A rod is quiet …

What do you think, dear readers, when it was necessary to open a spring hunting in 2015 in the Moscow region? That’s right, two weeks earlier and not at the same time Leningrad.

A rod is quiet ...

Photo by Sergey Fokin

Ringing in the early April, my partner and brother in hunting:
— Uncle Sasha, geese fly past us, to the south, and which I see overhead are high, not sit on floodplain — dry, no puddles.
— Well, at least on Woodcock on­hunt…
— Where there! Span has already begun, and to the discovery will be the single horkanyu for an evening to rejoice. Gone Hunting!

Forecast mate though partially, but come true.

A week before opening at Easter, I She persuaded her husband to listen to the evening woodcock, go to «hunting without a gun». If earlier our area Kulik began his marriage shortly before the flight offensive nine pm invented by someone «year» time, This time we arrived at the cravings for «right» time closer to eight o’clock. Place observation I I choose the one that we partner discovered another winter, chasing hares.

After passing overgrown with young trees of the field, we found ourselves on the fork of two forest roads. Golden sunset, the first bright stars! .. Beauty! Viburnum bush, known as having been at leaving the edge of the ravine down, gave us a handful of tart berries, nice to freshen dry throat. AND here it is, first, to and Tsykanov horkanem appeared on woody undergrowth, flying over the crossroads. I managed to do «mental» doublet. After a while, another (perhaps the same) Woodcock handed in reverse direction.

I saw flying away waders, heard close horkane heard Tsykanov from the forest (probably female). Total for some 15-20 minutes I «take into account» six.
We left without waiting for darkness. It was a good «traction» without a gun! Is it the same six days, the opening of hunting?

It will be, as it turned out. It was the same six-seen-ever heard of spent! We were gathered at four this site. They tried to disperse, but still shot flew over his head. His companion took a sandpiper.

The next day we had only two on it yesterday, «successful», Location, and I happily smeared on two woodcock and We heard four.
The next day, we do not like weather we «squandered» cravings.

A day later I I arrived at «crossroad» one.

Hunting drove past me on the team two old «Zhiguli». One hunter from the first crew managed to get a trophy, as soon as he opened the car door. I do not even got to hear the mating woodcock, although sounds shots neighborhood was enough. But when it got dark, I heard enough of my new friends stories about different hunts in including on Sakhalin.
The next evening, the place of my first drafts were employed one of yesterday’s crews. He wished them good hunting and right at snout, where the day before teammate scored, I nearly stumbled over the sitting on chair of the hunter, and Then I came across standing in the overgrown forest jeep. Cramped, though!

There were close shots were long, and I could only see swept away woodcock, and in dusk.

I visited for the days of hunting and its place «on the board», on which proohotilsya twenty years. All overgrown, had to shoot straight up, and Woodcock chose other routes that have at next year to scout.

Ended we mate spring hunting season, coming every night new places, known to us for many years. Around us in the distance shooting, and we are not and we see I do not hear any a woodcock. We arrive at the the place where yesterday heard the shots, and everything is repeated, only with The only difference is that with the shots parishes are becoming less and less. Traction and end become quiet: no rounds nor horkanya.
With today’s opening of the hunting late flight has already passed, local woodcock dislodged, especially the young (old males have «married»). Perhaps hunting superiors know better: if you do not Moscow region give hunters enjoy the massive flight of woodcock that he flew farther north-east, where it not for go hunting, and Local on this tiny cartridges regret, perhaps, more of it will come back on in winter Europe to our «Partners».

Or maybe all the way and it should be?
Or not must?..

Alexander Lebedev15 June 2015 at 00:00

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