on top of which was stretched small grove adjacent to the farm gardens. After inspecting the field with binoculars, I found near the forest group of deer grazing peacefully goals in seven to eight. Not strong, Read more [...]
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Ide due coastal shelters

Do not second-ah-ah-ah-relationship, but still ide                                                            Photo by the author One of dobychlivyh tested gear for catching ide at large and medium rivers with natural course – rod with a lateral nod, which snap is ogruzhennaya fishing Read more [...]
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Hunting biathlon — a family holiday!

Competitions hunting biathlon club "sherna river" become a tradition. On the day of St. Tryphon, February 14, held the second open-person team competition hunting biathlon for the prize of the Club of hunters with gun dog "sherna river." Like last year, the event was held in conjunction with the Central Administrative District of Moscow OOiR in favor of Noginsk ROOiR. Photos of Hope Trofimova The weather was windy, but not frosty. For spectators everyone was organized bonfire, hot tea, coffee, candy, biscuit. It was stated 8 teams, including the women's team «Diana Read more [...]
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Spinning, catching walleye and bersha

Tattle "goodies"                                                                            Photo by the author Pike and Bersh always been coveted prey for anglers and sportsmen. And not only as Read more [...]
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Partridge Christmas

The idea for the holiday cook partridge born as soon as it became clear that the New Year and Christmas will meet on my native land, in the Astrakhan region, in a society favorite father and mother. I want them to treat dish of dichinki, especially since my father more than a decade ago, ended his hunting career.Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing Partridge I had known since childhood, as almost every winter hunting season, my father was producing several of these chickens. Without further ado mother cooked soup of them. His first partridges I got in his youth, when he started independent Read more [...]
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The hunting pressure has become fashionable to assign himself and his friends, amateur hunters, the nickname of "pro". How does this happen? Without a sense of the fantastic nature no hunting or hunter (E. Permitin)A man buys a license to shoot any animal, such as wild boar hunting facility called up with the time and place of hunting, arrived by car at the appointed time makes the relevant documents, arranged, and at a certain hour ranger drove the guest to Labasa.These animals come to feed every day on farm workers lined feed. Well, then a trick: the shooter chooses agreed with the huntsman, Read more [...]
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Modernization and equipment blёsen

Verified Spoons Lures                                            Photo by the author When fishing with spinning a lot depends on the right choice of bait in each case. The ability to navigate among the huge variety of spinning lures – key to success on a fishing trip. But there is spinning, who prefer to learn the ropes of any one type of bait. This time we will Read more [...]
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Well, we dare?

Now, in the midst of the winter I would like to once again remember the last summer-autumn hunting season for ducks in the Tver region. Well, wait! All floats. Interest in the Bezhetsk hunters as they weather. Soothe: dry, not something that fills you in Moscow. To exit all prepared, and 14 August, I hit the road. Photos shoe the Linux Librarian / Arriving, I first inquired about the availability of ducks. I reassure you enough. Problems with the acquisition of permits and authorizations were not. Especially since I had an authorization signed by the Minister of Natural Read more [...]
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The river roach on the eve of the freeze-up

Gift autumn river  In severe pre-winter time and the first frost Zazimko when freezing in the waters no longer seems something distant, rarely seen near the water with a fishing rod – mainly hunters predators furrowing his proven lures river stretches deep pits and ponds, reservoirs and lakes. However, there is significant opportunity to excel and catch poplavochniku, well, for the season, dressed and properly selecting the location of fishing. It is best to focus on the small-width rivers with moderate currents, where the most promising target fishing in the icy water Read more [...]
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About the bait and clothing

Making an artificial bait on foxes in our area was occupied absolutely hopeless, and even meaningless. In winter, when the fox pelt was worth much around our expeditionary village strewn lot of carcasses of dead saiga.Photo by Ilya Lipin They mowed dozens of jute (ice crust on top of the snow), half-eaten throwing wolves, stags died from exhaustion occurring during the rut, — word with red meat products at the gossips were all right. When removing the skins caught the eye of excessive fatness. Trying to master hunting bait, I have found a place of feasting foxes, that is Read more [...]
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