Fishing with bare hands

Fishing with bare handsPhoto by the author

Now a lot of gear to fish came up, but I’ll tell you, we were fishing in the child hands, perhaps my experience and who will come in handy in life anything can happen…

I was born under the Pyatigorsk and childhood spent on the river Podkumok, a tributary of the Kuma River, which flows into the Caspian Sea, but he did not dotekaet and dries, lost somewhere in the steppes. In the postwar period it was hungry, and in our family help the fish, which I learned to catch the hands. And there is usually the case. I went to the river, I walk along the beach, watch where the water fell a piece of land with grass. Usually in a place between the collapse and the shore formed a niche. I go to the river and on both sides of overlapping hands fish output, if it is, of course, has gone into this niche. But usually on a hot summer day, there is always a fish hiding, then she and coolness and relaxation away from the fast flow. Then I shuruyu hands, the fish thrashed and she went to one or the other arm. Fish wants to pass, and I grab her. Once so I caught the snake. Well, that turned out to be zheltopuz. It is not poisonous. Fish come across any: chub, roach, gudgeon, barbel.

Another way of fishing was per night and floods. In the spring, in late May, when the channel Podkumok after the flood is still quite extensive and it is formed along a plurality of shallow-water-flow streams, then these channels comes a lot of any fish. Here, away from the flow at the sun warms the shallow water among the rocks fish finds food and fattens.

To perform fishing tasks first need to collect enough stones. Of these, the bottom of the ducts do partition to the fish did not come out. Then quickly run to the top of the input channels and ground tightly overlapping it. Blocking access of water in the canal, and the one that it was seeping through the rocks. Fish out of water remains on the bottom and you are free to collect her hands.

Another of our favorite vacation spot was Sengileevskaya lake. It was famous for its unusually large green frogs and crayfish. Cancers caught so. You walk along the beach, climb a large stone, and beneath it sits cancer. In advance sum up his hand back, because as you know, crawfish are only able to move back. Cancer only twitches, and then you grab it.

Even more productive rachevnyami caught crayfish. For this purpose, a hoop from a large barrel, which tied a fine mesh. On each side of the hoop fastened the rope, which when combined, passed one, and she was tied to a pole with which rachevnya set off into the water.
As bait for crayfish used bone from the animal. Since this was no problem, as was the nearby myasozavod. Bone pre-roasted over an open fire for the fire smell, and then tied her to the middle of the grid. Rachevnyu sink to the bottom, and after a while it creeps cancers, only had to take them out in a timely manner to the surface.

There were fans feast and frog legs, but I frogs were somehow sorry and I tried to scare them so they do not fall on the dining table.

In the spring, when the water level in the lake was still quite high, and there were many in the shallow waters submerged bushes in the rhizomes of this shrub can be successfully catch fish by hand. And so it happened. Usually, when the sun was hot well, in shallow water feeding Selyava dense flocks. This fish is the size of a palm, something like a roach. It is delicious, fat and dried, whole-rayed.
For successful fishing need to come to the shoal with the bush from the lake. If you approach quietly, and then well shuganesh fish, she rushes from you in all directions, and some get stuck in the rhizomes Selyava bush. Then you shuruesh there hands and grabbing the fish, put in a pouch on her from the respirator.

Many flooded bush was around one island – Our favorite vacation spot with all the guys. We moved to the island on a makeshift raft and lived there for two or three days. They fished, ate it, swam, sunbathed. Happy times! They lived in a shack made of sheets and improvised chemical protection. After the war, a special cloak, designed to protect against nuclear rain, made of thick waxed paper. This is one of them and cut sheets. Then capes with weapons were removed. Skeleton of the shed were two goats, which are being put on top of the crossbar. This tops the crossbar tied poles extending parallel to the legs of a goat. And in this frame of superimposed sheets of chemical protection. This tent is securely sheltered from rain and sunlight. It was very cozy.

I would like to note that the space for a tent or a tent in the campaign should be chosen taking into account local characteristics. We had a case. We put a tent on the beach and that it was roomier, the place chosen for installation in a hollow. When all was ready, we put it in bags and went to the lake to bathe. And all of a sudden downpour. Sengileevskaya lake is characterized by the fact that it lies at the foot of the long sloping mountains. During the rainy season the mountain quickly rolled swift streams. So this time, we did not have time to run to the shelter, all our things picked up a powerful stream of water and carried into the lake by 50 meters from the shore. Some of the things we have not found then.

I’m told it’s not just because I was pleased to recall his childhood, but because it can help a person who got into an extreme situation somewhere in the forest or mountain areas, where there may be the right conditions for fishing hands. Proper device overnight improvised too, can play a significant role. And the ability to not get lost in a difficult situation, to find a way for food and refreshment can save lives.

Alex Goryaynov26 June 2012 at 10:00

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