Epiphany hares

Bitter cold, in spite of the abnormally warm winter, has not been canceled. Cheered up a breath of frosty air dry after an hour ride in protoplennoy as rural bathhouse, the car, I jumped off the steep side of the highway, hurriedly peering into footprints. «It seems,» oblique «, — said thoughtfully uncle.

Epiphany hares

January 19 Epiphany. It was not our first hunting the hare in the coming year. For several years, my uncle Evgeny Ananiev with tenacity and perseverance inherent in a real hunter, trying to show me become so rare and therefore more desirable long-eared animal in suburban lands.

This man is a tough self-discipline, integrity and endurance, referring to nature with gratitude, the hunter did not get — He was born to them. During his career hunting uncle got at least a hundred birds — real, honest labor, trampled in fragile lands near Moscow. He deserves the whole story, and not a few lines. Maybe in the future I’ll talk about it as much detail as will enable my literary ability. And he, I believe, does not have the nature of modesty and aversion to ostentation, could pages «HORN» to share their valuable experience.

Hunting the hare of tracking other less romantic: it is labor hunting. The weather that day was established right. It had been snowing all day and on the eve of the evening to lay a field. The final point of arrival at a place we have not determined. We drove slowly, looking at the road and trying to discern among the innumerable traces of dogs and foxes, hare Malik. Experienced guys look spotted gonny trail. Going down the road in the protective strip plantings, we found the whole trail, trampled bunny.
— At least two! — summed up guy.

Going round the perimeter of the field adjacent to the road, in the hope that his scythe place dnevki chose last year’s grass overgrown foot high pillars, we closed the circle and moved along «zaschitka» on both sides. When he reached the fence SNT, we saw off the track. I went out on the field and moved parallel to the uncle, who was a cleft in the fresh scent.
Subdued frost shot brought me out of thinking of Rebus left in the snow eared crafty.

Another shot — and through the weeds, which separates the field from the CHT, flashed hare. I raised the gun, took the leash, fly down on a clean weeds from the place and waited for a moment… on the left a frightened hare piebald. Shot — Bunny did a somersault and froze in the snow. I looked at my uncle with a smile, an old Lower «izhevku». It was the first big-eared trophy in my just starting hunting career.

— We must often go on the hunt! — Uncle said, looking at the snow furrows left «nulevkoy».
We moved to the car. I went and presented the enthusiastic eyes of relatives and friends. Best wish and can not be!
— There’s a protective film, across the highway, there was another trail off. Come and see! — persisted uncle.

We crossed the road and began to explore the opposite field. Hope to see at least a fresh trail was not, but I will gladly followed the uncle and thought we were going for his hare.

Along the perimeter of the field, probably the night before, drove the ATV and should be left to the plantations along the sparse woods. On track uncle saw the furrows of the claws a hare. Oblique running on a track, saving power and not jumping into the deep, powdery snow.

— Now, everything is simple, — Uncle said, hanging on the shoulder of his gun. — Come on, both on the avenue along the track and are looking for a discount to the side.

At the end of the liquid plantations smoothly adjacent to the forest, we saw a discount. At the heart brightened here and uncle will be a joy. The discount was made in the best traditions of oblique — for bump from last year’s grass. After that could be seen another for a small stub, which was already empty time maturation. Gonny trace of it went straight into the woods.

The plan was for Uncle Malik forest, occasionally giving voice to know in which direction swerved benefit hare not very deep in the thicket, and I remained on the edge of the field and walked up and down, imagining the watchful ears amid last year’s grass. even a couple of times raised his gun at the fictional goal is to not get lost when the time comes.

So it took about fifteen minutes. Dyadkin voice was coming, it was removed. And I recalled rapidly running down the weeds animal, shot a roll and did not cease to be surprised himself that he lost his head and hit with the first shot. The resulting knowledge of the books I had projected for real conditions and remembered one characteristic behavior hare dash: escape from the chase, he makes a circle, and thus leaves his same trail.

Gathering input to find the trail, I squatted down with his back to the baggy tree, face-to-Malik, stretching into the forest. He sat and thought, and in fact the uncle surely knows that the chance to take on a rabbit trail input more than chasing them through the woods. So he wants to kick it to me?

I almost ceased to feel his legs, either from the cold or from an awkward posture. Impatient walked away from the place of ambush and began to look out for uncle. I do not remember what made me turn around. Silently skipped my Special trodden shooting snout, five meters away from me, with bulging eyes flew hefty rusachina. I was so taken aback that only shouted: «Uh-uh!» — in terms of: «Hey, wait! Where are you going?» Flashed even thought that the car, which slipped his hare, I have not closed, he returned to life and…

See grounds in suburban two live birds per day — but this can not be! And why only see? You can shoot and — a gun in his hand! Quickly raised his gun. The first shell flew above, the second to hit the target psychologically difficult. Yes, the fraction is completely gone in birch. A eared driver included «fifth gear»With skid jumped on the already familiar to him from the ATV track and went to a point, then he stopped and sat down sideways, and it seemed to me, laughed at me.

From resentment I loaded «Magnum» «two zeros» and he fired deliberately inflating. Though expand it sheaf shot noise, I thought, if only in the field are not rushed. And so it happened! Wait until the guy, all white from the snow, in an unbuttoned jacket, out of breath, came out of the woods.

— Most offensive blunders — it blank! We had to let go away, — he reassured me. — Now comb the place where he chipped in, and if left oblique across the highway, then everything is useless: it will go its tracks and confuse.

I went back as Losers after parent meetings, and I thought that would be better if did not see the second hare. Slip almost took positive emotions.

When he reached the highway and did not see a trace of the output of saving the forest belt, we went back to the place where eared jumped into it. It was the opposite of living foxhole. There, leaning sideways to the birch tree, I lay my second trophy. Do I have to describe my surprise and joy?

His story, I would like to emphasize how important it is for the younger generation to follow the example of experienced, «right» hunters. And how important it is to show the young only what is worthy of emulation and respect. Unfortunately, these teachers, like my uncle, a rarity.

Learn proper hunt! Respect and love nature! Let the coming difficulties only inflame hunting passion. Be persistence and patience in any business, and your dreams will come true!

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