After the division, or Where did the moose?

Today, the area of ​​the hunting grounds, equal to half of the Ivanovo region, survived a little more than 500 elk. This area, until recently belonged to the «unformed properly» (a term from the letter of the environmental prosecutor’s office), the so-called «public hunting grounds.» In the upcoming hunting season there will be a quota on production of elk in the zero amount. It seems that in the Ivanovo region have to live with the loss of a «strategic» for Hunting Resource …

After the division, or Where did the moose?

Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna

In the 26 th issue «HORN» for 2013 it published an article by the director Rodnikovskoye Hunting A. Bazarkina «How to divide the meat». The material for the publication that was written «based on» held public discussion of limits and quotas of wild animals planned for the Ivanovo region for the period of hunting from August 2013 to August 2014. The biggest controversy arose over the size and quota to use the moose. Since two years have passed, and today we are reaping the fruits of disgrace for the area «sharing».

April 23, 2015 in the city of Ivanovo held a public debate on the establishment of hunting resources in production for the upcoming season. As before, the hearing was attended by representatives of almost all the users of hunting grounds. The organizer of the event was made effective from the beginning of this year, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Ivanovo region, formed by the merger of regional services for the protection of wildlife and the local Committee for the Environment. Veli public meeting representatives of the Office for the Protection of wildlife department, previously managed the very hunting Service.

Analysis of pre-placed on the website of the Department on state resources and intentions of the elk on their use showed that in the Ivanovo region moose population for the previous two years was reduced by almost half! So according to official figures ohothozyaystvennogo Registry (hereinafter — VPS), the number of elk in the Ivanovo region as of 01.04.2015 was determined in 3510 specimens.

And according to the materials of public discussions in 2013 there were 6692. Information for readers to quote an extract from the minutes of the public hearings on 06.06.2013 r .: «We decided to admit that the number of moose corresponds to the data obtained in the course of SCM 2013 — 6692 individuals. In favor: «behind» — 45 participants, «against» — 1 (the author of this article)».

Data from the last census of moose population in the region are obtained by tenants in the fixed territory and the so-called «public lands» (Further — TAC) mainly as a result of the SCM methodology approved by order FGBU «Tsentrohotkontrol» for № 58. Each hunting represents one study area, and therefore the data on the number of moose hunting users were calculated individually.

Naturally, the amount of a population of some farms and territories TAC was the final indicator of regional resources in the amount of moose 3510 individuals, which was discussed at the hearing. It was on the basis of quantitative indicators calculated on the farms, taking into account the requirements of the order MNR number 138 on the standardization of production and formed their applications for users quota.

So where it has disappeared from the region for more than three thousand grouping of elk, if the official production of this animal was 220 in 2013, and in 2014, 234 individuals? At the last public hearing the answer to this question was a deathly silence…

The most tragic fate of elk group was formed in the TAC, of ​​which 42% of the area in October 2014 have been transferred to the regional government contractual Ivoblohotrybolovobschestvu. If in 2014 throughout the ODE counted 2531 individual, at the end of winter 2015 we found only 561 elk. The reduction amounted to almost 2 thous. Heads or 351%.

Land returned IOOOOiR after endless trials over four years have turned to ruthless exploitation of the desolate space. In the intervening period the population density of moose in them decreased by 3 times, with 2.02 birds / 1000 ha in 2010 to 0.66 / 1,000 hectares in 2015. Thus, at the present time on the square in 1063 thous. Ha (half the area of ​​the hunting grounds) lives a little more than 500 elk (1/7 of regional resources), the density of which is 0.53 birds / 1000 ha.

IOOOOiR Experts suggest that such a situation could arise, including by reason of issuing quotas for moose in the TAC in its initial volume, without reduction «public areas» 42%, which led to the increased load on the lands and peoples of their grouping moose. The consequence of this glaring fact was the violation of norms of withdrawal elk set the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources on 30.04.2010 № 138. I believe that such a violation of federal law should be severely punished, but so far, unfortunately, the issue of liability is not available.

In almost all societies of hunters municipal areas that are not part of IOOOOiR also noted a significant decline in the elk herd in comparison with the previous year. Particularly devastating fall, difficult to explain from the perspective of common sense, the biological characteristics of elk and minimum quotas of its production is set in grounds of hunters related to areas: Verhnelandehovskomu, 145, Luhskomu, 120, Pestyakovskomu, 333, Puchezh at 103 Yuzhsky at 124.

Against the backdrop of an overall reduction of regional resources in a number of moose hunting farms they observed multiple increase. It is well known (Danilkin, 1999; 2008 Glushkov et al.), That the annual economic (autumn) increase in moose populations in most ranges from 15 to 30%. Apparently rather weak performance against gangs elk that live in some of the Ivanovo land.

Thus, in NPOiR «Slav» (pl. 9,8 thous. ha) number in 2014 was 33 individuals, and in 2015 — 105, rising 318%; Ltd «Yuzhsky fur farm» (pl. 21,4 thous. ha) in 2014 — 74 individuals in 2015 — 254, increased 343%; Ltd «Hunting» Dolmatovsky» (pl. 24,7 thous. ha) — 42, in 2015 — 202 and 481% respectively. By the way, the farm «Dolmatovsky» It is a unique hunting area, which has no equal in the whole of the Ivanovo region. According to VPS, here, in addition to 202 elk live together 14 lynx, 30 bears, wolves 8, 69 otters (the third largest among the fur-bearing animals farms after Mole and hare), 42 3 Canadian beaver and raccoon!

well and «Yuzhsky fur farm»Probably not coincidentally is the name if, in addition to breeding pigs (which, it seems, does not take ASF), local specialists successfully took up the breeding of moose. Total for the year «farm» 20 thousand. ha of them managed «create» flock in numbers roughly equal to the number of moose, recorded all together IOOOOiR households (296 individuals), occupying almost ¼ Ivanovo Region…

Board Ivoblohotrybolovobschestva regarded large-scale reduction of regional resources as the moose ecological catastrophe, which was made possible only through the fault of ill-conceived organization of the use of this type of prey from the Service for the Protection of fauna of the Ivanovo region.

