Gonchatniki against

Head of the Working Group on the development of the necessary amendments to the Rules of hunting in the extension of the hunting periods for training (and nataski nagonki) hunting dogs without weapons AE Bersenyev

Gonchatniki against

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Dear Anton E.!

In the first meeting of Working Group I, Moiseenko LA, it was invited to submit a scheme of zoning of territory of the Russian Federation to determine the timing of hunting and the hare a fox beagle hunting dogs without using firearms and hunting (or) airguns.

May 16 this year, on the main active websites gonchatnikov («Hounds Russia» and «Perm gonchatnik») Was posted to the relevant information to submit proposals for the inclusion of administrative regions of the Russian Federation (regions, territories and republics part of the Russian Federation) in a particular zone coinciding with the timing of hunting hounds without the use of hunting weapons (hereinafter — nagonka).

In addition, I have been interviewed by phone or e-mail leading expert dog handlers at the All category rocks and testing hounds: Boris Amosov (Republic of Bashkortostan), Vitaly White (Chuvash Republic), Alexander R. Brunner (Yaroslavl region), Vladimir Ratmirovich Gorsky (Moscow), Yevgeny Zelenkov (Yaroslavl region), Vladimir Kiselev (Vologda region) Nicholas S. Korneev (Moscow), Alexei Kuziaev (Moscow), Viktor Meshcheryakov (Sverdlovsk region), Yuri V. Okulov (Mari El Republic), Yuri Poluyko (Tver region), Vladimir A. Popov (Kirov Region), Vladimir Borisovich Popov (Republic of Karelia), Viktor Sipeykin (Tver region), Yuri Germanovich Worker (Sverdlovsk region), Vladimir Tarasenko (Bryansk region), Victor Ye Tyapkin (Moscow Region), Albert Kashapovich Sharafutdinov (Republic of Tatarstan), and many other experts, dog handlers, living in various regions of the Russian Federation. Their unanimous opinion — return to Terms of hunting regulations, allowing to carry out nagonku hounds round, except for a period of rest in the summer months (June, — July).

A similar position is held by gonchatniki all who have expressed their views on the Internet sites. I am told that gonchatniki collected more than four thousand signatures on a protest letter to the Address of the President of the Russian Federation, with for the restoration of rule permitting year-round nagonku (and this is without taking into account letters sent «unorganized» gonchatnikami) and fixed in of the earlier n. 46 of the Rules of hunting.

I quote: «46. ​​Education (and nataska nagonka) hunting breeds of dogs is carried out without the use of hunting weapons during the calendar year public hunting areas, or enshrined in hunting areas specially designated areas defined by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs which have concluded agreements or ohothozyaystvennye have the rights of long-term use of the animal world, which have They appeared on Based on a long-term license the use of wildlife in with respect to game resources date of entry into Federal Law on Hunting».

Facts prove the harmlessness of the spring-summer nagonki. Thus, even in the hunting regulations Russian Empire adopted 3 in February 1892, a ban on hunting dogs in months from March 1 June 29 is not We got cops and hounds, their studies (and nataska nagonka) was carried out without the guns.

On the feasibility of the spring in said nagonki works gonchatnikov standing at the origins of domestic hunting dog breeding. Thus, PM Machevarianov in «Notes pooches hunter Simbirsk» (Wiley, 1876), wrote that nagonka is made half of April to and the end of May Ilyin with the day (July 20 / August 2) to the end of August.

It is complemented PM Gubin in «Complete guide to hunting with hounds» (Wiley, 1890) in Ch. 38 «About nagonke hounds»: «Nagonka hounds must be carried out twice of the year namely in May and August, assuming approximately 24 Dawn in for nagonok Each month, said… only 48 dawns in Within two months it is quite sufficient to how to travel catch hounds».

About spring naezdke hounds wrote GD Rosen Ch. XIV «History hounds» (Wiley, 1896): «When the pack finally arriving, that there should be a half of April, when the sheet is on the trees bloom and Grass grows, hounds begin to run into hares… AT During the summer, the dog with an abundance of hares catches up very quickly».

The founding father of rifle hunting hounds NP Kishensky in «Hunting with rifle hounds» (Wiley, 1906) gave unconditional preference spring nagonke: «Spring is also nahazhivanie the indisputable benefit that took in the spring of young hounds, if they do not give the lie around in the summer and often walk about evening chill for naganivaniya, ie in practice, to the fall quite ready for the real hunting».

Experts gonchatniki-early XX century in solidarity with gonchatnikami past: «The best months for nagonki must be considered in May, June and August» (NN Chelishchev. How to choose and naganivat beagle. M., 1928).

Based on the above, you can make an offer inclusion Terms of hunting using terminology «hunting dogs without the use of hunting weapons», Para. 45.2 of the Regulation follows: «45.2 Hunting hares and with foxes beagle hunting dogs without using firearms and hunting (or) airguns is carried out:

a) public hunting grounds and in the fixed hunting grounds (to specially designated areas defined by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs which have concluded agreements or ohothozyaystvennye have the rights of long-term use of the animal world, which have They appeared on Based on a long-term license the use of wildlife in with respect to game resources date of entry into Federal Law on Hunting) — at From March 1 May 31;

b) public hunting grounds and enshrined in hunting areas — at From August 1 September 14».

Quicker spring nagonki inadmissible because production of game animals when not nagonke hounds perform. Regulation of the load specific grounds (ODOU or fixed) will be made by means of limiting the issuance of permits and vouchers for hunting with hounds without weapons.

Adoption of the proposed or equivalent meaning amended para. 45.2 of the Rules of hunting eliminating the need for zoning, because hunters gonchatniki southern regions (Stavropol, Kuban, Volgograd, Lipetsk, Voronezh and etc. areas) will be able to nagonku in beginning of period (from March 1), when the more northern regions is still snow and finishing in late April — early May, when the condition of the trails and weather (temperature rise) is not It allows beagle work. In contrast, the main part of the Russian Federation gonchatniki, starting with spring nagonku snowmelt in April will be able to prepare the dogs participate in Field trials May.

Allocation of special places for «hunting hounds without weapons» not necessarily lead to closing of lands for hunting other terms, though, as the long-standing practice, the closure of hunting places nagonki hounds almost always resulted in increasing the number of hare on these territories.

For the first time on fixing for nagonki hounds special sections written NP Pakhomov in 30 years of the twentieth century: «The deadline for nagonki (according to the laws of 2 weeks) is clearly insufficient. Therefore, another task of all hunters gonchatnikov is to consolidate them special hunting grounds, which would not be resolved nagonka less than 2–3 months prior I start hunting.

Many of Hunters already have met this requirement and healthy We took special areas… Categorically reject and costs the possibility of nagonki decoy beast sitting hare teaches the dog to the Gon “by eye”».

Shortly messages Print reiterated the argument that the number of birds in the nagonki areas increases. For example, I. GLOBE article «On the timing nagonki hounds» («Hunting and hunting» № 3, 1958) writes: «Former ohotobschestvom VUSOR allocated two sites near Kharkov for year-round nagonki hounds, but non-shooting, even in allowed time for hunting. AT result these lands has bred so many hares that the fourth year the question was raised Partial shooting of as overly large number of birds prevented nagonke dogs, particularly flocks and schools».

Similar conclusions about safety nagonki there hunting leases in the experience of the All-Army military-hunting society.

Development introduction Hunting Rules closed selection procedure for hunting Firearms are not zones included the subject of this note.

L.A.Moiseenko6 June 2014 at 00:00

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