About karelke pain and hope

6-7 June 2015 the long-awaited Russian Exhibition Karelian-Finnish Laika. Long eleven years did not spend it in Karelia. But the Karelian Bear Dog, like birch wood, to become a national treasure. However, this very Karelia apparently not yet realized.

About karelke pain and hope

Champion of III All-Russia Exhibition — Ivanhoe Shishlyakova AA Photo courtesy of the owner

Everyone expected that the exhibition will be a significant step towards progress in the conduct of the breed. After the last meeting of the All-Russian Dog Training Board (EAB) in 2015, it was decided that the exhibition will be held the conference, which will decide the adoption of an improved standard of Karelian Bear Dog. It must be said that the conference, oddly enough, took place, it has gathered a lot of the public and more than 15 experts.

In general, the exhibition was organized, it can be said to «excellent». The main thing in the course of the two days of the show religiously respected the declared regulation, which is usually not seen in other canine events. Great opening parade of dogs, anthem, raising of the flag the guest of honor of the exhibition, honored expert and veteran of the breed, LA Gibet and chief expert of the exhibition AG Evreinov.

Solemn closing of the exhibition was at the parade of dogs and six speakers rewarding teams. Took first place, as expected, the Moscow team, and second 1st team Karelia. The captains of these teams and lowered the flags of the exhibition. Thus, Moscow and opened and closed the show that, given the reality of the situation with the breed, it is quite reasonable.

Rings bitches judged both days the expert from St. Petersburg VP Teppo, more than 25 years dealing with this breed; rings dogs – tverichanin SI Verolaynen, canine, specially breed is not engaged and not seeing threats podlitii blooded Finnish spitz our karelkam. This was particularly evident in the show ring dogs where dog mess mingled both dry and strong dry type constitution.

Even at the meeting of VCS AG Evreinov said: «…let’s at dog shows Finnish type push in the tail of the ring, and if it does «date fruit»Then «satisfactorily»That is all that a dog can get in the ring». And rightly so, if we want to retain this Karelian Bear Dog. But who is supposed to do? At this exhibition could not reject. Why? Yes, just for such measures are necessary, experts, specialists in the breed or specially trained experts. This is not a statement of confidence to other experts, this simple logic. So do in all countries when it comes to keeping in indigenous and national right type of dog breeds.

The audience, which were mostly owners of huskies, caused great bewilderment why Moscow, which is known to be the largest number of karelok, divorce them for a long time, and all the supports and is supported by the type of this CFL huskies, no judges not only as an expert, but even the assistant? Really, why?

Yet Muscovites done! They won the first team place and championship MALES – A champion was Ivanhoe Shishlyakova. And if predringovaya mistress exhibition – Bitch did not lose 10 points for conformation assessment «Pts. chorus.»It would be in the team and second champion. The Moscow team of 13 dogs, 5 – class «elite».and Despite the fact that Muscovites stand firmly for the preservation of the breed of CFLs in its original form as it was before 1980. Maybe it’s not a modern trend, but to learn who the experts from Karelia in the preservation of our wealth, but not «lie down» by Finns.

Unfortunately, the eyes of experts, and the owners, too, have «zamyleny» exterior, cast-tainted blood Finnish Spitz, which is particularly hard practiced in the north-west Karelia. Apparently, therefore, an excellent instance of the capital huskies – h. Kuchum – in the ring it was estimated at «Pts. chorus.». Asked spectators − «why?» the expert did not find anything else like to answer that he had «big ears». It would seem that the examiner should take into account that dog still fully dressed after molting. However Kuchum received Honored «Prize Nikiforov» − top prize working dog, which has the largest number of diplomas of protein obtained in the competitions. This typical exterior of Karelian Bear Dog, powerful, big, but dry in its almost 10 years in the ring looked like 6-7 years. Here it should be particularly emphasized expert.

A few words about the conference itself. It should be noted that Karelian enthusiasts actively supported the decision to hold the conference videoconferencing on improvements made back in 1981, the standard for CFLs. The proposed version of the standard even in 2014 was sent to the regions involved in breeding karelok, distributed to members of videoconferencing and personally main experts. Everyone who wanted to familiarize themselves with it and to express their opinion. Someone has sent a very sensible remarks, which were taken into account by developers of the new standard.

The first conference was on MG Cousin. She noted that the main problem today was our huskies agreement RKF President A. Inshakova with the chairman of the Finnish «Kennel Club FKC» that Karelian Bear Dog and the Finnish Spitz – one breed. But the reality is a different breed. CFL – a typical hunting dog that is bred in Russia from the beginning of the twentieth century is written in a special studbook VPKOS, and in 1993 was approved in the State register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture. Originator breed then acted Moscow society of hunters, and then reissue the Registry also RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz. Mix these rocks, you should not. No president RKF can not on their own to change the status of the breeds recognized by the state represented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. That is why in 2011 it was decided that from 1 January 2012, recorded only VPKOS Karelo-Finnish Laika. Puppies who have one parent Finnish Spitz, are not registered and are considered mestizo. Most recently, President of the Association RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz TS Aramileva, as a representative of the originator breed Karelian Bear Dog, sent a request to terminate the agreement between RCF and Club Champion, the Finnish club and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Speaking LA Gibet thanked all those who sent their proposals for the improvement of the standard CFL and stressed that podlitiem blood Spitz working huskies quality deteriorated. «Dogs become more severe, less hardy, deteriorating exterior, there are signs shpitsovosti.» Therefore, in the new standard is necessary to describe in more detail certain features of the exterior, mainly the structure of the head, and to emphasize the desirability of returning to a dry type of constitution prescribed in all standards until 1981 as a «light and dry type of constitution». The changes in the standard of 1981 g.na «dry and strong type» just happened after the introduction of blood into the breed Finnish Spitz. Time has shown that this is necessary to gradually get rid of. Do husky husky, maintaining its characteristic style.

Skeptics who think that a hunting dog can not be a dry type of constitution, LA Gibet showed pictures of cows from a textbook on animal type of the constitution, which show that most dairy breeds have it dry type. Also horse – horse racing trotters and always have the dry type. That pig should not have dry type. So Laika − not a pig and may be dry, said to the applause of LA Gibet. The best argument that it was impossible to imagine.

Proposals to postpone the adoption of the updated standard is not passed. In fact, why wait? The standard is not new, and it is only more fully transcribed parts of the existing standard. If you wait and do nothing, then we can wait for that breed will not. It is surprising that the initiative of the Muscovites, knocking on different doors, to keep the unique breed, not all welcome. Some specialists instead of helping insert «sand in the wheels».

Fortunately, common sense won, and by a majority vote, the conference decided: «All-Russian Dog Training Tips to support advanced and improved version of the standard in the Karelo-Finnish Laika and to recommend to take it.

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