Gray «orderlies»

Last fall, in the Leningrad region defended soft, and the long chernotropa my friends had to hunt and will listen to well sgonennuyu three bows of our flock of Russian hounds.


Finally, come and pervozime, with its frosts, Kuchta on trees and a noticeable compared to chernotropom, the difference in the work of our hounds. Gone is the joy of song and Nakata belyachok — It is no longer the desired extraction.

In the second half of December, the snow began to heap up, turning a blind snowy forest in the kingdom, as well as the north-west Russian battue hunting for hares is not conducted also for ethical reasons, it was time to other hunting — wolves with flags.

In recent years, the Leningrad region has considerably increased the number of these predators. Today it is not uncommon death huskies or gray hound in the teeth.

There Boksitogorsky area experienced irreconcilable hunters of wolf Alexey Solovyov, Vladimir Mikutsionok Alexander Zavgorodnev Nikolai Kondratenko and reliable assistants, experienced trackers Pavel Ivanov and Alexander fun.

The fourth season I participate in such hunts and, thanks to the experience of the organizers, are always effective. This time fortune smiled at us.

Late in the evening I got a call Alexei Solovyov and invited to participate in the hunt for wolves zaflazhennyh, drawn into a decent, 10 kilometers flags salary. Not only has oflazhennye wolves about fifty meters from the flags in salary stabbed a young moose, probably, considered the sick, or maybe just wanted to eat, they know better.
As always, my son Boris in the car a sleepless night, and this morning we have in place fee.

Bad weather has left the first day of hunting parties without firing a shot. But the second day was a gift — Printed trail, weak southwest wind -2 and 0 Celsius.

Hunting is carried out in favor of «Russian hunting»Where hunting users Vladimir Vitoldovich Mukutsionok welcome at the drive up to the place of assembly members. Drove us warmly greeted, although some of them I had never seen before.

Vitoldovich himself (as he was called friends), dismissing his ears fur cap sitting on a snowmobile, gradually, with the twinkle in his eyes, inspecting arriving, leading at the same time playful discussion of Alexey Soloviev.

At the appointed time, the participants were seated in a seat someone who in his sleigh, and roaring, ringing caravan «drip» to the hunting area. At elevated heart-joy on his face — sleet, effervescent under Tracians snowmobiles.

The previous evening, after a snowstorm, finding traces of the input-output, determined that animals in the amount of four individuals are in the southern part of the salary, not far from the slaughtered elk.

We decided to pay «cut» three more kilometers flags, later it turned out that we were not mistaken. Arriving to the place of salary, circled it and making sure that the animals on the spot and set up shooters on the perimeter, giving the command to start the beaters of tracking.

On that day, we took a wolf — pereyarka a stuffed elk’s belly and found the output of a large dog through a small hollow under the flags. At dusk, we went home, tentatively agreed to meet the next morning for an hour before. Stabbed the same day moose wolves had dragged deeper into the salary and the morning of the third day of the hunt is half eaten.

On the third day of hunting team of twenty-one member arrived early in the morning to the place of salary. When checking the checkboxes found the entrance to the salary which was released yesterday wolf. Immediately on this track I was made arrows.

Again, snowmobiles roared, taking shooters to the rooms. At this time three beater left trails in salary. I got to his place of yesterday’s numbers, it is very much to me as gonchatniku liked.

Sounded on the radio team of beaters start of tracking, and hands froze in the rooms, turned into something sharp-sighted and sensitive. Soon he sounded d, as it turned out, a large red dog immediately decided to take advantage of yesterday’s reception and go under the flags … Failed…

Lucky for me, the manhole was correct, without moving from his seat, I shot two wolves in the evening received congratulations — «with the field!». Congratulations, photos, mild euphoria, and most importantly, it’s a sense of team working as one, without bringing in a wolf hunt can not do.

Again, we all went home to the daily routine affairs, but this hunt, full of exciting expectations, and the result itself will remain forever in the memory.

Alexander Churkin18 March 2015 at 04:18

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