This raises questions about the competence of the members of the Commission who carried out the state ecological examination catch limits elk and gave a positive opinion on the material justifying the exemption, pointing out that the planned limit production should not negatively impact on the group of elk in the Ivanovo region. Not to mention the primitive text of the examination in which there is no analysis of population dynamics and its basic parameters — fertility, mortality, the official production, etc.

We can not say about the rationale for increasing quotas for users who «not enough» We gave moose. So to increase the rate of production «particularly hungry»It turns out to be possible due to large migration of elk on the different types of land. Among these lucky ones, for example, turned out to ANO «Club of the Russian military commanders» (pl. land 7.9 thousand. ha), which last season when elk numbers 18 approved a quota already 7 goals!

It turns out that this economy has a common border with the Federal Reserve «Klyazminskoe»From which, according to the state examination, the moose and fell on a visit to the commander! I have no doubt that this is the first time in Russia «the latest hunting stories»When the quota is justified number of moose herd that lives in the neighboring territory. However, it is no wonder they say that the last two Ivanovo led by expert commissions director of a hunting magazine.

It is puzzling, and the position of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources, which agreed delusional data on the number and type of seizure is so valuable among game animals. But IOOOOiR repeatedly warned in writing and regional authorities, and the Department of hunting about the possible negative implications «Ivanovo» elk with this approach to the registration and use of their resources, which preached a local service.

The global decline in this sought-after resource, it seems, does not bother hunting officials who continued to divide thinned elk herds, announcing the coming year «sentence» two hundred elk exclusively assigned grounds, ie in an amount almost at the level of last season. This IOOOOiR strongly advocated the establishment of production standards moose in terms of reduction of its population, as prescribed in Sec. 8 of the order from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation 29.06.2010 № 228.

Well, in ruined TAC in the upcoming season of hunting moose decided not to bother and the quota for the shooting not to charge. It seems to have realized that doregulirovalis … This was back in September 2011, it was said in the Supreme Court, recognized for IOOOOiR territory, part of which is sold on illegal auctions, and the other, now thoroughly «smoothed» by elk and wild boar. Now offers acronym «ODE» how to read «Exhausted hunting grounds «TOC»».

Thus, approved by the regional governor, with the support of state examination, agreed ministries and faithfully implemented limits production elk hunting users in 2013 and 2014, had a negative impact on its resources in the Ivanovo region.

Information for readers to quote an extract from the protocol of public hearings on 06.06.2013: «p. 6.1. Will the adoption and execution of the order of the governor of the Ivanovo region «On approval of the production limit… for the period from 08/01/2013 to 01/08/2014» negative impact on the resources of the moose? In favor: will not: «behind» — 41 against — 4 (all employees IOOOOiR) abstained – 1 (former head of the Ivanovo gosohotinspektsii).

Speaking at a recent public hearing on the situation described above, I, as a specialist of hunting with a 30-year veteran, has publicly expressed his distrust of officials Service for the Protection of wildlife that are now happily took refuge under the wing of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

I hope that, maybe, the new leadership of this department to pay attention and to draw conclusions about the proficiency of their wards, analyzing three prosecutors submission for 2014, directed the governor and the Service for its violations of federal law in the field of hunting.

And a good idea «in full» ask a musician, was preparing a decree of the governor «On approval limit production of hunting resources in the Ivanovo region for the period from 01/08/2014 to 08/01/2015» because of the protest of the regional prosecutor, has revealed numerous violations (including excess production quotas for individual users) in its preparation and adoption of the decision of the Regional Court declared contrary to this decree with federal law and therefore invalid.

And if on appeal, the Supreme Court upheld the at least part of the jambs of the Service, the Prosecutor’s Office established, for the death of elk (and their number is known), even if its resolution, but without decree, someone will have to compensate for a lot of damage!

When I was preparing this article, on the department’s website has information about the direction of the state examination materials for the production limits and quotas of hunting resources for the upcoming hunting season. After studying the information provided there, I was surprised to find that anywhere and moose have not disappeared, and quietly grazing on the open spaces of the Ivanovo region in the amount of 5.5 thousand. Individuals (why then held public hearings and create individual study area?)!

This number is obtained by manipulation of the same figures Protection Agency wildlife, calculate the elk population by examining a single territory-wide area. Using the accounting records of users and applying the conversion factor for the elk of techniques approved by the Ministry of Russia from 11.01.2012 № 1, nimble management civil servants to fudge counted 8.8 thousand. Moose (!), And the coefficient of SCM techniques number 58 they turned 6, 1 thousand.

The arithmetic mean value of these parameters with the data users of hunting grounds and issued a new, spare number 5.5 thousand. «dead elk shower»Who happily sent to the state environmental expertise, «returned» thus missing two thousand cloven-hoofed back into the TAC.

…They say that the current composition of the experts presented by venerable spices, scientists from the ranks and positions. To dream that they understand with flourishes regional hunting bureaucrats who are well have guessed that calculate the regional elk population in terms of its population density, obtained in «advanced» hunting areas «Dolmatovsky» or «Yuzhsky fur farm»…

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