Never ceases to amaze the world, said one of the greats. This applies to our newspaper. I open the number 9 this year, I read an interview that Victor Gurov and chief editor of the «horn» Sergei Fokin took the head of the Department of State policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Anton Berseneva. That is the question and the answer verbatim.


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Q: Why not lift the ban on bear hunting in the den?

Answer: I know this problem. The first measure in this direction could be a possible extension of bear hunting until 31 December.

And the question, and the answer sound like a slice of chaos, confusion and lack of professionalism present in the hunting economy of our country. We seemed to live on another planet. It’s only been a few seasons, as it was finally abolished one of the most fundamentally wrong and unnatural hunting — production in the winter to bear den. Cancel though belated, but nevertheless, very correct. Needless to say, if a bear gets a shot of male, everything is clear and understandable. Hunting is not easy, difficult, dangerous, powerful and fast beast.

But what if you had shot the beast — a female with cubs just born? It can not be called hunting and pure barbarism, because the prospects for orphaned children is almost there. Hunting den — an echo of the old time, when the bear was considered harmful animals and outlaws. But in the court of the 21st century! After all, no one comes to mind to shoot a duck on the nest or young ducklings.

For many years, I know a hunter Kostroma, has to his credit a large number of harvested bears. Mostly in dens, when allowed, and the approach to the dogs. He once confessed that he could not hold back tears when produced large bear, and looking into the den, they saw the crawl at the bottom of the four tiny lumps. Even for experienced hunters, who saw in his life much, errant mining females and mothers with small children turns into a real blow to the hunting ethics and conscience.
We have a high number and foxes, and wolves. In this regard need to increase hunting pressure on these animals, but robust methods, again, according to the rules. Why increase the bear hunting season before the New Year, it is only departed from it, again on the dens will inevitably shoot pregnant females, which soon came to term pup. For pregnant elk hunters do not shoot normal.

One of the most effective in terms of reducing the number, ways, are the organization and bait device Ambush. No other method to bring about a fox cleaned in a particular area is not possible, but the bait this problem is solved easily.

At the time, I was in the area at the same time some bait a fox. Knocking on the same animals, to change to the next. But there are times when left without work, no more guests. Alien fox appear on the bait, not earlier than a week to behave in a new place is naive and almost immediately fall into the shot. This method is ideal for any region, you can hunt near large cities, on dumps and burial grounds.

With the wolf is more complicated. Biology of this animal is that it has a much larger area of ​​habitat. Therefore, rarely attends bait every night, usually every few nights. This schedule is still dependent on the disturbance. Interestingly, the outstanding size alpha lisoviny also visit the wolf bait. Hunting bait a fox and a wolf of all the predators most difficult due to the fact that these animals are very cautious, and usually they have to wait in the cold winter.

Bait a bear does not pose little or no difficulty. He willingly and often blatantly immediately, despite the daily sound of an ax at the device ambush, out in the evening or night on the bait. Waiting for animal comfort, because hunting is carried out in spring and autumn, almost always in the warm season. To shoot a bear on oats and bait, you need to understand this process and be able to properly fit the local topography oatmeal box or bait, correctly and at the correct height to build a tower or an ambush.

With full responsibility I declare that the vast majority of the organizers of these hunts, hunters and game wardens, do not fully understand the essence of this method, hence the improper placement of fields and towers on the ground. I have not seen any properly equipped towers oat field, but regularly go hunting in the different regions. And the biggest mistake of the organizers is that the towers are placed randomly and arbitrarily, it is not taken into account the wind direction. Often they are put on the field, which absolutely can not do. Because of ignoring the direction of the wind, the main factor of hunting animals with powerful flair, far away in time and discover the hunter. The exit rate improperly equipped beasts of the field, I think, no more than 5–10% of the possible. Hence the long and fruitless waiting beast, hence unrealized licenses and population growth.

Complex bait — ambush in principle the same for all predators, hunting facilities. Can only change the distance from the bait to Ambush, depending on with what weapons hunter: a rifled or the shot. I write about the ambush in the plural, as one bait and one oatmeal Field is sure to ambush two per hunter, they are built on opposite edges of the field on the edge of the forest.

It is very important direction of the wind while waiting. He must blow off or bait in the ambush, a hunter in the face and into the forest. Only in this case the animal can not, I repeat, can not prichuyat watchmen from whatever side approached. I emphasize that the smell of a man goes into the trees, and they dissolve. For the wind direction must be constantly monitored. If it while waiting for the beast has changed and blowing from behind in the box and bait, you should immediately go down to the ground, gently and quietly go to the ambush-doubler on the opposite side of the field or stop hunting.

Height Ambush or towers should be at least 7 meters, is the minimum if the coniferous forest. In the deciduous forest, and you can climb higher, the smell of a man in a wood lasts longer. In calm weather should not sit.

All parameters Ambush I deduced empirically. At the time, a few seasons to do it. I kept a diary, which recorded all the data relating to the terrain, type and age of the forest, was experimenting with high and Ambush. Analyzed different wind directions. Notes, at which direction the wind animals more or less frequently prichuivayut hunter. That’s because of all this and led the necessary formula by which shot out hundreds of different animals and recommend that hunters bait and oats. After oat field, it’s the same bait, but takes a much larger area.

For various reasons, animals go bad on oat field. In this case, the organizers of the hunt is another excuse — a good harvest of berries and bear bad attends oats. That may be, but the beast is easy to attract bait oats again, even rotten fish. For her sake, he will ignore even the most abundant berry crop.
Boars respond well to a favorite treat, corn.

Periodically reported in the media that from starvation or other causes the bears are beginning to go to settlements and disturb people. Created teams for shooting dangerous animals, which are often searching for their success. If, in this case, no fuss, and put at least one with the right bait ambush, the chances to shoot the beast will be much higher in the most minimal cost.

From the Editor.

We all struggle with the wolves, no one disputes that it is unethical to devastate the lair of predators, where they produced the bulk. And destroyed, mostly cubs. Even the premium paid for them. And for the wolf more than the wolf. Unfortunately, the author is not very good behaviors bear and its population. For clarification, we bear in the country three times larger than the wolf. And the reduction of hunting predator, which has no natural enemies, it is a crime. Not only that, it has a huge pressure on the whole animal world, it is a danger to pets and humans. In 2012 and 2013, for example, in Kalyazin district of the Tver region, bordering the Moscow region killed two people from the bears.

What can we say about the remote regions? There is at the expense of those killed dozens…
In addition, hunting den in Russia — it is a historical layer of culture, celebrated by writers, poets, artists embodied, and which we are now lost.

Sergei Gulyaev27 May 2014 at 00:00

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