Broken yagdtererov not happen!

At the beginning of his article, I can not express my gratitude to the people who brought the breed yagdterer. I believe that this breed — the standard developed hunting instinct of the dog. Anyway, I have not seen yagda unemployed. No one! They are too excitable, style of work in many different ways, but to yagdterer not working — this is not met.

Broken yagdtererov not happen!

Photo Nicholas Morgunov

Yagdterer does not require such nagonki as a hound nahazhivaniya such as Laika. You just need to grow up strong puppy in normal circumstances to 7–8 months. Often with the first release in the yagdy start working. In fairness it should be noted that in other breeds of hunting dogs are individuals who accepted early work, but they are much smaller. The only drawback yagdtererov — it is their coat: they are cold in the winter in some regions of our country, but they are in fact and conclusions for hunting in Germany. That would bring a similar breed, but the heat «dressed»! And now let me return to the topic:
Once my yagdterer went into a hole and not come back. The hole raccoons lived. The tale that he could dig up, I did not believe, because once a lot of time devoted to the Norn hunting and knew them well. Smother the raccoon dog, too, could not he is a beast, although it can cause injury decent dog. So, once the raccoon did Choka yagdterera our cheeks like a sieve: a narrow hole passed through the gap in the roots of a huge fir, and for trying to squeeze back raccoon dog met. The cause of death like dogs and animals, sometimes caving holes. I had to have witnessed such an event. Once even had a case where a young hunter buried. He was out hunting one and put it in the hole to help the dog, but it covered a layer of earth. Strangle the dog can badger, but the raccoon. To clarify the situation came about by accident on winter hunting for fox, two years after the death of the dog. And it was so.

In winter, the deep powdery snow fell, and hunting with hounds fox was poor: the dog at this time they do not find. Fox’s night out on the utilities bills, doing laps and then went into the hole. The three brothers, we went to the hole with yagdtererom caches. His age was 7 months and 2 weeks, and it was the first outing of the young Kobelkov hunting in burrows.
Nora, we chose small, but the fox visited them daily. That day was no exception: the hole is not empty. Released from the backpack Kesha furiously scratching the hole, but could not get there — at the entrance was a frost. I did not want to make noise, but nothing to do: help Kobelkov had an ax. Absorbed by 70 centimeters, Kesha again became furiously scrape the ground: you can see, the water is frozen so stiff back. Help him we could not, we had to hope for the dog. And Kesha did not disappoint: 40 minutes later we heard a fierce battle dogs and animals.

Nora, where the hunting, located on a high mountain in the net polsklona. If the fox out, chances to stay alive in her little three arrow in open field — to miss the mark, we must try. After a short time out of the hole appeared red nose, which just as quickly disappeared. We thought that the fox looked up from a young Kobelkov and now carefully exit, but, seeing as we have raised their rifles and went back. The young dog does not have confidence you never know what you can expect from it in the first go hunting. So we were not expecting a special swagger of a young puppy.

Meanwhile, near the entrance there was a fight. First Kesha barking, then his voice died away and there was a knock. And soon knocking stopped. There was silence. From the hole did not go any fox or dog. We were waiting. Suddenly Kesha whined, but somehow disturbing. After listening to certain place, where a voice of the dog, we have to punch hole. The ground was frozen, it was a matter not so fast as we would like. Finally, a hole opened, but the dog was not found. And silence. What the hell is this?! Here again, Kesha whined, and even more disturbing, but three meters further. I had to pit again to beat — did not die as a dog! And then we burrow zasyplem, although they are so small that in the spring, during the melting of clover, almost always crumble. And the kolkhoz cows that graze here in summer, too, contributes to their shattering. Despite this, over and over again foxes dig their burrows, and so from year to year. Very much a place to burrow good: close to two hatcheries near nesting gulls, plus a creek, located just 50 meters away. All have: and drink, and food. But I digress.

We stayed the second hole, but again did not have time: the dog was not there. What happened? This we realized only when the third hole punched. It turned out that the fox hesitated at the outlet, resting in a pile of earth, which nagreb male, when he went into the hole. Kesha grabbed for beauty «waist» and broke her spine. There was a struggle to fall into the jaws (fox was broken lower jaw). Then crush the helpless fox for Keshi was not difficult (obviously, then a knock was heard). And then he dragged her, but in the opposite side of the exit. When we opened the third hole, to our eyes appeared a picture: in a dead end, like two goals towards each other of the wedge, and the fox lay on top of her Kesha. And the higher the roof promorozhennaya clay. Obviously, male, leaning into a dead end, try to squeeze the top and fox wedged themselves.

Redhead from under Keshi pulled out like a cork from a bottle of champagne, — certainly without our help yagdterer would take painful death. And we, and he was lucky: holes were shallow. It can be seen in the previous case yagdtererom happened something like this, but there is not tapped holes.
That such a situation could be in the hunt with dogs Norns. I would be very happy if my story can help anyone save his pet. Good luck everyone!

Anatoly Evmenov8 February 2014 at 00:00

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