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Choose a husky-belchatnitsu

And that, actually, it choose? After textbook know that all breeds huskies working on protein and better bitches males.

Choose a husky-belchatnitsuPhoto by Alexander Nazarov

Besides current squirrel hunting, if still breathing, then «to incense». And who does it deal with something will happen if the cartridge is more expensive pelts, which are nowhere to take something ?!
All this is true. But on the one hand, it is hoped that the problems with the fur of a temporary nature, and squirrel skins, sooner or later will be in demand again. On the other hand, thinking about the husky-belchatnitsah, I want to recall the eminent experts, connoisseurs of hunting with Laika for fur-bearing animals, and bring their individual statements, once passed by word of mouth.
«The dog should be trusted» – These words belong to LV Ushakova, many years, not just head breeding sector NLB MOOiR but sudivshey «in field». After voiced words, as a rule, the owner standing in thought, or tapping his protein, or take the dog, so as not to receive «pacifier», Dared to show the animal. And you should have seen how happy through constant cigarette smoke «Belomorkanal» Ludmila Vladimirovna eyes shone after the discovery of the animal.
Based on the experience of expert work on tests and competitions huskies squirrel, held under the auspices MOOiR, I dare say that the hunter can trust the dog only if he is fully confident that his husky is not inclined to empty polaykam. On this basis, the number of potential belchatnits for taiga hunting can safely exclude the Karelian Laika (last «Karelian-Finnish»): Among them, even in parkland «soothers» «mold» both beginners and repeatedly qualified veterans. Yes, and excessive fidgeting with kinks in the bark on the trunk, as they say, on the fan.
And who can forget the stunning inherently eminent expert advice
YD Antonova, with whom I was fortunate enough to work on rings NLB, on the choice of the breed: «Do you want to work husky – choose the breed, the least spoiled expert influence or take «Aboriginal». As far as I know, Yuri Dmitrievich eventually realize his advice into practice, it has acquired the aboriginal Laika brought from Siberia.
Unfortunately, «Aboriginal» and East Siberian huskies («the least corrupt influence expert») To test for protein, I have never seen so own judgments about their work have not. Rather, they zverovye, and take from them a puppy for squirrel hunting is more expensive, because Huskies firmly addicted to transmit to posterity the work of one or another animal. At the time, I do not really pay attention to the presence of high degrees diplomas boar in the pedigree of the dog, for which he paid: my squirrel hunting serenely continued only until the meeting with the wild boar tracks.
It is also appropriate to recall the statement of expert and breeder West Siberian huskies NN Kislov: «You’re going to hunt for protein alone – Fulfil surveillance». Where he was born, I do not know, maybe, a native Muscovite, but it was low in his stocky figure, in the manner of a leisurely conversation (or perhaps because of addiction to the use of batters for vypugivaniya animal) something Siberian. To get him to the test was the dream of many laechnikov. The fact that Nicholas had a habit of coming to the place of the test on the eve of (sleeping in tents) and with his husky explore the forest for the presence of the animal. Knowing where and how proteins are kept, he gently guided in the right direction owners, especially pervoosennih dogs.
Enough to hunt in various parts of the taiga, I can say that Nikolai certainly right: it is a measure of surveillance skills husky-belchatnitsy, especially when hunting without a partner. Half the battle to find a squirrel – this (depending on the land) to cope any more or less nahozhennaya Laika. Much more difficult to spy out the sunken animal, especially in mature spruce or cedar. Like it or not, and the animal is necessary to evict. It was then and there comes the crucial moment in the huskies: it should not be distracted by the host, departed, say, cutting down batters in the garbage, snow falling when striking the trunk, etc. Its mission – follow the movements of the animal. Even the most short-nedoglyad can lead to mindless tapping the tree on which, in addition to cones, no one.
Unfortunately, trace protein, indicating its exact location is not all Laika «in the teeth». By focusing precisely on the reliability of surveillance, I came to the following conclusion.
The weight of his Russian-European Laika work on protein Gaming dobychlivee than West Siberian. And I had my way – formed a team to match only «burner». But one thing – competition, which is stuck on the protein, in addition to the owner, trying to search out the commission of experts. They are also evaluating surveillance, willy-nilly, will not give the abyss of mind to start moving animals. Another thing – Hunting as a sacrament: you and a dog, all the more helpers there. In this scenario, West Siberian Laika (bitches) has no equal in the surveillance, that, in my view, and allows you to give to them when choosing a palm-belchatnitsy huskies.
And if we mentioned batters allowing almost always is stuck stronut protein, should still be recognized that the best way to do this is a shot in the place of the alleged finding of the animal «melkashki» – less noise, less distracting dog factors. Of «melkashki» with sufficient accuracy is better and shoot the animal, but bad fire training it is better to shoot the shot. Therefore, from now selling models of weapons for the best squirrel hunting rifle can priznatkombinirovannoe «North» caliber 5.6 / 20h70. The presence of a smooth barrel 20-caliber bullet cartridge charged, allows you to feel quite confident, even when unplanned meeting with the bear, while the owner «melkashki» bear traces of the immediately begins to pick up sharply to the side, away from the dangerous neighborhood.
All other methods stronut sunken animal, such as: scratching knife blade (ax) on the trunk of the tree, «shooting» pebbles from a slingshot, waving «swished» rod – we refer to the ineffective. Scratching the trunk imitating, according to some authors, «climbing marten»Rather suitable for hunting without a dog. What is already here «Cunha climbing» a dog barking! Shooting a slingshot is good only at the beginning, when nahazhivanii, and then in the forest parks. Waving same «swished» rod we refer to the most anecdotal of the number of proposed methods. Seeing a rod in his hand, Laika immediately forgets about the protein and starts to steer away from the host, rightly fearing the impact rod on the back. But if we assume that hunting with Laika on a squirrel can not stand the noise, hurry and bustle, you can use one, though time-consuming, way to detect the animal, especially in the giant trees. Move aside, revoke dog and quietly watch the top. 20 minutes later–30 protein itself will give.
To take better skins pointed scalpel, the handle is wrapped with insulating tape, wanting nothing. For the purposes of the common usage would be enough «Finnish» or manufactured by type knife with a blade length of not more than 15 cm and with wood is black, held riveted tang.
Undoubtedly, successful hunting husky squirrel needs a lot of attention paid to nahazhivaniyu in which sometimes very difficult to get a young dog «pick up» head. In the absence of a pilot huskies-mentor better way than potask left carcass proteins with subsequent vzdergivaniem a tree, not invented.
To explore the husky teenager with a squirrel a good start to walk and oak. Beautiful beauty and dobychlivosti as February’s time: compacted snow thaws in that husky teenager almost falls, light day has increased markedly, and most importantly, on the «floor» a lot of ripe, knocked winds and cones crossbill, which likes to feed protein. A drive once a tree animal feed «On the floor», and «pick up» head young husky much easier than earlier in the season, when the whole protein zhiruet «on tops».

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